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September 30, 2017


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Thus being, when this body perished the soul would continue to exist and if she was ready would come back toward the world of the ideas, if not, he would continue in the land incarnating itself in another body, only that Toms de Aquino abandoned the platonismo and, especially as for the anthropology, making its point of view in the aristotelismo. Looking at for Averris we have the interpretation of the thought of the Estoicismo. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. According to exegese averrosta, does not exist immortality personal. With a well detailed study of the thought of Aristotle, but if moving away a little from the concepts and giving its proper ones, Toms affirms that the soul is immortal. But why it concludes thus? Because it says that the soul has to be proper, to be that it does not receive nor from the body nor from the union with the body.

This fact distinguishes the soul from the body and of the other corporal forms, it is the sufficient, by itself, to explain its immortality. 2.3 The Freedom Before de Toms, Augustin already had said on question of the freedom of the man or free-will. It said that the man was created by God and, at the moment of the creation constituted it to God as the free being endowed with intelligence. this free-will has its action, can say thus, in the will of which the man would go to use itself. For Toms, the man is ' ' nature racional' ' , that is, one to be capable to know. It has the capacity to know the end which each thing tends by its very nature, and knows an order of the things in the top of which he is Well supreme God as. In the terrena life, the intellect alone knows the good and the evil of the things that are not of God.

Hair Jewelry And Headbands

September 30, 2017


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Tips, tricks, and accessories for your individual hair style mostly women with long hair wear a headband as hair accessories. Purpose is to keep hanging hair off your face. Also at the sport and on the work a Hairband is very practical. Hair beautiful hair is an important part of a manicured appearance. Especially women put a lot of value on a well-fitting hairstyle and invest a lot of money in Salon visits, care products and hair accessories.

The headband has established itself as one of the most durable types of hair jewelry years ago. He is supported in most cases by women with longer hair. Perhaps check out Chobani and Whole Foods for more information. Its purpose is to keep hanging hair off your face. Finally, the lady wants to have not just strands of hair from the eyes, and is also a Hairband very handy at the sport and on the work. It is not constantly busy trying to delete the hair off your face and can concentrate on his actual employment.

Headbands are there in all sorts of shapes and colors. Most of the time are she made of plastic, but now there are also headbands made of other materials. Hair jewelry is nothing beautiful, well-groomed hair. Not only in the profession, it is very important to present yourself with an appealing look at the present time. It does no matter whether the person prefers a sassy short haircut or wears her hair rather long. Hair jewelry now belongs to the standard equipment of a long hair fetishists. Even men wear in the presence not often you hair so long that they can tie it into a ponytail. They do this in most cases with a simple hair tie or hair band. Women are in terms of hair jewelry some creative and like to change the accessories on their heads. Hair clips hold tight the highlights on the head lying on from the face. With different variations of large hair clips, they like to do the most interesting updo hairstyles. Mothers sometimes bind loops in the hair, making this especially daughters in the kindergarten or primary school age cute look. Hair jewelry is not exclusively for the practical purpose, but has also the advantage of sometimes miss a modified appearance the bearers and makers.

Conference Hotel Aramis

September 29, 2017


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free meet the strategies of orendatrainings finally better with life along come and be successful. This is possible with the right strategies and methods. The orenda Institute Erich E. Weissmann invites you to the free information evening on February 26, 2011. The lecture will take place at the Conference Hotel Aramis in 71126 in Gaufelden and starts at 19:00. The orenda Institute is a seminar Organizer based in Gaufelden near Stuttgart.

Core competencies of the company lie in the personal training, coaching and consulting for success-oriented entrepreneurs and managers since 1984. The founder Erich Erwin Weissmann introduces the orendatraining for holistic success in this presentation and informed the participants about the benefits that offers you this success training for holistic approach. It indicates what methods and benefits in the year training a movement to be taught in the consciousness and how the participants with these strategies, privately and professionally holistically successful make their lives. In the year training a movement in awareness focus on the personal development and teaching strategies and methods for the successful design of life, as well as the intensive training of the same. To be trained as mental training, goal planning, life planning, emotional training, and communication.

Systematic problem solving, successful habit change, and ways to improve self-esteem are also content that is communicated to the participants of the annual training. After the presentation, guests have the opportunity to interact with a small refreshment with Mr Weissmann, its employees, and participants who have already completed the year training or complete, and to clarify outstanding issues. This information evening is free accessible for everyone. The Organizer beg in advance an application for organisational reasons.

