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Tourist Packages Sale

February 22, 2013


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The Vip Latino membership is the key to gain access to more than 2,700 destinations paying up to 93%. You hardly find in competition a big benefit for your next vacation. All those who already get our Membresia Vip will not have to pay list prices which have hotels and resorts. Now they pay a lot less! One of the first questions that are made many of our customers, when they hear for the first time of this opportunity is how we can offer such low prices and be a real offer. If it is also his question, here we explain the reasons: is very common in the world of tourism which sold lodgings in hotels and resorts luxury for just the cost of the tax.

This way they make sure – out season – its most complete facilities and, as a consequence, move more revenue with domestic consumption that these people can make. As you will figure it out, the hotels outside high season have practically the same basic operating costs. They will have to pay to its employees, taxes and expenditure of energy and phone (which although the latter will obviously minor, will always exist). And as we all know, they have a much lower than peak season flow of visitors. Then, it is the same offer these rooms just by cost price (some even offer them free and you must make a minimum consumption), to have them free and generate absolutely nothing. It is a smart way to earn income (by concept of consumptions that those guests will surely) who, otherwise, would have not obtained them. In addition, they are advertising free, because such persons if they are well served, probably will return in another chance, or will recommend the hotel to friends, relatives, etc. how promotes it these hotels and resorts? One of the ways of doing this is through tourist intermediaries, which catered to reach such offerings to the final consumer (the general public).

EuropSus Marketing

February 10, 2013


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Or may not be Marketing Online announces the appointment of Stephan Rodriguez Enqwall as new director of business for Scandinavia Stephan Rodriguez Enquall brings extensive experience having held various positions in large companies in Sweden and Finland. Stephan has professional qualities that make it ideal to lead the process of internationalization of or may not be Marketing Online in Scandinavia. Scandinavia business will develop from the central headquarters or may not be in Sweden both serving customers in Sweden and Norway, Finland and Denmark. Or may not be Marketing Online, is a Spanish company with a clear international vocation. It seeks to apply the success of its business model in Spain to other European countries. For more information: or may not be Marketing Online Calle Fernan Gonzalez, 4428009 Madrid Tel: 914009058 about being or not being Online Marketing: be or not be Marketing Online is a company specializing in the promotion of Internet business that offers integral services yourmarketing online. In Spain has two offices two offices and more than 30 employees, with a gross margin of more than 1 M in 2010… Currently has more than 1,200 customers in all EuropSus services include: – Google Adwords – networking social campaigns positioning Web – management – communication Online – reputation Online – website of employment.