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Management And Implementation Of Strategies

July 30, 2013


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A good management must always have clearly defined plans, especially its strategic planning on the basis of the enterprise to an operation, according to the requirements of the current scenarios, especially where it operates. You should know to anticipate change, threats and take advantage of opportunities, knowing the proper integration of the resources of the company to draw up measures to promote the mission, vision, direction, where members engage in the business. It is therefore necessary to have a proactive management capable of implementing the strategies needed to strengthen the defined strategic plan and leading the company down the path to provide good results.

General considerations and scope The current reality of l behavior of the stage, show characteristics that are reflected in some significant turbulence, resulting from the action of many variables surrounding therein expressed, ranging from the actions and state intervention with programs, policies, laws, standards, suppliers, competitors, consumers, economics to name a few forcing management to defining what is the strategic plan to follow, very well set the scope, impact of the strategies to be followed, in favor of that plan achieve its objectives. Clemencia Morales reminds us that a strategy is an integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions designed to deliver value to customers and gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of market opportunities. From here, indicating, to manage the strategy requires some assessment of it, its impact, scope, above, to enable their development and implementation. Of course, this process requires a set of commitments, decisions and actions necessary to allow the company to compete.

Origin of Coaching

July 27, 2013


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After reading numerous articles about the Socratic origin of coaching, I’ve thought of refute such argumentation. Even there is a company’s HR and Coaching that is referred to as the Greek philosopher (1). Socrates wasn’t a coach, was a philosopher. And coaching can be a philosophy, but not philosophical. The Socratic method in his student Plato’s dialogues, emerges as a fundamental character of that work, on whose banks entered the history of philosophy which is also the history of Western thought.

Penalver says accurately, than the dialectics teaches what he finds teaching (2). Everyone knows, that the method of Socrates is the mayeutico. One who through questions to the peer, going slowly extracting wisdom or wisdom of the questioned. It has classically interpreted as if it were a midwife’s own process. The mother of Socrates is said to that he was midwife at birth in Athens. In this sense it is said that the Socratic process consists more in out-of, as in put-in (3). And hence many coachings affirm that you as Socrates, the coach can never put or impose the wisdom, but should be out in the light of the coachee (questioned). As if the coach would awaken us from the oblivion of being heideggerian.

The same Steiner, interpreted that Socrates taught nothing. But the truth is, that Socrates died poisoned with Hemlock, by fellow coacheados or taught. Do you want to end up like, Coach? the coach cannot be said as the one who only knows that he knows nothing. The coach cannot be limited to listen oracles at Delphi, nor Greek mediums. The coach cannot exercise as a midwife. Socrates was condemned by Athens, why was the Gadfly of Athens. Socrates wanted to demonstrate with his method that nobody knows that they know nothing. It is very different. Socrates was not pleased to his pupil, but Scotland it and aguijoneaba it as the Gadfly on the Io cow.(4) .

Coaching For Job Search

July 18, 2013


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Coaching is a modern methodology than us closer to achieving our goals allowing to develop us professionally and personally. With the help of the coach, apply a series of contests that help you think differently to how do it regularly, to improve your way of communicating and to deepen about yourself. We can define it as the art of working with others so that they obtain unusual results and improve their way of doing things. To generate new possibilities for action, allowing to obtain extraordinary results, can we use a coaching process for job search?. The answer is Yes, and we can agree on this objective with the coach, who will accompany us in this process of searching for a new professional project. The coach is trained to analyze any of our problems from another point of view, questioning our behaviors and decisions, helping us to analyse our attitudes, beliefs, speeches and reactions.

In this way we obtain a new vision, thus enriching our chances of employment in a search process. Coaching is one of the most effective tools to face a moment of change, such as the search for a new job, inside or outside our Organization, get a vertical or horizontal promotion, or carry out a change of work activity. A job search strategy is the first step. It is advisable that it consists of three different scenarios. A first scenario is the continuity project, which is defined as achieving the same or very similar work that we desempenabamos before in the same sector. A second scenario is the project of change, which includes finding a new professional project in a new feature or area that we have not played previously, being the different sector or not. And finally, the project of rupture which implies a completely different function in an environment or completely new sector, and that is part of our dreams, passions or hidden desires.

In this third scenario is where a coaching process can help us to question many of our beliefs that limit us and join us in the process of searching inside and outside. In this type of project we discovered that the profound knowledge that we have a hobby in particular can be a strong point for entering a new sector. For example the financial controller who loves basketball and sports in general, and is presented with the big sports brands selection processes to carry out an activity in sales and Marketing. In this case his passion for basketball becomes his best ally, and the coaching process can show you that you can get that post in particular, and giving it the tools to achieve this.

Third Coaching Process

July 17, 2013


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Third process of Coaching and Action Plan follow-up live truly when we make small changes. Leo Tolstoy real power is the action behavior is what we do. We will not tire of saying that the real power is the action. But what counts are not our extraordinary actions but we do every day. And what is the origin of the action? The answer is very simple: your decisions. More than anything else, are your decisions that determine your destiny. A decision can take you to a State of joy or sadness, company or solitude, you can or cannot make your dreams of long life or early death. How many more decisions take, better learn how to take them.

As the muscles are strengthened by using them same thing happens with the mind. Usually the results are not fruit of a single decision or action. They are produced by a set of small decisions, after having taken the initiative, Act, persevere. Coaching with action will help you to learn how to make decisions quickly to take simple actions that will attract what you want. Selection criteria the selection process we propose and we will practice in the workshop is the model for your future plans. It is a process to get an automatic neurological Association, as all good generative learning. You can ask yourself: can what criteria should I use for the selection of these actions? The experience in the modeling of plans that are the most successful recommended us selecting six:-to be an attraction or an opportunity to clear to reach your goals.

-That you pose a risk to achieve it. -That you pose a leverage to turn it into opportunity. In this case it is convenient to add options and alternatives. -That they are logical and that focus made the goal. -That they are viable, you can realistically do in an appropriate period.

Your Ability To Earn Money

July 8, 2013


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In this world there is no free money and all have to work to earn it. That’s practically a law around the world. Since we are born we are preparing to avail ourselves by ourselves (well, at least it was with me) and be independent. That is why we went to school or learned a trade. No matter what your situation, the most valuable resource you have is your ability to earn money. That ability is that has you in the place where you are, whether good or bad.

You can remove everything that you have, but as long as you have your ability to earn money, you can recover what was lost. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, bricklayer or chef; that ability is that keeps you and gives you little or much as you have. In this economy, and as they see things in the future, every day is more important to not only save costs but earn more money. So if you need to earn money, ask yourself if you are increasing your ability to win it. A doctor, to collect more expensive, is going to take a seminar on a new method of treatment or purchase of equipment to make Diagnostics that can do because you don’t have it. A bricklayer buys tool or learn new methods and materials to be more efficient and to build more or better, both good options to get to pay you more. Any work or occupation you can improve, giving you the option to earn more with him.

Where already not can earn more on what you’re doing, do you learn a new skill or ability that you can exploit the weekends or in the evenings? It’s easy to complain that the situation is very bad and that reaches anyone that has. However, it is also important to know that, is who has control over that, you. Not got time? There are online and by correspondence courses. You don’t have money? You can start slowly and, in addition, the vast majority of courses not charged you more than what you now spend on beer or fun. Before you regret you about your situation and say there is no remedy, ask yourself if you are increasing your ability to earn money. If not what you’re doing, then today is a good day to start. If you want options, learn how to earn money online and create your own opportunities to have your a profitable business.