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Internet And Electronic Money

October 8, 2012


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At the moment the cards wmr huge demand. This is one of the types of WM-cards. The following denominations: 500 and 1000, 3000 and 5000. They can fill up a virtual wallet to use as digital checks WMR-type (in order to carry out the calculations in Paymer). Acquired WM-card – carefully read the instructions for its activation.

Buy wmz can, using the service centers specializing in the exchange of electronic currencies. Translated by webmoney with your WMR-purse. To make it, you must go to the site of translation rates, and before use the service, please check the conditions: – possess certificate not lower than formal certificate – WMR-purse should be necessarily registered on the an individual – if you are the owner of the initial or formal certificate, the need to download and check your passport details (in ooo 'Guarantee Agency'), the Commission is as follows: 0, 5% – 3%. It depends on the member bank, the system transfers, the amount required. Its exact value is displayed in front of WM-payment, after the choice of parameters.

Pay for goods and services if it is possible to pay by wm Merchant, not entirely practical. Translate webmoney direct way possible, but only if you know the number of your purse acceptor. Choose a purse, with whom they would like to transfer money and click it right mouse buttons (refer to WebMoney purse). A window appears where you can select the recipient and amount. Sending webmoney is possible only between same purses, for example, between R purses or wallets between Z. You can not transfer funds from Z-purse on the R-purse. Consider how authorize R-purse. For most of the manipulation of R-type purses need their authorization, that is, you agree to 'contract for sale of securities. " But the treaty can not be signed by the party anonymously, you must have formal (or higher) certificate. WM-certificate is a certificate that is issued in digital form, each participant system, and the Party shall provide to the Center certification personal data. Certificate considered an attribute of WM-identifier. View certificate party system – you can do on site evaluation center. To authenticate, one after another, follow the steps: get a formal certificate (issued free, in the mode of on-line, immediately after entering the data) to confirm the R-purse (on the website click on the 'authorize' in front of the purse in the list and agree to the contract) If you have cash in the machine, and there was no replenishment is necessary make a call, or write to tech support machines, and ask again for your payment.