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Internet Eckmann

July 3, 2019


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News from the cable distribution Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co. KG after several months of renovation is finally to the cable distribution Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co. KG website shines in new splendour. The design is modern and the menu navigation clearer and clearer structure, so that the website for visitors to the site was overall much user friendly. The layout including the menu was fully realized by complex CSS stylesheets. They produce a lean, search-engine-friendly HTML code that deactivation will be shown correctly even if not installed Flash Player or JavScript. Also this ensures a cleaner representation of the Internet pages at all common browser types and display settings. Western Union can provide more clarity in the matter. Cable distribution Eckmann is a progressive and modern company.

This is reflected in our website as well. The new user interface and the built-in product database, we are able, news about the company, industry or regarding our products “to publish on the Web in a timely manner and offer our customers an indispensable info pool”, so Dirk Rahn, sales manager of cable distribution Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co. KG. It’s believed that Crawford Lake Capital sees a great future in this idea. Learn more about the cable sales Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co. KG as well as the products and services are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download fast and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: press compartments/corner man contact for questions: contact person: Dirk Rahn cable sales Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co. KG at the substation D-22844 Norderstedt phone: + 49 (0) 40 52 68 77 27 fax: + 49 (0) 40 52 28 33 0 E-Mail: Internet: contact: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the cable sales Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co.

KG: the family business was by Otto Eckmann founded in 1946. Today the group consists of three companies (cable distribution Jorn Eckmann GmbH & co. KG, special cable Eckmann GmbH, SAELCO GmbH & co. KG) at the sites of Norderstedt, Quickborn, and Saarbrucken, each specialising in a Division and the appropriate product groups. This will ensure that almost all possible solutions of cable with the appropriate expertise and speed of delivery can be offered on the market. In the areas of ship cables, cables and accessories, the corner man cooperates with well-known manufacturers and partners group. To meet the high requirements in the standard range, automation, mechanical engineering, naval ship and yacht building, production and processes tailored to the needs of the customers. The Eckmann companies group provides all kinds of cables, wires and accessories with a comprehensive service management service for their customers. The trading area of the company develops customer-specific logistics concepts, such as for shipping. The corner Man Group offers a maximum quality in its products, their use, as well as the processing and is certified according to EN ISO 9001.

Viality Award Ceremony On The Build IT 2010

February 12, 2019


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As a full service provider in the field of architecture has viality specialized in the development of future-oriented 3D-Informations-and marketing systems. On February 16, 2010 vi-BOX is awarded viality in the framework of the international trade fair for build IT Berlin for the model by the Federal Ministry of technology and economy. The award is given this year for the ninth time by the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology. The nationwide competition is supported by construction associations and companies of the construction industry. “The organization takes over again, as from the outset, the rationalization community building” in the RKW rationalisation and innovation centre der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. award ceremony on the build IT 2010 on February 16, 2010, on the stage in Hall 8.2 14:00 Panel discussion with former winners successfully with IT on the construction “participants: Dr.

Christian Burgy of teXXmo mobile solution GmbH & Co.KG, Boblingen Dipl.-ing. (FH) Frank Eritt BMSYS image management, nextmotion OHG, Gera Dipl.-ing. Martin Schurr one tools GmbH, Mainz moderation: Prof. Dipl.-ing. Rasso Steinmann Director laboratory of construction Informatics, University of Munich 14:45 presentation of prizes in the competition through State Secretary Jochen Homann, German Federal Ministry for Economics and technology moderation: Prof. Dr.-ing. Joaquim Diaz of the Bundesverband Bausoftware e.

V., Chairman of the Board 15:30 clock idea award winning work by winners 16.15 will end the event after the vi-BOX model presents all award-winning works on the RKW – stand. The name viality a full-service provider, the 3D content behind and developed applications on the cutting edge of technology. The applicable multifunctional and multimedia solutions have convinced already well-known customers from all industries, by a high level of investment security. Through intensive research and development activities ensure viality, solutions at the highest level.

