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June 22, 2014


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270 – SAINT BARBARA The storm roared there is. A heavy and continuous rain, pushed for the ventania, beat noisily in fragile zinc leves of the barraco. Scared, shrunk in one I sing, Barbarian tried to calm its children. If it had time to look at stops backwards, would remember the years of hard work in the canaviais of Pernambuco, the calluses of the hands, the wounds of the bare-footed feet, the scarce food, sleep always delayed. It would remember the estafante trip, in one leads of desperate retirantes, throughout 3000 kilometers of road. the hunger, the headquarters, the heat, the dust, the misery.

It would remember the wonderful sensation to have obtained the freedom, to decide of its life, to look work, to be same owner of itself. It would remember its first man, the illusions, the disillusionments, and finally its irreparable solitude. It would remember its first barraco; as and third, the always lost ones, destroyed or burnt, to the being enxotada for the owners and the policemen. All fulfilling its obligation; all respecting orders; it did not understand of who. She did not understand because did not appear to dislodge it, while she nailed the boards with force of its hope, with the determination of its faith. It did not understand because only they came later, with polices, dogs, tractors, when the barraco was finally ready, knocked down everything; not because they needed the space, but only to reaffirm its rights against solidarity, common-sense and the fraternity of that as much speak and that nobody practises. But as it is that it was not obtained to find, in a so great land, in a so rich nation, a so generous people, one cantinho you are welcome, for it and its boys? Was because it wise person not to read nor to write? She was because she did not obtain to sign its name? Because it had never taken off a photograph and did not have a document? Not: it was not nobody, was a thing, an object, one capacho, only.

Canadian French Language

June 7, 2014


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In Canada, especially in Quebec, French language in their state is diglossia. This means that there are two forms of language – literary and colloquial, which together make up the Canadian version French. Literary form has some differences from the standard language adopted in France. So, literary French in Canada is opposed to an appropriate form of language that exists in France, as well as colloquial French (zhualyu), adopted in Canada itself. The main feature of diglossia Canadian French is the fact that his literary variant is under the influence colloquial French, and under the influence of a second official language of Canada – English.

Formed a specific variant of Canadian French was a prerequisite to ensure that Canadian French began aware of itself a separate nation, which suffers its own culture and language, symbolizing its identity. Accordingly, the French used in Canada, can be attributed to the so-called national language version, exists along with its other territorial variations taking place in the world. Diglossia French Canadian language is a set of linguistic forms, among which there are no clear distinctions in using simple conversational forms and literary language. Educated French Canadians use in their speech elements of colloquial language, while the elements of literary forms that are used when talking to zhuale, considered, at least, irrelevant. If we consider the social aspect, the literary form of the French Canadian language prevalent among the local intelligentsia, the business community and government agencies. Zhual also became widespread among the inhabitants of rural areas and ordinary citizens.

Santa Rosa Professor

June 6, 2014


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Still in ends of century XIX, in another point of America, speaking for an auditorium crowded in an international horticulture congress, the botanical Liberty Hyde Bailey, world-wide recognized, thus took the veil: ' ' the man little can make to produce variations in plantas' '. Meanwhile, in 1882, Burbank if involved in experiments with the potato and this never more would be the same one. Its colored predecessor gained a rind clarinha and a soft and flavorful interior. He was also in these gone that it developed a plum? that he imposed themselves in California and it was the car head of its ' ' revolution pomolgica' ' , together with the popular peach ' ' Burbank July Elberta' ' , the nectarina Gold, and other varieties of quince, blackberries, chestnut trees, almonds tree, etc. Professor of Vries arrived of Holland and were disappointed when seeing that casinha where Burbank worked it excused to library and laboratory and that all the notations were made in pieces of brown paper of bag or in the verse of envelopes and letters. However, the famous dutch recognized it as a born genius and wrote that Luther ' ' evolucionista&#039 deserved the highest admiration for its value for the doctrine; '. Professor Liberty Hyde Bailey also was the Santa Rosa, in the same farm where of Vries he was estupefado, not only to change its speech in future congresses as to write in the magazine ' ' World? s Work' ': ' ' Luther Burbank is a professional creator of plants who, in our country, practically meets alone in its field.

As much and so surprising are the new plants that it gave to the world, that calls already it ' ' Mago of the Horticultura' '. But this epteto finished for premaking use against its work a good number of people. Luther Burbank is not one mago.

Tips For A Successful Website

June 3, 2014


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Do not always use the latest technology is most suited to succeed in the network. Always think about your visitors and maintain good interaction with them. The vast majority of web sites for small and medium enterprises there for one reason: to generate and grow their income. However, there are more companies fail in their efforts than those who succeed. Why should so many failures? A common mistakes that could have been avoided in time, which are costly and sometimes create irreversible damage.

From the experience of specialized site Global Marketing and Articles’ The Seven Deadly Sins’ by Jim Daniels, and Internet marketing blunders ’10 ‘(10 nonsense Internet marketing), Internet Marketing Chronicles We offer a catalog of strategies to avoid at all costs making the mistakes that led to the failure of websites. No doubt there are many more Internet marketing mistakes, but those listed below will provide a good starting point for work. Focus on preventing these errors and their projects will be more successful online. Remember: 80 percent of the problems is due to 20 percent of cases. Valuable information and free web sites offer the best quality material and quality care. The network is a fact that those who share valuable information with your visitors are more likely to keep them in your pages. Have your own domain Your own domain name is an investment that gives it the credibility that visitors look for in a commercial website. Light A Home page with more than 40 kilobytes (including images) takes forever to load.

Packaging Materials

June 1, 2014


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Garbage bags, plastic bags, T-shirts, plastic bags and other packaging materials based on plastics and plastic film are widely used in the modern world in all spheres of human activity. In everyday life, in everyday plastic bags, T-shirts have long been replaced by a variety of leather and cotton bags, thanks to such qualities as high strength, low thickness and weight, almost reducible to zero, and low cost. The company "Europlast" is currently engaged in production of packages and plastic film. We offer businesses and individuals based packaging materials and plastic polyethylene film. For the production of "Europlast" includes plastic bags, T-shirts, garbage bags, bags with the logo, packaging industry and a number of other positions. Packing materials of various names, sizes and colors are well represented on the web at "Europlast" on the Internet.

Today, the world packaging bags, T-shirts are leading in popularity among the population, so they are effective means of advertising. Packages with the logo of companies and shops have completely monopolized the market for packaging materials, and today it is almost impossible to meet without a plastic bag labeling. Packages are widely used for transportation and storage of products, equipment and other items. Packaging materials ceased to be a special kind of goods they need anywhere, anytime, and at present value is not the very existence of a packaging material, but rather that an additional feature that it can perform. It may be advertising. Most often, packaging materials are presented advertising information plastic bags stores.