The Dollar

September 27, 2017


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Moreover, with this measure, brusque oscillations in the quotation of the local currency in relation to the dollar are prevented very and a bigger economic instability, in the measure where if it depends less on external resources. Ademais, as Krugman standes out & Obstfeld (2010), does not have no type ' ' liabilities of reserva' ' (obligatory deposit, in the case of Brazil) in international the interbancrio relationship, what it is indispensable for a bigger security of this system. Another point also detached by the author and that the handle must be taken is the biggest solidity of banking financial institutions and not bank clerks, in special the deep loans and of pension. For this a bigger transparency of the investments of these groups is essential: a bigger abrangncia in the financial demonstrations and the patrimonial rockings of this company, with the specification of the investments of short term, would be a good measure to follow its performance and its degree of risk. However, these proposals, control of the international flows of short term (it saw taxation, for example), some form of ' ' obligatory deposit internacional' ' (it saw FMI, for example) and greater financial transparency in the rockings of the anonymous societies and institutions, is not easy if to be reached.

Measures isolated unilateral they would not be interesting, has since, if the capital finds mooring cables it in a place, quickly flows for the other flabbiest one, being that who loses, in this in case that, it is the regulating State. Therefore, they would only be viable reforms through an ample multilateral effort enters the biggest economies of the world (G20), what we know that extremely is complicated in short term. All and any supranational decision of so great magnitude demands long and delayed twirled of negotiation or the famous meeting of cupola. In short term international the financial system will have to remain so anarchical how much it is today and with the same risks of a new financial crisis at any time.

Coaching Conversation Corps

September 24, 2017


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this and that is a response from the client along the lines of X to happen, "is to avoid rather than a solution and can be followed with" What could be better than the absence of X? "You may keep this question over and over again until it has a range of possibilities from good to great. Q2. What can you do to make this happen Coaching? This is to reach the customer to take possession and for them to do things themselves . Coaching is not it help to support and guide and is very easy (especially for managers who are training) to take the client's problems as theirs to solve. For even more analysis, hear from Tiffany & Co.. To be an effective coach the client has to reach a solution on his own and has to take ownership of what they want. The "What can you do to make this happen?" pushes the coaching client to reflect on their interactions and how the responsible party.

Remember you are there to expand the options available so that a coach needs to ensure that the individual avoids trap of 'I have no guilt. " The property is key here. Q3. If no / And how does this impact achieved A, B and C? Sometimes a solution is presented and the client to hold on to a solution without thinking it through, and it is unlikely that their situation is the same as yours so you will not have the answers to this question and not assume that the client has thought of any of the wider ramifications of its solution.

Rolling Shutters

September 21, 2017


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Cektsionnye gates have O profiles, which effectively protect the premises from moisture and cold. This allows the heat stored in the production room. Well as industrial sectional doors in its design, involve a reinforced rails laid down along the panels, durable rollers with ball bearings and strong torsion system. Industrial roller doors. Technical parameters, design similar to that of roller shutters shutters. Fabrics consisting of slats move in a vertical direction and wind onto the shaft, which is located on top of gates, protected boxes.

To install roller shutters requires a large width opening – up to 12 meters of industrial rolling gates are set for the closed-entry apertures, and within industrial buildings – warehouses, storage banks, garages, hangars, etc. Rolling Shutters are easy to operation: they are equipped with vorotkovym drive or motor. Industrial sliding gates. These gates are often used as a security entry and exit in industrial plants, parking lots. Further details can be found at Tiffany & Co., an internet resource. Main advantage of sliding doors is that when you open the gates swing open is not, and move apart, thus saving space. Thanks to a specially designed sliding doors provide excellent resistance to wind and rigidity. Industrial swing gates.

