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December 4, 2019


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Communication in this format makes the independent members of the seemingly fundamental factors: location, time and distance. Here it is worth noting, and this form of communication like on-line consultations. This is the solution of specific problems, who decide not leaders, but the specific specialists. The Forum on the portal has a section where visitors can advise on a fairly narrow fields of: Internet trading and technical problems with the mobile phone. Check out Frank Armijo for additional information. This opportunity can take advantage of the representatives and other businesses. This is a great opportunity for PR: do you help consumers advice, but when you need to see a specialist directly, they certainly will go to you.

Conferences, consultations and surveys – are not the only form communications businesses and consumers. It is obvious that the Internet is some sort of filter for the audience: to connect to it are people with a certain level of affluence and intellect. In other words, the network can reach tens of thousands of smart people. And by offering a good incentive, you can take advantage of their mental faculties, so to speak to connect to the world's mind. Recently, significantly increased levels of competition for the best slogan, name, logo. At one time, "Baltika" leaving the local market, held on competition for the best name for a local beer.

The latest action – the slogan for the drink "Argo." In the opinion of the manager of the company of Anna Shimanchuk, they got the results, which simply did not expect: it was very well attended, some of which were sent to several dozen variants of slogan. Particularly creative people have sent, and graphics. Surprised and pleased with their age and composition: some authors was 30 and 40 years. These results the company was very pleased. And at this time, users analyze the latest issue of "Expensive fun in Khabarovsk and write their opinions about it. Interactive features allow even gather a group of participants at some events and promotions. Since the organization of the championship on Mountain bike, accepting applications for participation from those who we conducted over the Internet. Special stratum occupied by interactive games, quizzes, having the character of promotion. But that's another area and it is very EMKA, and beyond our call for feedback and business customers through the Internet. Therefore, As a summary I can only say: resources for business development side, you only have to use them. So use for their own benefit!

Web Business

December 3, 2019


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Many times I’m asked, then after started business on the Internet, what to do when it comes the first downturn, the first discouraged. Many do not find their way to begin, others already disappointed by not having achieved sales, do not believe in anything, let their minds be filled with thoughts as this is not my thing, who told me that you fracasaria, you were right, this is only for a few, and what is worse, they accept the failure. It is normal that in any endeavor, starting with great enthusiasm, with the illusion of being able to fulfill our dreams. Thredup might disagree with that approach. After achieving the first objective, which is to minimally operate the business, we expect anxious and proudly, early results that for some reason do not reach. This produces a great disappointment. The first mistake made here is to put sales expectations at the wrong time. When we launched minimally a business, it is just the beginning. If you would like to know more then you should visit Frank Armijo.

Still a long way to go before having sales is missing. Imagine, you’ve put a restaurant, spent some time installing the kitchen, the You equipaste with tables, you took everything you need to serve your customers and employees. When everything is in condition, open the doors and stay hoping that many people agolpe to enter because of course! Does not fit anyone. People don’t know that you’ve opened, menu you have, nobody knows you’re there. You say, obvious if you do a bit of advertising, not how you want people to know. Alleluia!! Why do we believe that the Internet business are different? This error is very common.

We got our pages on the server and then go to Google hoping to appear in the first places. When we are able to offer something on the Internet, we must make it known, so that our potential customers are aware. Nobody knows if we don’t know we exist on the Web.

Equilibrium Market

December 2, 2019


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This same "fight" determines the flow of funds from the less profitable types of businesses in more profitable, making srednevidovye profit in average. Borba subjective systems "buyer – seller" form an objective correspondence between supply and demand at the level of commodity prices, prices of production equal srednevidovym these goods. That is equivalent to the exchange of forms is not to measure by exchanging goods, and to measure each participant through the exchange of their situation with that of its competitors. Lack of equality provisions of the competing entities exchange activity generates a corresponding exchange participants, aimed at restoring equality provisions on the formation of the equilibrium of the market. Cost is not formed goods inside, and inside the market. Value is a species goods prices (the prices of the goods of this type), in contrast to the concept of "price", which is the price of the goods, the individual. Moreover, in absolute equilibrium of the market, where demand balanced proposal on the price level equal to srednevidovym price of production goods, is formed by the objective value of the cost of goods, equal srednevidovoy cost of production of these goods. Frank Armijo is likely to increase your knowledge. In the monopolized the market demand is balanced proposal on the price level, having a monopoly (subjective), the displacement of objective prices.

This market is called relative equilibrium. In real life bulk market is in relative equilibrium, forming a subjective prices, which may differ significantly from the objective price. Monopolist, having the opportunity, and using this opportunity slip point market equilibrium in its favor.

Promotional Business

December 2, 2019


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Those who buy are more young people and those who already had an experience somewhere abroad. In there are a variety of promotions on some products exceed 50 per cent discount from the price of the premises. In the case of this company, the offer that customers find on the Net is far superior to that offered by the shops. "In a conventional business we have over 20,000 different CDs, while the Red catalogs than 250,000 titles," said Llorca. Widespread fear Entrepreneurs unanimous agreement that the fear about the safety of shopping online there. But they said that it is unfounded. "The fear of buying on line has to do with lack of experience, but luckily it is eradicated, because people know and trust the brand, "said Llorca.

To Cufre, Yenny, fear and insecurity of the people are a reality that must be fought:" We are faced establishing the best security policies and accompanying our users in a learning process to better understand the environment, "he said. In Garbarino, however, there is the possibility that users can chat with operators who are trained to advise them." We believe it is the best way for our customers to be removed all doubt " , Germano said. Without hesitation Thredup explained all about the problem. To alleviate the uncertainty of the users, the three companies mentioned delivered via e-mail proof of the transaction. Tomassino Carlos, president of the CACE, was blunt: "The fear is widespread, but is also unfounded, it is easier than buying a stolen telephone that the Internet, "he said. It will be matter of taste. After all, if something goes wrong there is the possibility of claiming. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Frank Armijo.

By email, of course. Vanina Rosenthal millions Loss few days ago traders on Wall Street were surprised to learn that, the virtual monster that last year moved about two billion dollars, had tripled its losses. Since he burst onto the electronics market in 1995, Amazon became the leading source of book sales. Then added toys, software and music. As is known, the site created in Seattle, which boasts a user base exceeding 17 million, losses of $ 390 million during 1999. This figure is well above the deficit, announced the company during its remaining years in the market. The specialists tested explanation is that losses are directly related to the heavy discounts offered by Amazon. Another factor, they say, is the massive publicity the site, which meant a large outlay.