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Perspective Systemic

June 27, 2013


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Coaching with systemic perspective, a new approach to learning the teaching does not exist, there is only learning from direct dialogue. When Socrates was playing better, was not trying to control my car blows instruction and assessment. I saw the ball clearly, chose where I wanted to paste it, and let it happen. Surprisingly, the blows were more controlled while not trying to control them. Tim Gallwey the carriage of Kocs: icon of coaching between centuries XV and XVI the Hungarian city of Kocs, located approximately 70 km from Budapest, became obligatory stop for trips between this city and Vienna. On these trips, they began to use a few carriages with a unique suspension system.

This system allowed to go faster with more stability. He allowed that the processes of acceleration of the carriage, do run more horses, change them more frequently or strengthen them, could perform without losing balance. Like this He soon spoke of the carriage of Kocs, kocsi szeker in Hungarian-, as a symbol of excellence in the role of transporting people from one place to another. The term kocsi became the Spanish as a car, a German kutsche, Italian as cocchio as. The English word coach, therefore is of Hungarian origin. It meant a covered vehicle pulled by horses to transport people. Metaphorically, the coaching also transports people from one place to another. The place where they are where you want to go.

As the etymology of the very significant coaching of its function, the symbol of excellence of the carriage of Kocs can be an icon of coaching. All-time coaching any theory concerning the origins of coaching and its essence uses the figure of Socrates as a reference. However, many centuries before there is a history in the India and China that are authentic references to contemporary coaching. Recall for example the work Tao Te King of Lao Tse, that we can be summed up with the phrase: who knows a lot of others is an understood, but wisest is he who knows himself.

Ultimate Consequences

June 26, 2013


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How easy it is to say it, but that difficult to put into practice to its ultimate consequences. I am not referring to go to work every day, attend class or take care of children as best as possible. These activities although they may require more or less effort, fall within what we consider that we must do. What I’m considering is one of the keys of personal coaching and is assuming the responsibility in any situation, even in the moments in which we think that what is happening has nothing to do with us and that is another person or circumstances the blame for what is happening. If at that time, we are able to make a change and decide that that happens, is something that we have created in any way and can therefore do something to fix it or deal with it, then we will achieve results that until now only you could imagine. I am aware that what I am proposing is difficult to digest at times, but if you look objectively and without letting ourselves emotionally affect, you can see that it is the most useful position Although at the beginning can be somewhat uncomfortable. To give an example that makes the topic comprehensible, imagine that we find that we have a boss that from our point of view is a real tyrant, behaves aggressively, and imposing their orders without compromising or the slightest interest in what their employees can think or wish. Against this background, it is usual clearly blame the situation and devote ourselves to survive this situation passively while we spend our energy on criticizing him by his way of directing and even their way of being. I want to make it clear that what am raising does not absolve of guilt who is acting in a way so reprehensible, but the truth is that goes to us to interest more leave the role of victim and as I say assume responsibility in view of the situation.


June 20, 2013


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The second process of Coaching takes awareness of current reality who knows a lot of others is an understood, but wisest is he who knows if same. Which dominates others is powerful, but which dominates if same is stronger still. Laozi metaphor of the boiled frog if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water immediately pop up. But If you put a frog in a pot with water at room temperature and not scare her, surely she stays quiet. If you then rise the temperature of 20 to 25 degrees, the frog will be very satisfied. As you go by raising the temperature slowly and gradually the frog is stunning and does not jump. When the water is very hot now it isn’t able to jump but nobody prevents it. If you are still warming up, it dies and finally boils.

What has happened? The neurological unit of the frog is prepared to detect threats to sudden changes in the environment. Not for slow and gradual changes. The poor awareness of subtle threats that occur before personal and business objectives is the cause of many failures. With systemic studies we have seen occurring in the parable of the frog. Our mind is so tuned to perceive only in sequences of less than 34 repetitions per minute, that slow and gradual processes do not perceive them. You’ve been to contemplate once the puddles left by a tide? If you stay at carefully observe them for a few minutes you will see that they come to life. They are as beautiful creatures. And they are always there. But they move so slowly that at first no one sees them. The metaphor of the boiled frog invites us to lessen our frenetic pace and see the slow and gradual processes that often pose us the greatest threats without us noticing.

Coaching And Motivation

June 15, 2013


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Traditionally the weakest competence of the Executive, has always been the management of performance and motivation of its employees. Good technical preparation contrasts with the lack of relational competencies. This has led to continuity of autocratic models or other styles virtually incompatible with the development of intellectual capital in the company. No doubt that the performance is linked to motivation, a good motivation leads to continuous actions, but the outcomes are most important, then there are other factors that are above the continuous actions and it is the system of beliefs in the subconscious mind of people, some people are striving constantly and no doubt this will give good results over time, but if you are able to change certain limiting beliefs then fabulosos results can be obtained. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt taught us how to create reality, regardless of what you want to, can already be double sales in one Organization, to diversify production, get couple, etc. All this is due to a mental set, by reading this book you will find the principles to make the ideas work, because you will know the appropriate way to internalize a desire and make that desire to take an extraordinary force, then the realization will happen. Coaching, using a structured methodology, carries out approaches that allow us to work on the improvement of performance and in the development of the potential of people. This tool will work always and when information can be lifted to a level deeper material, is necessary to enter the drawing mental and spiritual, there will need to find the harmony of the goals we have set, no doubt that this opens a world of extraordinary opportunities. Organizations that are decidedly committed to the development of intellectual capital, found in coaching an invaluable model, to reach the person.


