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Professor Heinrich Bockholt Pension

October 25, 2016


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MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG refers to the disadvantages of the Riester pension Appenzell, in May 2009: no gap threatens after retirement, the experienced financial service providers recommend the MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG an private provisions for old age. “MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG points relating to certain disadvantages the Riester pension: who riestert”, according to financial experts between 91 and 98 years old to be have an advantage over the single capital payment according to MWB take asset management AG investors at the renowned financial centre Switzerland alternatives to the Riester pension. The private retirement provision is becoming increasingly important for workers. So, the statutory pension constitutes just 70 percent of the last net income even after a theoretical working life of 45 years. It lies in people with a shorter working life with 50 to 65 percent far below the difference between the last net income and the pension financial experts consider gap.

This supply gap to close, the legislator has developed the State-sponsored Riester-rente. However, these supplementary pension also has disadvantages: experts such as Koblenz finance Professor Heinrich Bockholt criticize around that the Riester pension only such insured persons who reach a very old age, getting paid what they accumulate including public subsidies. According to calculations by Ballard, a woman between 92 and 98 years would have to be old, so she has an advantage over the single capital payment with the Riester pension in men this border is located at 91 years of age. “Alternatives to the Riester pension there are according to the MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG at the renowned Swiss financial centre: MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG, Appenzell has been especially on the area secure retirement” specialized and can the special benefits Swiss financial products and German investors, particularly in the field of life insurance. So investors who complete met Vermogensverwaltung AG, for example, capital life insurance protect your credit balance with the special privilege of bankruptcy. This privilege protects balances, which serves exclusively private old-age provision, with a possible bankruptcy before the foreclosure.

In collaboration with established fund companies such as fidelity, financial experts of met Vermogensverwaltung AG for their customers create an individually appropriate investment strategy for the optimal private old-age provision. About MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG, MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG is a traditional hotel from the Switzerland with almost three decades of experience. Their continuous and steady commitment new demonstrating the MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG with any project. The financial experts of met Vermogensverwaltung AG ensures the sustainable fulfilment of the objectives of their clients. The MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG located in Appenzell. Together with its customers, MWB Vermogensverwaltung AG develops solutions for asset accumulation, the capital protection and prevention. The financial experts of met Vermogensverwaltung AG training constantly. So benefit the customers of met Vermogensverwaltung AG always by a service up to date.

Private Oldage Provision

October 25, 2016


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An insurance comparison to the private pension insurance is useful and not just a good overview, but also optimal retirement from AV to determine is the private old-age provision AV than ever before. Given the numerous past and still coming with security zero rounds for pensioners, private provision is impossible to imagine, you want to be reasonably financially secure in the evening of his life. Who relies today on the State pension, is grossly negligent, and fails to recognize the signs of the times. This has itself the State recognized, and with the Government-sponsored Riester pension created an instrument for private pension plans, to give citizens an incentive to securing stand-alone, the old-age pension. The so-called Rurup pension is the Riester pension for self-employed persons who achieve not income liable for social security.

There are tailored to variants of private old-age provision, State-promoted on every profession and every phase of life. As the name implies, it is a private Old-age provision. The number of providers of such products is correspondingly high naturally. Consequently, countless options and fare options will be for those interested. But which insurance company provides the best insurance tailored to the personal situation with which rates each AV retirement? A usually opaque fee structure and deposits make it the policyholder is hard to keep track. Here helps an online insurance comparison for private retirement savings. An online insurance comparison, as this is offered in the Internet, serves the comparison E.g.

the insurance for the Riester pension, Rurup pension and General comparison of the private pension plans (AV). This technical all tariffs and products of many insurance companies an insurance comparison in terms of price and performance subjected. The personal data serve as a guide for an individual and personal recommendation. An online insurance comparison private pension () Riester-Rente, Rurup pension, pension, life assurance) is free and independent providers. Also, it provided important information to bring the various pension savings the interested. As with any long-term savings variant, the early start is crucial. Because the interest increases disproportionately with the years. To pave the way for an optimal retirement should a pension be usefully carried out online comparison and carefully selected.


October 24, 2016


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Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy real estate sellers and buyers contract on a rental guarantee, informed some creates an economic burden, for which he can take precautions in the context of balance sheet provisions the seller thereof. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy portrays the fundamental aspects of this case are to be observed. By a temporally restricted guarantee economic burdens in unspecified amount coming at the real estate seller. Variable size stems from the fact that to conclude of the purchase contract still not clearly can be clarified, how high the rental income of the buyer will be, from which the payment obligation on the seller of real estate to the balance sheet date is calculated. The real estate sellers can make a passive default post for uncertain liabilities on its balance sheet, to compensate for this economic burden. However, the formation of the passive default item in the balance sheet is only permissible if the seller to a third party due to operational causes a liability of uncertain scope has, their actual realizing is not unlikely.

the liability has arisen in the past and so economically burdened the seller at the balance sheet date. The assumption of a guarantee is a sales-promotional argument that provides additional security to the commercial purchaser who receives its income from rental income, trading in rental properties. For this purpose, the seller undertakes to compensate for loss of revenue of the purchaser under the guarantee limit for a limited period of time. Because up to the balance sheet date is not certain what the amount to be paid is indeed, a provision is recognised in unspecified amount. The provision reflects that buyer in economic terms must count with the contingency of the warranty and retain sufficient liquid assets, to comply with his obligation the fact still. The real estate sale is characterized by a complex network of tax and balance legal determination.

