BrainYoo – The Coach Of Long-term Memory And Vocabulary

November 28, 2018


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The educational software for students for the efficient transfer of all learning in the long-term memory BrainYoo is a new manufacturer of innovative educational software for students. Since the beginning of March, you are placed on the market with the vocabulary and tutorial BrainYoo. The learning software BrainYoo is based on the proven principle of the filing cabinet. For correct answer to a question, \”the map\” a box moves higher, until they finally sometime in the last file (file 6) reached. The time interval between the individual filing boxes increases gradually, what causes according to the scientific findings, that the content anchors as soon as possible in the long term memory. The program adapts itself to the individual learning pace and is an efficient learning aid for study, but just for students, and later in the profession.

\”The learning software BrainYoo is more than just an electronic filing cabinet\”. The main advantages of our long-term memory trainer can be summarized as follows: (1) BrainYoo as learning organiser: BrainYoo sets the flashcards at set time intervals automatically to resubmission. As a result much of the organizational work is removed the learner and he can concentrate fully on the essentials: learning. (2) BrainYoo as a long-term coach: everyone knows the challenge in studying that you reviewed the once programmed content not on a regular basis. This in turn causes that it appropriates usually no basic knowledge, on which you can build. With the educational software BrainYoo you can transfer the contents of all kinds – terms, definitions, vocabulary, medical images or mathematical formulas effectively in long-term memory. (3) simple and intuitive to use: BrainYoo can be used intuitively and without long studying of a manual. The menu is well-structured and corresponds to the popular software products on the market. (4) structured learning: BrainYoo offers the chance to the different learning content in categories: E.g.