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Russian Premises

April 14, 2014


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Building with a ceiling height not less than 6 feet can be not only one, but two-storey (subject to sufficient number of freight elevators / lifts capacity of not less than 3 tons). Because the differences between such warehouses on the category "A" is minimal, the scope of virtually the same. In addition, complexes are a class B in many Russian regions are much more in demand due to the relatively low rental rates for comparable quality. The class "C" refer converted capital production premises or insulated hangars with a ceiling height of 4 meters Floor – asphalt or concrete without a dust cover. There are legacy systems, ventilation, heating and fire suppression. Unloading is performed directly in premises, which are equipped with gates for commercial traffic. This class of storage is not suitable for online processing and storage of food and other consumer goods. But can be applied to storage components, construction and industrial products.

Finally, the low-budget Class D – it is unheated basement or warehouse-type hangar. Floor or ground or cement, and therefore the use of special loading and unloading equipment difficult. The premises are not equipped with racks, therefore, can store only one layer – directly on the floor. Such premises are suitable only for Storage goods are not demanding conditions of storage – the raw material for industrial production of fuels and lubricants, metal products. Needs and capabilities of Logic dictates that companies should prefer high-quality warehouse space, providing for more expeditious processing of the goods and keeping them in optimal conditions.


April 11, 2014



When evidencing in the Sacred Holy Writs, in the book of Daniel, as it was the procedure of Daniel to pray, we verify that the phases of its outcry you were the described ones below: 1) saying 2) praying 3) confessing its sin 4) confessing the sin of its people 5) launching its suplication the God As functions the world spiritual when is praying? 1) When still we are saying the angel comes you, it instructs in them and it speaks with us. Its Spirit is for understanding the direction. 5) At the beginning of our suplication the God, commands Its angel to go and to declare what he competes to it for God. What it hinders that its conjunct if materialize? Not to apply the heart to understand its iniquities, sins and errors and if not to humiliate before God. With this, its words are not heard, that is, God does not order its angel and we do not understand nothing. 3) The angel of God comes because of our words: 1) applying the heart to understand its errors 2) to be humiliated Exactly before God 4) with the blockades that the evil tries to delay the blessing, but God is greater! 5) The angel comes and he makes in them to understand! My powerful God, light, my Father, who sent Jesus, its only son, stops saving in them. My Father, debtor for acquired knowledge having me of its message of that already we have peace, prosperity, health, joy, love, at last, that Jesus already conquered everything for we, for love of You, Sir! He pardons me, Gentleman, for having forgotten me total or disrespected Your Poder Saint, Father! It pardons me, Sir, for my revolt in accepting and to believe they 100%em Your Poder Saint, Father! ' ' But you are not glad yourselves because if they had subjected you the espritos; you cheer to you, before, for being your name written in cus' ' Lucas 10:20 I volume ownership of the wonderful blessings has that you for all we, in special that one that discloses that my name already is written in skies! My name already is in skies! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing. It visits articles books of the writer on the walked one with God in: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '

Boston Services

April 3, 2014


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Analytix launches collateral and multimedia design packages (Woburn) MA – Analytix solutions, a leading web marketing company, has launched its collateral and multimedia design packages for startup and small to midsize companies so that they can avail high quality services at reasonable prices. The company has been in operation for five years now, and is considered a strong player in professional online marketing services, equipped with a strong team of web marketing professionals and state of-the-art infrastructure. Analytix Solutions offers a wide spectrum of online services such as SEO, SMM, and PPC services, including collateral, corporate identity, and multimedia design packages tailored to address business needs of startup, small and midsize companies. Companies can select from multiple service packages such as the corporate identity package, which includes logo and letterhead design, brochure and website design, and newsletter template design. There is a media and events package that includes creation of conference kits such as flash presentation, advertisements (banner, poster and magazine ads), flyer/hand Bill design,. and other products needed in the successful management of event.

For start-up, small and midsize companies, these packages will provide affordable, customized, scalable, and professional design and collateral solutions that will catapult their online business and establish their brand name in the global market. “We are dedicated and committed since our very inception to serve midsize and startup companies, specifically across the United States, by our unique online marketing services. All our services are highly professional, cost effective, and quality,”said Rohan Kaul, head of marketing at Analytix solutions. “Leveraging our expert team of experienced and skilled online marketing professionals and latest technologies, we have developed packages and services to enable small and midsized companies to boost their online business;” that too within a limited budget.” For more details about the collateral and multimedia design package please visit marksbsteam/e-collateral-design-packages about Analytix solutions Analytix solutions is a professional web marketing solution provider with a vision to become a prominent collateral multimedia designing solutions provider in Boston, United States, leveraging its expertise, experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It offers multiple services in various packages for companies that are seeking a trustworthy and professional partners to give their business a head start. For more details about the company please visit web-marketing/index.asp

Public Sector

April 2, 2014


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2 INFORA sales day offers practical support to optimize the acquisition success in contracting authorities on January 26, 2011 in Berlin annually awards public administration IT contracts in almost acronym billion volume. Berlin, 16.12.2010 – annually awards the Government IT contracts in almost acronym billion volume. But who would like to benefit from the software providers, hardware manufacturers and service providers in the market, must have a precise knowledge of the procurement directives and intelligent sales methods. “These issues the 2nd devoted to IT contracting sales day” of the consulting firm INFORA GmbH on January 26, 2011 in Berlin. He offers a unique platform account managers and sales managers for the public sector, to discuss the current conditions and developments in this market segment, as well as to gain practical impetus to the acquisition processes. For, the event offers a wide range in terms of content featuring expert speakers from the public Administration, the economy and science with practical recommendations for action. On the one hand involved the current structure and the perspectives of the E-government market, on the other hand, important background topics such as the legal framework of IT distribution in the public sector are illuminated intensively. Also, the Conference focuses on the optimisation of sales methodology and organization.

The acquisition methods established in commercial enterprises operate on contracting authorities in the case of rule. Because who wants to be successful, must be familiar with the various features in the commercial speech of authorities and must not get caught up in the public procurement law,”explained INFORA’s Managing Director Thomas Hohn the execution of the event. Alone the highly formalized rules for creating quotations would often in practice large hurdles, as long as there was a lack of the necessary knowledge. Therefore, the sales day represents an ideal forum to deal with the specific conditions of acquisition in the public sector familiar.” Because beyond the lecture programme, the event offers ample opportunity for an exchange of experiences among the participants. More information and electronic registration at: about INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 30 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes. Her consulting clients such as Daimler AG, Viessmann, INA Schaeffler, German Airbus, Henkel, Minolta, Procter & gamble and Schering include clients such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of finance, the Federal Agency for work or the Federal Chancellor’s Office in the industrial sector, in public administration. thought factory gmbh Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71