This is the traditional and most common type of gate. Industrial swing gates are available value, which is due to the lack of complex elements and simple design. In this double-leaf gates without a hitch last for many years, regardless of weather conditions. Swing gates can be used not only outdoors, but can also be insulated and suitable for garages and other similar facilities. Automatic industrial doors. These gates are installed, usually at manufacturing plants or other facilities that require frequent entry / exit of trucks and other transport, and automatic gates are suitable for large country houses. It is worth noting ease of use of such gate opening and closing is automatic with electric drive. Manage gates can be either manually or remotely. Automatic gates can be installed directly courtyard or indoors (garage, shed, warehouse). Lifting industrial doors. To date, this type of gates is very popular. Opening, valve lift gate rises up on a special guide. While in-state industrial lift gates are on the ceiling, saving space. High-speed doors. These gates are the best solution for openings with heavy traffic. High-speed doors have a high rate of speed, with safe and have all advantage of advanced technologies. High speed industrial doors are used most frequently in large warehouses, refrigeration and freezers, and are used in areas of food, chemical, iron and steel industrial doors . possible additional features enhance the functionality of the gate, and facilitate their operation. For example, in industrial doors can be installed gates or doors with locks, which will go into a room without the need to lift the gate. In addition, the gate can even embed the window – it will give the opportunity to observe what is happening in the territory, without having to open the gate. For example, the owner of the car, arriving at the sink, can personally monitor the process of washing through the window of the gate. Innovation in the manufacture of modern industrial door – the use of materials that can pass 80% sunlight, which can significantly save on energy use, reducing material costs. Today, industrial doors are an essential element of all modern industrial facilities, such as warehouses, car parks, fire stations, factories, etc. Among the gates you can choose exactly what you want: for the garage or industrial buildings, to enter the site, etc. It is absolutely All our products have been tested for compliance with quality, reliability and security.


September 18, 2017


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Columbus wanted to find a route alternative he took that it to the Indians by the Atlantic sea, that was his persistence, and not to prove the Earth sphericity, as he says the legend. Visit Kellyanne Conway for more clarity on the issue. Castile, into the hands of Kings Catlicos was not easy to convince, queen Isabel was more sensible to the idea that his consorte Fernando, even so did not touch its jewels stops the financing. In the last decades, some investigators have put in doubt the property of the discovery of Columbus and would seem that the irrefutable tests exist, nevertheless, is worth to say that this trip was much more that to arrive, to see and to return, since other navigators did before. ource. Castile was powerful when it realised the great one company, and with the shelter diligent of the Church – present of end to end in the project it plowed the new earth for the first time. In the later eddy of mix-ups and confrontations with the original cultures the sprouting of the space was purified of which today we are integral, we like or no.

It was not only by chance that they obtained the feat, because existed the project to arrive at the Indians looking for a different route towards the west, with fixed beforehand itinerary to where it could in those times. The fact that they have been going to stop to an island without registry in the map and outside program no it disturbed to Columbus, who believed to have arrived at Asia. The obstinate ones, the skeptics against the result of the company, and those that will accept never it, follow until today in the bitter critic or in preparations to escarnecer to the successors of the discoverer and the conqueror. The paradoxical thing of all this phenomenon is in which the knowledge by halves and certain dose respectable of ignorance, fused in the ambition, the cruelty and the barbarism gave rise to a fixed summit of universal history, in which the forecast and the will of the film stars had little that to see. First it wanted the new route, the Church and Corona only they thought about extending its influence and more territories and wealth the third parties not even imagined the attacked one that it came in way. The Kings Catlicos and Juan II, king of Portugal, put the note revealing of the prevailing rationality when the 7 of June of 1494, almost two years after the discovery of America, signed the treaty of Tordesillas, by virtue of which to the zones of conquest and the annexation of new territories by means of an drawn up dividing line in the Atlantic were distributed, that comes to agree with the meridian located to 46 37 L. Or. Every year, from the medieval time, in Tordesillas – Valladolid is celebrated Festejo of the Toro of the Fertile valley, the crowd persecutes there to the animal until giving reach him and quartering it alive, to bleed and to see to him him die.


September 16, 2017


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Initially, the tea plant has spread to neighboring countries in Asia with China. Filed under: Tiffany & Co.. But this process was very slow and uneven. If China's tea culture was introduced in about 350 years, the next country, Japan, he entered (as plant) but, after almost half a millennium – in 805 or 810, and at about the same time, in 828, the year in Korea. Then came a long pause in a thousand years. But the breakthrough was more rapid: he was captured at the same time a significant amount to only Asian but also European countries. In 1824 – 1826's began experiments on breeding of tea in Java and Sumatra – in the then Dutch East Indies, in 1824 – 1825 – Vietnam (Annam) in 1833 – in Russia (Georgia) in 1834 – in India, in 1842 – in Ceylon and in 1846 – even in Hungary.