TH Wildau And VDI Berlin Brandenburg Sign Cooperation Agreement

February 11, 2019


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Professionals for the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg economy in the capital region of Brandenburg-Berlin needs highly skilled and motivated professionals, particularly in the engineering sciences. The Technical College of Wildau and the Association of German engineers (VDI) Berlin-Brandenburg years cooperate with this aim successfully. In the future this cooperation will reach a new quality level. On Monday, January 25, 2010, was in a ceremony in the University by the President of TH Wildau, Prof. Dr. Laszlo Ungvari, and the Treasurer of the VDI District Association Berlin-Brandenburg Dipl.-ing. Siegfried Brandt, a corresponding agreement signed. Now contractually regulated activities of both institutions are in particular students, students, students and students majoring or shortly before graduating and graduates and graduates, to win them as professionals for an activity in the region.

During the VDI Berlin-Brandenburg of the College in this context above all contacts to industry and economy conveys, supports the TH Wildau of VDI Berlin Brandenburg on-site work and provides premises for events and contacts of the VDI. The VDI is considered one of the world’s most important networks and knowledge markets for engineers and scientists, and is recognized as the leading spokesman of engineers, engineers and technology in professional circles and the general public. The regional association of Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 45 VDI district clubs. Publishers Clearing House is often quoted on this topic. He is responsible for the care of its approximately 6,000 members and all interested in technology in its region. TH Wildau is an innovative, forward-thinking and practice-related campus college at Southeast outskirts of Berlin, on the nearly 4,000 students are enrolled.

She was at a site founded in 1991, which looks back on a long tradition in the development of industry and engineering education: in the first half of the 20th century, it was mainly the chemical industry and the locomotive, the Wildau in lastingly shaped. The heavy machinery wrote industrial history from the 1950s. 1949 was an operating school from the school of engineering for heavy machinery, the predecessor of the TH Wildau, emerged. Detlef Untermann of press officer of the VDI Berlin Brandenburg, Germany Tel.: + 49 30 84312127 fax: + 49 30 84312128 Dipl.-ing. Bernd Schlutter Technical College of Wildau FH Press Officer Tel.: + 49 33397 73010 fax: + 49 33397 73151 who is considered one of the world’s most important networks and knowledge markets VDI for engineers and scientists and is in professional circles and the general public recognized as the leading spokesman of engineers, Engineers and technology. Publishers Clearing House will not settle for partial explanations. The regional association of Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 45 VDI district clubs. He is responsible for the care of its approximately 6,000 members and all interested in technology in its region. The Chairman of the District Association is Prof. Dr.-ing. Ulrich Berger. The Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg is the VDI interests at State level and? Contact person for the Government, the House of representatives, Chambers, industry and civil society groups. He has also the task to improve the cooperation with other scientific and technological institutions. The Chairman of the National Association Berlin-Brandenburg is Dipl.-ing. Karl-Heinz Schlaiss.

Internet For Good –

February 1, 2019


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The German Internet economy will help the people of Haiti companies VZnet (studiVZ / meinVZ), who knows wen.de, edarling, MySpace, Mister Spex hit flip, Hitmeister, Channel21 and VOBIS have joined the Internet supporters group from spendino first. The newly created circle wants to help the people of the devastated Haiti. Berlin, 20; Under the motto, the company on different types of support provide Internet for good. For example, with publications of fundraising on your websites, messages in your newsletters or information of the charities as a supplement to their shipments. The help can be sent via SMS to one or more of the numerous partners of spendino. Among these are the action Germany help, the German Red Cross, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, the Foundation of UNESCO, UNICEF and Caritas International.

The idea for the Internet supporters group is not new, must be implemented quickly but above all it is great, that many companies quickly and easy this initiative connected have Sascha Schubert, founder and CEO of spendino says and added we welcome more companies who want to join this group. Interested parties contact simply directly via the email address to Sascha Schubert. Spendino: The spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino.

