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Domestic Economy

August 13, 2012


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But the use of a market economy, would take in extending its benefits to all the Earth corners. The concept is obvious applicable to our dear Argentina. Our own experience and the realised studies, suggest to us by long periods, an important strip of population was outside the reach of the benefits of the market economy. In many cases the benefits would even arrive partially and will be necessary to go to other methodologies for the subsistence. This situation of deficiency, could be solved gradually, if the return of a concept were promoted that seemed filed almost in the corner of the memories: I talk about the Domestic Economy. Perhaps this concept, little says to them to the minors of forty years; and mainly to those of that strip etaria that live in the great cities.

Nevertheless, there were a time in which in the homes, and especially, but the humble ones; poultries grew up; inlays and conserves became; the clothes were woven and made, horneaba the bread, and thus in similar form, the families almost autoabastecan themselves. Soon the industrial society arrived (in fact in the majority of the Argentine localities only it arrived fragmentarily and almost caricaturescamente). It supposed: that almost all the economically active population; it would have a stable use in the commerce, the services or the industry. Another assumption was that the remunerations that were perceived by those uses reached to maintain with honor the respective families. In an important measurement, this was fulfilled during decades, for an immense majority of the Argentine urban homes.

That way subsisted in the rural areas to solve the problems to " casero" " , and never got to have fixed uses for all. But these groups, that never left of to be numerous, they were considered marginal. The thickness of the population went away adapting to you rule of consumption of the industrial society (some called " American way of life"), and &quot was left; culture of the caretaker.

European Union

August 5, 2012


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The first passage in this matter will have to be to retire our retirement is worth the reiteration of the DOG. The second, obvious our entrance to the Mercosur, the one that would be approved without misfortunes for being a democratic government the one asks for who it. To discuss tariffs, to make list of products, to establish exceptions, is a work that we can call annoying, but indispensable in an integration process. My proposal is that once we are in both of integration organizations our country becomes an effective bridge of conjunction of both in tries of common market that it makes specific, finally the integracionistas yearnings. The relations with Colombia must be privileged. He is useless to abound in the reasons, but I must add an element: Venezuela must leave towards the Pacific in tries of an Asian vocation. Almost the same day that demanded this urgent action as President Santos spoke of the construction of a great railroad that would grant to Venezuela that condition.

Perhaps it will have to be come to the preliminary studies with urgency and to think about the port on the Colombian coast as a joint product. Between Colombia and Venezuela it has been talked much and the ideas remain in the paper. That exit towards another ocean of our country will have, without doubt, much supply of financing, special way in the hungry Asian countries that quickly run in search of new positionings parea their economies. That railroad, therefore has said president to it Santos, could be considered an alternative to the very same Panama Canal. But there is another project that it has centuries in the speculation, already thought by the Liberating Parents, and are of the fluvial integration of the continent.

Some studies have been done, but it is clear that we will be able to construct to the road network of water connecting our rivers and turning them into the most spectacular freeway so that our products travel in all the senses. That is a challenge That there is to assume. It will have to assume the new democratic government. Finally it seems to me that in this field we have privileged relations towards Europe not always satisfactory. I insist on which we ahead have the Dutch Antilles, each now with a special statute, but that, in my opinion, are the correct route for our approach, for our commercial approach with the European Union. Educative Emergencia and fast process of understanding with the towns of America. I propose it. original Author and source of the article.