For its optimal design of tax, a tax expert, therefore should be used. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy is engaged in like this to professional advice and experience.

GmbH Exclusive

October 24, 2016


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MEDIUS exclusive GmbH offers individual concepts for the secure retirement Munich June 2010: fewer and fewer people are in Germany to the middle class, as the result of a recent survey of the German Institute for economic research (DIW). Because the risk of poverty in old age is growing with falling incomes, private provision is today more necessary than ever. The experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH possess the necessary experience and develop individual concepts for customers to secure pensions. Only 60 percent of the people in Germany include according to DIW study to the middle class. This is by the monthly net income of a single household between 860 euro and defined in the year 2000 this figure was 1,844 euro over 66 per cent. At the same time, the number of people with low income under 860 euro 18 per cent rose to now 22 percent. The experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH know from experience that such a development causes a big problem: the old-age poverty.

Sufferers have a low statutory pension without additional income. So workers have sufficient income after retirement and supply gaps, the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH recommends an additional private pension provision. To do this, the specialists of the MEDIUS exclusive GmbH on the basis of individual needs of its customers create strategies for successful wealth accumulation. For example, the flexible life stage concept of MEDIUS is suitable also for workers with little income: already for 50 euro a month or a one time investment from 2.350 Euro investors can participate in up to 24 high-quality, International Fund. Advantage: Because funds the life stage concept about an insurer will buy, investors will be credited the total dividends and capital gains from selected mutual funds, without to pay an annual tax. Furthermore, it is possible to refer to capital which will be used only to the half of the taxation flexible from the age of 60.

For optimal prevention, MEDIUS also advises the company pension plan to use effectively. This is a supplementary pensions protected from public access, which must be agreed with the employer. This converts then tax-free a certain part of the gross income into a pension plan. What implementation paths are individually appropriate, of MEDIUS expert explains his customers in a personal conversation. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH knows from experience that the right investment strategy is crucial in the segment of the company pension plan. MEDIUS exclusive company facts and figures is MEDIUS exclusive company for more than 20 years successfully as an intermediary of financial services working and sees itself as a forum in terms of financial advice and mediation. The competent and experienced financial experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH provide mutual funds, investments, financing, insurance and real estate. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH headquarters is Munich. MEDIUS is nationwide in cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg and at many other locations.

Pension Provisions

October 18, 2016


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For pension obligations issued after the 1.1.1986, a provision must be made in each case, tax. For pension obligations issued after the 1.1.1986, a provision must be made in each case, tax. By judgment of the 13.2.2008 the BFH has confirmed its previous case-law in this respect and also decided that for pension provisions the legal prohibition of catch-up with faulty or when reset due to a mistake invariably applies (judgment of 13.2.2008, AZ.) I R 44/07). This fact was been controversy in recent years. In the event of a dispute the pension provision was there have been no mistake four years. When it fell into a tax audit, it had the following consequences: firstly, the GmbH had to enable the full claim from the also not designated insurance and secondly she allowed to passivate only the difference between the partial value of the liability at the balance sheet date and the value of the previous year. You must particularly watch out as pensionsberechtigter Managing Director. Since then the dishes you expect an increased control of the annual accounts affiliated, whether in the provision relating to your own pension everything is alright.

Life Coaching

October 12, 2016


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Modern counselling and practical application examples. Life coaching is a new branch of industry, which seems really to boom at the present time. When you consider just how many people have problems in all areas, one soon becomes clear, why the area of counseling is so sought after. In this article, we will show what is life coaching and how you can benefit from it. Let’s be honest, every human being has any problems. While the ardently wished for one to give up smoking, the other joint has to fight, he can appeal to any women. You know quite exactly where the errors lie, but for some reason you can’t, to correct it. The new market of the life coaching occurs exactly at this point.

Of course, one can consult his relatives or friends, how best to solve its own problems, but they often don’t like ask this or the answers that you get to hear just can’t bring on a. Therefore there is a professional life coaching, typically by successful people led, who know very well with the matter. In principle one can imagine it as a kind of therapy. It goes to the people and discusses his problems with these. This is very discreet and you need not afraid to have outside getting with standing of. These people know exactly with the different problems and offer the best possible solutions, you may not get from his friends.