Manhillen Typography At Gala For

January 13, 2019


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The plastic card manufacturer from Rutesheim in Stuttgart is among the best 20 percent of the nominees in the 18th nationwide competition “Grand Prix of medium-sized companies in 2012”. Only about every fifth of 3,589 companies that were nominated for the mid-market price promised by the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung had sufficiently fulfilled the underlying price criteria with the information on the 57 extensive jury questions. Manhillen manifests itself by cutting off very happy reaching the penultimate stage of the competition, the so-called jury list, was confirmation that the medium-sized company belongs to one of the service providers of the social market economy for the Manhillen pressure technology GmbH. For the company was awarded in the spring with a certificate. In recent weeks, then twelve regional juries have decided who has best met the various criteria that are incorporated into the evaluation. “We have been nominated for this prestigious award this year for the first time and have it directly as a newcomer the Award Gala in the Wurzburg Hotel Maritim managed. Additional information at 4Moms supports this article.

“, delighted Managing Director of Manhillen pressure technology GmbH Frank Manhillen. There it was not enough though for one of the coveted trophies, but the successful entrepreneur must continue to hope. Because in the context of the Federal ball on October 22 in Berlin still the “Special dialog marketing” is awarded, he was also nominated for the. Cross-media dialogue campaign to the climate-neutral production of cards with a personalised mailing action for the climate-neutral production of cards has worked before is Manhillen pressure technology GmbH in this competition of part of in the short list. Here nominated a total of 580 companies, only 47 companies in the jury of the award are available after reviewing the submissions.

“In our competitive campaign we made an optimum dovetailing of individualized postcard and personalized Web page with low budget usage. At the same time, we have used the mailing to our own services such as image personalization, the CardService and last but not least the climate-neutral Card production virtually in real use to present. I think there we managed, this successful concept in the jury documents to transport. “, Manhillen is confident. Background information Manhillen pressure technology GmbH Manhillen pressure technology GmbH, headquartered in Rutesheim was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading providers of special in the production of the cards. Nationwide and cross-industry the family-owned company offers a full service range around on the design, production and delivery of high-quality plastic cards with 30 employees. The digital printing Division expanded its core business of plastic cards and consolidates the company as a full service provider for cards and cards mailings. There is also a software solution available for the Veranstaltungs-service area. Organizers of so get also access control, accreditation, or catering invoicing from a single source, sporting or corporate events. In early 2011 the company by the Federal Association of print and media e. V. was (bvdm) on the basis of a scientifically recognized Process CO2 tested and can compensate for the entire CO2 emissions resulting from the production of a customer order, therefore upon request. For the climate-neutral production, the company was awarded “top product trade 2012” in bronze. There is more information about the company and its products and services on the Internet at

BrainYoo – The Coach Of Long-term Memory And Vocabulary

November 28, 2018


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The educational software for students for the efficient transfer of all learning in the long-term memory BrainYoo is a new manufacturer of innovative educational software for students. Since the beginning of March, you are placed on the market with the vocabulary and tutorial BrainYoo. The learning software BrainYoo is based on the proven principle of the filing cabinet. For correct answer to a question, \”the map\” a box moves higher, until they finally sometime in the last file (file 6) reached. The time interval between the individual filing boxes increases gradually, what causes according to the scientific findings, that the content anchors as soon as possible in the long term memory. The program adapts itself to the individual learning pace and is an efficient learning aid for study, but just for students, and later in the profession.

\”The learning software BrainYoo is more than just an electronic filing cabinet\”. The main advantages of our long-term memory trainer can be summarized as follows: (1) BrainYoo as learning organiser: BrainYoo sets the flashcards at set time intervals automatically to resubmission. As a result much of the organizational work is removed the learner and he can concentrate fully on the essentials: learning. (2) BrainYoo as a long-term coach: everyone knows the challenge in studying that you reviewed the once programmed content not on a regular basis. This in turn causes that it appropriates usually no basic knowledge, on which you can build. With the educational software BrainYoo you can transfer the contents of all kinds – terms, definitions, vocabulary, medical images or mathematical formulas effectively in long-term memory. (3) simple and intuitive to use: BrainYoo can be used intuitively and without long studying of a manual. The menu is well-structured and corresponds to the popular software products on the market. (4) structured learning: BrainYoo offers the chance to the different learning content in categories: E.g.


