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Great Colombia

November 28, 2012


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Jose of San Martin, entered Peru in 1821, and removed from the coast and the capital to the Spaniards. He was the first president of Peru, second was the Sea. And in 1824 Simon Bolivar arrived To what? to do what he had done with the Great Colombia. he divided to the Great Colombia in two countries: Colombia and Venezuela. And it wanted to sell to English the Panama, to bring new people and armaments to fight in Peru. To fight what? Batalla de Junn and Ayacucho, where to the residues from the army and the Spanish military removed; that instead of to be in the coast they put to the mountain range, and there they locked up to defend that territory. Liberator of five countries, Which are those five countries? It divided them! Because it came to the Peru, and first which it did was: the captainship of Quito divided, it, and not knowing that to put to him, it put Ecuador to him by the one of the equatorial line; and when Sucre came to Peru, it freed the Peru Stop, and it put Bolivar to him, and our native ones did not say Bolivar but Bolivia. And there they are the five countries.

And that has freed? Five countries? Or mopped to two countries? To Colombia in two, and Peru in three. Chvez does not know nor where it is stopped. But we leave Chvez because it makes sick to speak to me of him, because that gentleman does not know nor whom is. I speak of my earth and of my mother country, because she hurts to me, I am already old man, have been union, I was myself of my earth, I returned earth thinking that she went to find a evolution, and was no evolution, I found just like all the life. After 11 years earth returns, but already it was tired to only live abroad, and it is left me in my mother country.


November 22, 2012


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About half hour later the two they had left. When it became gloomy, Graco decided protected from to camp a leafy tree to the side of one I sell at retail. When it went down of the horse, it freed a moan and it took the hand to the right flank. – What it was? Tlio asked and alone then it perceived the dark spot in the tnica of the general. He released the reins of its he would mount and he was to help Graco.

– You were wounded in combat and she did not say nothing! – Age small thing, but I find that now he inflamed. Graco said sitting down in the soil and leaning it the trunk of the tree. Tlio helped it to undress it the tnica. – For Jupiter, Vinicius! The surgeon could have done a dressing! now, what I can make? – Some curativa grass in the weeds Must have there, goes to look for. Tlio entered in the bush and walked some time enters the foliage until finding grass adequate that had curativas properties. After making dressing in its head, Tlio lit a fogueira and prepared a bread to bake. They had eaten the bread with dry fig and had drunk water I sell at retail of it. Graco was lain down and soon it adormeceu.

It had an agitated sleep disturbed for nightmares. After some time, when it already slept calm, it only is that Tlio was made use to sleep it. Graco still woke up in the following morning with pain in the wound. Tlio made new dressing. – I find that the sword of that Barbarian was absorbed in poison. The general said. – This grass is not making effect. It affirmed Tlio, apreensivo. – Horla is very far daqui? – Not. It is much more close that Tsculo.

Ontological Coaching

November 7, 2012


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Who are not connected: Those that by the form of " Observar" , and that like culture also inherited of its predecessors (parents, professors, country etc) they were educated from children in the shortage, with beliefs obstacles, or also because of some experience breaks or (death of a loved being, separation of parents etc.), which interrupted natural flowing of its emotions and thoughts in the direction of the confidence, its own satisfaction and benefit that is the direction of its dreams. What paper plays the Ontological Coaching: The Ontologa is science (and philosophy) that becomes position of the Human being, its Being in the Actions and their language. It deepens on the Phenomenon of the Observer. And the Coaching is the discipline and practical dynamics (between Coach and Coachee) that helps to develop other forms possible To observe and To do. That the Coach does: It collaborates with the consulting person (coachee) to see and to reflect his limits, on the type of observer who is and like he is that he observes and he interprets the world of that form, the causes caused that it and that continue sustaining those forms to make, to review their emotional world and to find the forms to restore and to expand that flow natural of connection with itself that is with its BEING, who develops his Self-confidence and therefore he finds HIS VOCATION, that is to say ITS FORM TO MAKE to fulfill HIS DREAMS and to cause that ITS LIFE has an IMPORTANT SENSE. Lic. Daniel Elfenbaum Director of the Consultant Wings. Original author and source of the article.

Personal Coach

November 1, 2012


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Already we are in November. One more time, the year passed flying. in each new year, we make interior promises of that everything will be different: some are considered to leave the sedentarismo of side and to initiate a physical activity, others are considered to improve the career – who knows a course in the exterior? Others still are considered to move of job, to leave that insuportvel head pra backwards. But we are in November, not yet we are speaking of proposals for 2012, and is the question: its proposals of beginning of year if had materialize? All we have dreams, ways for our auto accomplishment. the majority of the people that dreams, hardly places the dream in practical, only dreams.When if they give account, the entire year already was, an entire life already was, full of frustrations for not the accomplishment of simple goals, but that our lives would give to one another direction ace. Procrastination is one of the causes for these not accomplishments.

Laziness and fatigue are only sisters of the procrastination. But if the life is ours and of plus nobody, why we do not make something concrete to move what we desire instead of – enters year, leaves year – only lamenting in them for plus one year lost? We have the reins of our life, us we are the authors and principal actors of our spectacle. How we are taking care of of our garden? We are watering down, adubando, trimming, taking off the grass harmful? Or we are leaving that to other they make it people for us? In a process of Coaching, these and many other questions are raised, therefore through the accomplishment of our dreams and goals, in them approach each time more than that one coisinha precious that it makes in them to raise – the happiness every day! It does not wait the year to finish to perceive that plus one year he was lost. It does not wait another year to start finally to give the first step for the accomplishment of its dreams. It makes this now! Medite on this article, brings for its heart what it could TODAY be made, NOW, so that 2011 are not plus one year lost. You will be able to be surprised at small actions that will bring an immediate change and perhaps if to frustar with enormous actions that had not resulted accurately in what you waited. But you go to be proud of itself exactly simply for having taken some attitude in relation its life and for not having left plus one year to have last in they go.