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Commercial Vehicles

March 12, 2016


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Buying a commercial vehicle for whatever organization or individual business person – an act very important and requires a responsible approach. Necessary to choose and the manufacturer, and model heavy-ton, but still make the final choice in favor of any dealership. Unlike cars, which are able to enjoy substantial demand and implementation methods, respectively, of their very well adjusted, heavy trucks are popular only in companies that deal with freight qualified, in relation to what wiser to choose between buying the truck itself to manufacturers, the dealers, or dealers. Since the sale of trucks has a connection with an investment rather considerable finance, at least in comparison with the private passenger mc, then make most sense to go or manufacturer, or to the agent. The problem is that only in this version will have a chance to get quality assurance purchased transportation. And yet work with the dealer is much easier as a large enterprise are typically designed for large sales. The representative, on the other hand, produces not only the manufacturer's warranty, and along with very careful suited to their own reputation.

Since it is important not only to resell, for the simple resellers, and more significantly to be able to maintain a positive opinion from the buyer, so that later he began to come into the company again and again, and besides advise our business partners and customers directly to the company. In addition, it is important to remember that the agent turns out to be some sort of indicator of the organization and feels the weight of high responsibility. This may relate to and implementation of heavy-ts, and their continued technical support and repair, if needed. It should be said that the repair of freight cars on the dealer a hundred – it certainly use native components. Moreover, when the customer has to deal with the direct dealer business, there will be difficulties with the details we bring and use of authentic methods of diagnosis of heavy mc. Buyer gets really high quality inspection, technical support and repair in strict accordance with manufacturer's requirements to the level of quality of life for all, without exception, significant blocks your heavy-duty trucks. If you want to get the most functional cargo transport, and in addition a full guarantee for the maintenance of the vehicle, it is best to contact this agent manufacturer's instructions.

Employment Region

March 6, 2016


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suggested the authorities to establish a register of unscrupulous property developers and a full list of victims from their actions of citizens. In this case, according to Deputy Speaker, the last list to be divided into two groups: one – the citizens, find themselves without shelter, in the second – those who purchase apartments for investment purposes and not needing improving housing conditions, said Also, the mp advised the municipal authorities to ensure maximum transparency in the issuance of building permits, as well as conduct an official investigation and to bring the responsibility of all officials, the fault which permits to build dubious companies. Hidden unemployment in the Krasnoyarsk region in more than three times the actual. This was announced on February 19 the Minister Economy and Regional Development Region Alexey Ivanov. According to Ivanov, on January 1, 2009 in the province, there were 36 thousand unemployed.

The most vulnerable sectors in terms of layoffs ministry said timber industry engineering, construction, small and medium businesses. According to the forecasts of economists, this year the unemployment rate in the province can reach 67,000 people, ie the number of unemployed is likely to double in Krasnoyarsk. Moreover, Ivanov cited data from the International Labour Organization hidden unemployment. According to these data, the figure was 120 thousand, wrote Continuing the theme of unemployment ria News Line reports that, in the Krasnoyarsk region has already begun act anti-crisis program to reduce tensions on the labor market. "Organized community service and advanced training for those who are at risk of dismissal," – says a source with reference to press-service agency of Labor and Employment Region. Meanwhile, economists argue that the effects of devaluation and credit shock has an impact on the economy of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Largest grocery retailers predict that by the end of the year in the Russian food stores could grow by 45%. Expensive imported products and at all can leave the Russian market. As reported by The Siberian News Agency, now in smaller and more common in Krasnoyarsk supermarkets, such as "Krasny Yar" and "Caravan" observed paucity of product range. Many of the most "running" of imported goods on the shelves there. "Business Quarter, in turn, wrote that the import of goods from foreign countries, according to the fcs, in January 2009 decreased by 35,6%. Most of the reductions achieved an immediate reduction of import cars, as well as equipment and food products. Nazarov Shemetova, online journal "Sibkrizis.Ru"