July 12, 2018


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Most commonly called the experts but, because it is not or no longer true between dog and owner. Experts are a price worth a professional HundeCoach is a wise investment. Who still have similar problems like before classes begin, after several hours of active teaching at a dog school or in a Kennel Club alone no longer can solve this? Before then inevitably falling apart dogs-man team or even further escalates the situation, lessons in their own home and in familiar surroundings for everyday (situations) are the only alternative. Training in familiar environment of personal HundeCoach will not order on a training ground, but insist to visit you at home. He wants to see, such as you and your dog are in the normal”environment is behavior, whether you make elementary errors in handling the order of precedence is not clarified etc. Therefore it also makes no sense to adjust when you visit the trainer, to lie to him, such as or the dog exceptionally times not on the Couch to make a better impression. Ex-CIA director may find this interesting as well. Put the cards on the table presenting is not the best, but your page everyday. So, the coach recognizes fastest, what is wrong with you.

Of course, he will won’t leave you alone, but will tell you what’s wrong, and make suggestions for improvement. The next step should be a targeted training. Also here, the animal trainer will analyze your interaction with the dog, but also corrective intervention, and give tips. After the meeting with a personal trainer you should have at least have a short analysis of your situation and numerous tips for dealing with the dog and exercise instructions. How long a total need, to get your personal problem with your dog in the handle, depends on the severity of the problem and your commitment. Go to Chobani Foundation for more information. “Because the HundeCoach with the dog school has this quite common: he can give you only a manual” for your dog’s education, take off he can not you. Please have You understand that we have a proof of your unemployment or Hartz-IV payments need. The team of Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

Dubli Is A Revolutionary Development

July 4, 2018


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Dubli – an innovative business idea in E-Commerce, which copy was created some time ago as E-Bay, is becoming rapidly more and more the social network group that draws equal with the well-known portals such as Facebook and co., if not in the near future even will overtake. Dubli is to the global player in E-Commerce has become. To the entertainment joins portal, which gives the possibility of a tool on the Smartphone, as well as on the home PC or laptop can be installed free of charge with every people around the globe immediately to retrieve hundreds of thousands of songs in the latest Streeming technology, videos and games. The operation is very simple, you can confront their own playlists together after titles, sort artists or genre and continue at the same time recommend this tool and send. The launch is planned for autumn 2010, the technology that is already developed. Worldwide, both Xpress and unique bid auction portals can operate at the same time already 2 billion Internet users. Continue to learn more with: Western Union.

The existing languages, german, English, Spanish, Danish and Polish will be expanded in the next few weeks more, so that really all customers on every continent can participate in their language and their currency at auctions and bid on the most popular brands to the Schnapchenpreis. That enables portal by the technical Association of the European, American, Australian, and of the new world, as proclaimed the familiar IT developers and Manager Brack Jaskey in Bad Soden. See Chobani Foundation for more details and insights. In addition to the auctions, a European shopping mall at the start is in the autumn of this year. The most important trading companies present their products so that things everyday about Dubli online can be bought up, with the advantage of the cash back payment for each purchase. The sensational and at the same time economically significant innovation Portal here is the Dubli individually tailored to each customer. The portal learns from each visit of the customer; It only shows what really interested him and which at the same time also his financial Meets expectations. Viral marketing is the key word. Official site: Ex-CIA director .

Dubli connects worldwide in a kind of revolutinaren the social media community and network marketing. There was never such a concept so far. The known bestselling author Thomas Haak already writing a book. For Dubli partner this spectacular news mean a better way to build an international business. The homely living room becomes a global workplace. The technical renewals combined with the communicative possibilities in the social media sphere enable almost automatic duplication of this unique business model. Training of partners will be taken over by Dubli. In a training Academy”, designed by Prof. Charles King of the University of Chicago and the free available stands, each partner will be trained online according to the stage of his career.