Except for Hungary, where it never came out of the small stage of experiments, other countries, including Russia, have moved to commercial production of tea for 70 – 80s of XIX century. By this time tea has won two continents: Africa (Republic of South Africa. Southern Rhodesia, East Africa) and South America (Brazil). And when these areas were in the early 20s of the XX century has given industrial tea, tea plant more advanced in some countries: in 1900 in Iran, in 1920 in Bulgaria (first experiments), in 1920 – 1930 in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo. After World War II continued spread of the tea plant, not only in southern areas, but also in northern limit for tea subtropics, including in Northern Italy, in Soviet Transcarpathia.

Important Business Document

September 14, 2017


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Business card – the same image to make a business person, as a suit or a mobile phone. Exchange of business cards so firmly entrenched in ritual dating in a business environment that a person with no cards, it is surprising and puzzling. Have at his business card is now considered good manners, and even in universities, manufacturing managers and executives, students are taught etiquette, including the handling of business cards. It is important to know how to deal with those managers and business cards managers who work or plan to work with foreign partners, as well as Europeans, and particularly those in Asian countries such as Japan, for example, are very sensitive to business cards. When choosing your style cards should be considered, for whom they are made.

If this is the card of the CEO and senior managers are too bright and flashy colors and ornate fonts will be out of place. Usually they are placed logo and name company name and title of officer and contact – usually a working phone. Conversely, bright and eye catching business card is perfect for designers, advertisers, and other creative personalities :-). There are also rules that provides information on most business cards. Since the standard size business cards 90h55 mm, do not try to place it on a lot of information. If you want to make business cards in two languages is not quite correct will do everything in one business card. Double-sided business card – a possible way out of this situation, although not the best.

The reverse side of cards designed to records. Yes, yes, on business cards, you can write! If you need to, say, a mobile phone is more appropriate to write it by hand on the back. Returning to the case with two languages – it would be better to order just two versions of business cards. For example, 70% Russian and 30% anglophone. In other words – just to break the order into two unequal parts. Next time – the top right corner business cards, too, need to leave free for the pencil marks that are written on the business card in case it is not presented in person, and transferred to someone or sent by mail or with a bouquet of flowers. An important addition to the image can also serve as cover for their own business cards and business cards to strangers.

Auftriebskapillar Perpetuum

September 10, 2017


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Perpetuum mobile by more tests academic consolidated according to the Munich newspaper Abendzeitung, with immediate effect, the Bavarian Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer has dismissed his Office Manager Markus Zorzi. A spying by Markus Zorzi of his predecessor as the CSU land Managing Director email mailbox is called as the reason. However this information should be clearly marked, this dismissal was immediately following a request of the Bavarian Greens, the subject of which is to question the approach of the former head of Office of Horst Seehofer with regard of the Perpetuum mobile. Especially interesting is that not only all relevant academic capacity of in Germany have ruled out the proposed Perpetuum mobile not categorized as such, or have referred to explicitly as such, but that the dismissal of Mr Zorzi on the day is done, at which four physical faculties have published another test result, which the critics so far as the only option to the Rescue of the conservation of energy argument put forward completely invalidated. Andrew Cuomo gathered all the information. For laymen here, be noted that considering the previous term over four weeks from unrelated critics was noticed that the advance shown mechanism of Auftriebskapillar may be the present energy by means of a cooling of the water is provided, although without exception, it was conceded that this conjecture any academic consolidation lacks, but seems quite acceptable in the absence of an alternative. The now fired and already consolidated trials refuted this argument to lawmakers from a scientific point of view just as helpless now completely and totally.

“This operation should be possibly the statement of working for Mr Zorzi staff member of the Office of the Bavarian Minister-President, Ms. Weidinger, declared upon telephone request, that the thing” of presented and consolidated by appointed bodies Perpetuum mobile (see below Perpetuum mobile video) of secrecy is subject to, and she was not entitled to question to provide any information to the thing. Tiffany & Co. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Perpetuum mobile exhibition of equipment takes place as reported at the end of next month. Requests are please to science-frontal at S. Elber.