June 14, 2013


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The fourth page congregates elements that subsidize the continuity of the treatment of the patient, the evaluation of the cares of nursing, aiming at the improvement of the quality of the given service and the auditorship of nursing. In the hospital environment, the doctors demand cares special to the requested aspects of health in the handbook and the administration of the hospital demands devotion and efficiency in the description total of the data and information that will be part of the invoicing and collection of empresa' '. This, however, demands of the sector of nursing of the hospital clearer, less complex and more objective notations. Therefore, it requires of responsible for this function in the hospital concentration and cares, in order to prevent incorrect interpretations e, consequentemente, comments. The fifth page deals with the orientation and of the necessary cares it stops with the notations in the handbook of the patient, including the justifications for the accomplishment of procedures and the importance of the signatures of the responsible professionals for the execution of the action or, in the case of the cancellation of this, the opening of new item. All medication and/or given care must be checked and be signed by the responsible professional for that action; to pass penxs on of what already it is written; if in case that the action will not be carried through or to occur error in the notation, to justify not the execution of the circular care to open new schedule, to place between parentheses the exception: I say, to suspend, to modify and to open new item, being written that determined item it is cancelled. The sixth page tells the importance of the medical lapsing for the order of materials to the pharmacy in the internal environment of the hospital. The doctor signs the lapsings and the nurse or technician before requesting the lapsing it necessary pharmacy to make the order of materials and to exclude the unnecessary ones. The seventh page contains important suggestions related to the behavior of the nursing professional front the terms that must be prevented in the registers of the handbook of the patient. In the handbook of the patient terms must be prevented that give value connotation as: well, badly, much, sufficiently, little, reasonable, regular, abnormal behavior, as well as normal physiological habits without intercorrncias and complaints. One adds despite being, all the medication and or given care dev

Strategic Sale

June 6, 2013


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The pole of attention is situated abroad, the customers that we serve. It is to identify their needs, both personal and organisational. The resulting analysis allows us to better determine how we can add value to the customer’s organization and creating a long-term relationship that benefits all parties involved. Robert B. Miller and Stephen E.

Herman Coaching for strategic sale do not worry about this account, Paco. It was the Bank’s President and CEO, I called Paco, I spoke of a very special strategy of the main office in Madrid to apply to a Catalan multinational company. I knew this company was going to take the direction of Treasury from Madrid and could be very important for us. The President of this company, called Peter, was the father of one of my close friends and almost every week we almorzabamos together. I thought I would speak to him and told him to Paco: don’t worry about this account, Paco, almost weekly lunch with his President… After a few days, while we drank coffee asked Pedro to speak with your CFO. It confirmed to me that they would effectively bring the banking policy from Madrid and that he would say to his brother who was responsible for this. And added…I course, we were not working with you! I will say it before I go to Brazil us said goodbye without talking about this topic again.

Something that was about to do because there was something in my head that I had not left quiet. Echoed me those words: we will work with you. I had always thought that Pedro was very intelligent and sympathetic, but wasn’t this what most had favored the success of your company. What had most influenced was his style of direction, its ability to delegate, his style was so advanced that more than participatory was already, as Ken Blanchard, of little intervention, would later say something that I also shared.

Professional Coaches

June 5, 2013


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As a Coach Personal, how many times I have heard this question, and with that reason formulated me it, since the word Coaching itself, and especially in our country is not a term that help us much in this regard.By luck is becoming better known, already is has come a certain way in their dissemination and their practice, especially in the business world, but we still have far to go.Coaching is an art, a same tool itself, composed of many others.Coaching baby from many sources, is like life itself, which is composed and feeds, in turn, share experiences with other lives.The sources that feeds are psychology, philosophy, sociology, RR.HH, business management, apart from the experience of the Professional Coaches, who are contributing ideas and methods continuously.Why the definitions that can be made of this discipline are multiple and varied.A widely used definition is the one that says: the Coaching is to unleash the potential of a person to increase to the maximum performance. It is to help you learn rather than teach him (J.Whitmore).If we look at it, she can find two very important points on which is based around Coaching:1 process.-all people have a potential to explore and develop, although we are not aware of ello.2.-learning is a very important pillar that holds the Coaching. Without learning that process would not be effective.Another definition to take into account is the following: the coaching covers the gap between what is now and what you want to be. It is a professional relationship with another person who will accept only the best of you and you will advise, guide and stimulate so you go more than about the limitations that impose on yourself and make your full potential (Talane Miedaner).It can obtain the following conclusions:-it is a path of personal growth, self-knowledge, and has resulted in obtaining better results in our life and achieving goals-the professional relationship is established with the Coach, which is the responsible for support, encouragement, guidance, planning, throughout the process.-the Coach helps the person to focus towards the goal and to overcome the constraints and fears that arise in all the recorrido.Como you can see with only two definitions be can clarify the question that gave title to this article: and what is this coaching?These lines is intended to shed light on this concept, although this is much broader that any definition might bring. More satisfactory is vivenciarlo first person, so through that experience obtained conclusions themselves, and incidentally, the multiple benefits provided by a process of Coaching.Autora: Maria Martinez curls. Professional and coach Personal. Visit and contact E-mail: original author and source of the article