In this way, it will improve its own quality of life due to too high costs, by one gets its problems by the given approaches in the handle. Of course these professionals do not free and therefore also a fee. This is typically not very high and also justified a professional counseling really help to consolidate the mental state and to come to new positive energy. Thus, you can rediscover his own potential and increase. A or others may perhaps think that he required no outside standing to help, However, this is a misconception. Especially in the area of relationships, modern lives consulting occupies an important place. Where you formerly together went to marriage counseling, many even today realize that the problem lies in them personally and therefore they decide themselves to a life advice to go, which is also a very smart setting. However, there is this advice today for all possible problems and there is hardly anything, not straight bend through a life coaching can be. So, to get a better understanding of themselves and is susceptible for it to accept help. Who has problems, it is set with an online life advice to try the really heart. You should have also the right spirit and help themselves want, because otherwise it has everything make sense and would be just a waste of time. Who help themselves but want to leave, you will get positive a new way of thinking, which further helps not only, but also of the people who enter, through a life coaching will be accepted.

Managing Director

October 11, 2016


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A raffle of a special kind hosts the Bonn attention agency Dr. Gestmann & partner. Raffles is an appearance in a television format including a carried out advance TV coaching. Book authors, companies offering interesting as even people with an exciting story can participate. Bonn, March 2, 2010. Once on television to be guest, is the dream of many people.

Dr. Gestmann & partner provides the opportunity to any interested. Because the Bonn attention Agency, and others focused on TV-PR, organized an extraordinary profit game until the end of April. Among those who apply on time, we’re giving away a TV appearance in a TV format on May 1, 2010″, says Agency Chief Dr. Michael Gestmann. TV-coaching including participate in the raffle can book authors, people with exciting stories and companies with interesting services. Unprepared should the winner not on the television. TV-coaching, conducted in advance of the shipment belongs to the profit.

Interested parties can refer to the Inform agency Bonn attention about the exact terms and conditions and apply. Founder and Managing Director of the Bonn attention agency Dr. Gestmann & partner is PR professionals Dr. Michael Gestmann. PhD media psychology, who is self employed for 15 years, with his team has focused on the marketing of management trainers, scientists, authors and their books, as well as hotels. Marketing in TV formats, as well as the increase in sales through cross-media networks of print and online media are core competence of the Agency in addition to classical PR services. Before its independence Gandhi served among others as a consultant for the American PR agency Burson-Marsteller GmbH in Frankfurt. Contact: Dr. Michael Gestmann Dr. Gestmann & partner Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

Judicial Police

October 7, 2016


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Professional building company is that they have several years of experience in open training, we offer our students teaching materials specialized for each courses, as well as specialist teachers in each subject that will help you with any questions that arise during the study or exam preparation. We give several types of courses and oppositions below you’ll find a list of what are the most demanded in professional development. Courses in professional building Area Sanitaria/Infantil training courses professional admin. Economic airports courses access courses technical care to seniors competitions in professional promotion agent of finance publishes agent environmental agent mobility Ayto. Aux administrative corporations wrecker Judicial Police national worker Social in building professional body we increase your chances of finding a job for the future since the current situation is complicated and everyone must be prepared to the fullest. So if you’re undecided you can visit our website or contact us so that we resolve all your doubts about the chosen course or you advice about our courses. Email: phone: 900 100 990

DNA Action

October 5, 2016


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Although to present such variation, they possess, in common, insaturados rings that allow to the incorporation of electron excess and the consequent production of reactive free radicals. They can present another functional group that adds them new mechanisms of action, as alquilao (mitomicina C), enzymatic inhibition (actinomicina-D and mitramicina), or inhibition of the function of the DNA for intercalation (bleomicina, daunorrubicina and adriamicina and its analogous mitroxantona). As all the quimioterpicos, the antibiotics act in such a way on the malignant cells as on the normal ones. Therefore, also they present the calls collateral effect undesirable (Control of the cancer, 2006). The mitticos inhibitors can paralyze mitose in metfase, due to its action on the tubulina, formadora protein of microtbulos that constitute the spindle to espiralar, for which the chromosomes migram. In this way, the chromosomes, during metfase, are hindered of migrar, occurring the interruption of the cellular division (Control of the cancer, 2006).

This function has been useful in ‘ ‘ sincronizao’ ‘ of the cells when the mitticos inhibitors are combined with specific agents of phase S of the cycle. Had to its way of specific action, the mitticos inhibitors must be associates to other agents for bigger effectiveness of the chemotherapy In this group of drugs are enclosed the alkalis of wrinkle rsea (vincristina, vimblastina and vindesina) and the derivatives of the podofilotoxina (OV-16, etoposdeo; the VM-26, teniposdeo) (Control of the cancer, 2006) .2.3. The development of FrmacosDo clinical point of view, is important the development of frmacos with action on the intermediate metabolism of the cells in proliferation, therefore these agents are very studied and clinically used.