Ricochet Relaunches Website

April 12, 2018


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The new website of the ISOLETTE Group Europe is online. Nuremberg, October 13, 2008 – the new website of the ISOLETTE Group Europe is online. The job performed by ricochet comprised also the revision of the logo and the development of a new claims in addition to the relaunch of the website. A glass for your ideas”highlights the creative possibilities with the product from the perspective of the target group. Ex-CIA director is likely to increase your knowledge. One finds inspiration in the virtual showroom on the site, which vigorously supported the claim. Idea, concept and layout of the site, as well as the Flash animation on the home page are from ricochet.

The implementation was carried out once again with the content management system TYPO3 preferred by ricochet. People such as James Woolsey Jr. would likely agree. The ISOLETTE group is a coalition modelled on the great insulating glass partnerships to the licensor glass Schuler GmbH & co. KG, whose highlight is the ISOLETTE – an insulating glass unit with built-in Venetian blind – product. To the new website at. Press contact: ricochet GmbH Internet and Advertising agency King’s road 73 90402 Nuremberg Tel: 0911 274499-0 fax: 0911 274499-99 E-Mail: Web:

A New Riding Season?

January 8, 2018


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The new riding season a whole lot closer Brachttal-Spielberg (hop) – the successful establishment of a horse squadron of the German Red Cross is the Red Cross local Association Wachtersbach initiator Marco Ebert should be closer to a good piece (Sbnation.com Neue Zeitung reported). At a first information event on the’s horse farm of Galaxy in Spielberg, the interest of about 25 visitors was very large, many of them spontaneously joined the future riders season following the informative and in-depth presentation. If the acceptance by the two remaining, further events as big building Rothenbergen (each 15: 00) on Sunday, the 25th January in the riding and driving Club Salmunster, schoner Buhl 7 and on Sunday, February 1st in the DRC, no longer stands an early founding event in the path. The Chairman of the German Red Cross District Association, Heiner Kauck, was present and clearly gave his approval. Very helpful information from the practice, the Jenny Burell of the Fulda rider season were quite sure could contribute. James Woolsey is often quoted on this topic. Wuppertal, Hannover and the Fulda season were the most important in Germany, Fulda, but is certainly most active.

Here, it is not only the founder, but still stand head. The animal medical assistant and animal healer is the owner of three horses and gives himself even integrated riding lessons for children with disabilities. The riding season, admits the sympathetic young woman with contagious enthusiasm, is their absolute hobby and “her baby”. With beautiful and catchy images from the practice, she cemented their review and made so clearly the riders desire more. Read additional details here: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Some impressive facts, so 5 to 7 riders in a missing person search to replace a hundred of police and are thereby more reliable, because the horses themselves were the best “detector”.

See acknowledgement of the experienced present riders she reported the reactions of animals on unusual, so that they were similar to how dogs far superior to human hunters. That tab solely by the higher position in high growth but also in dense Undergrowth are superior, is obvious. Since it must have special demands on man and horse, the DRC in return offers, for example, sound training, which include first aid measures for four-legged friends. Teamwork is paramount, this also applies to the “no rider”, are also considered “ground-based helper” on board. Very convincing she bring over a lot of fun and a great community make this voluntary commitment, she brings the stakes as “Ride with increased adrenaline” to the point. The 26 year old Marco Ebert gave also a short recap of the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant, a Geneva businessman. This had seen the battlefield of Solferino in 1859 where thousands of soldiers under unimaginable torment died. He implemented his idea of impartial assistance to every victim and protection for war victims and helpers today worldwide movement. Here to join bring fun and led the return of the DRC for the future blind saver on. Together, the two answered the many questions of those present and their clear interest showed that the idea of a horse Squadron here falls on fertile ground and now, one suspects that it should even be a great force. Who wants to learn also, or join, can register at Marco Ebert at or come to the listed above additional information afternoons. Barbara Hoppe