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Thermal Insulation Construction

February 18, 2021


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ISOVER gets first new label: the new Blue Angel, the new eco-label: Blue Angel features heat insulation for indoor, because just in indoors exclusively construction products should be used, protect our health. These are low-emission manufactured. Labelling the product quality related in addition to thermal insulation and soundproofing takes into account. Glass wool ISOVER is also mainly (up to 70%) made from recycled glass and thus protects our environment. “ISOVER products the Blue Angel wearing the Blue Angels marked right – protecting the resources, mainly because of glass” (RAL eco-labels 49), as is used in the production process heavily on recycling.

The Blue Angel is the first and most well-known eco-label of the world and stands out for more than 30 years for her involvement in the environmental health and safety companies. He points the way to eco-friendly products and services to consumers. Learn more about the products of ISOVER get interested about ISOVER dialog (free telephone hotline: 0800 / 501 5 501, fax: 0800 / 501 6 501, E-Mail:) and on the websites or. The portal offers an unprecedented structured overview: housework such as renovators for comprehensive, understandable information to all questions regarding roof planning expansion and rehabilitation. It is addressed not only the head: galleries with several dozen photos and a 3D Planner allow to design the future roof even after the optical convenience. The expertise of renowned manufacturers inside dach.de. In short: Who is planning with dach.de is always on top. Contact information: Evelyn sturm@drang Scheuten AG Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821-567-62-88 fax: 0821-567 62 87 e-mail:


January 1, 2021


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Bright and spacious, looks like the ideal apartment for the majority of the Germans. Under the roof, the conditions are ideal. You live here in the truest sense of the word “highest” level. Exposed beams and large Windows give the rooms under the roof its special flair. Long frowned upon, the unconventional “oblique” cutting is considered design extra, which can be used many ways as experts of Dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing point out.

As a bedroom, children or work rooms -, a constructed roof space offers a number of clever uses. Under the draft, it sleeps almost as nice as in a four-poster bed. No wonder, after all, Moon and stars are here to the access close. Every night, modern residential skylights share views on passing clouds, dancing snowflakes and sparkling star images. And the best place for the morning sunrise is also included. Better prospects than by up here are hardly from the bed possible.

Far away from the noisy hustle and bustle on the streets as the necessary rest is sure one under the draft. Through the tilted roof residential window regularly fresh air pours in it and ensures a pleasant room climate. In the summer months, outdoor awnings also prevent an unpleasant heat up the private oasis of tranquillity. Also the young appreciate a private empire under the roof to play and Frolic. Somewhat restricted freedom of movement under the draft not bother children doing at all. On the contrary, here feels the young rescued and can unfold freely. Toys lying around or loud screams disturb hardly in the outlying attic. Thanks to large residential skylights, that discretion to tape or light bands connect to valuable sunlight can stream in. A safe secure fixing device, which prevents that the window is fully open or close is essential. A good shading is also makes sense, so the little to warm Days can enjoy a pleasant NAPs. But a constructed loft is ideally suited not only to play and sleep, but can also be used as home office perfectly. Because apart from the rest of the House, the attic, the necessary rest for concentrated work is up here guaranteed. Modern residential skylights provide also the necessary light, whereas in the draft, fitted shelves provide valuable storage space for files and books. Thanks to modern insulation materials, a pleasant working climate there is also all year round. And after work is done just a few steps away one well-deserved after work in the family. For more ideas, image galleries, and planning tools for roof construction, roof construction and roof forms see: roof/attic /

Joint Rehabilitation

December 2, 2020


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Joint rehabilitation a complex issue in the community interested in you for the joint renovation? Or you can do anything with this term? In the latter case you should look at is a picture of a typical Northern-German House. Facade consisting of red brick has regular joints that hold the stones together and prevent the ingress of moisture. Of course, such a joint beyond the duration of the existence of the House thinks. Now a joint renovation must be carried out. The joint renovation is again and again even in old buildings. Only by a qualified electrician while perform again a joint renovation joint rehabilitation in the context of House plaster, but when it comes to the exterior, you should always contact specialists. Because unlike as in the silicone joints in bathrooms, where that SOAP residue settle if the joint renovation of exterior to a very complex issue.

The disposal must be replaced partially complete. Try such a project themselves, reduce You may be the viability of the facade, resulting in the collapse of the House in the worst case. The joint renovation is performed by specialist companies, whose core competence relates purely to this work. Of course you should take isn’t the first offer in a pending restructuring of joints in the outdoor area of your home listings for the joint renovation. When selecting your partner that it examined the building prior to construction of the offer.

Only way to make a relevant proposal of the price you can live with. Never save a joint reconstruction at the wrong end. Just keep in mind that a good joint keeps for many years and protects the walls of your home against weather conditions. The joint renovation, for example, by the joint world is worth for you in any case. Important aspects of the joint renovation: – what procedure is used for the joint renovation? Opportunities must be taken special precautions? -What is the difference between the offers? -Is there a warranty on the fugue?

Building Regulations

August 28, 2020


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The history of a fire spread can be very difficult to predict, because the local conditions always vary very greatly. The history of a fire spread can be very difficult to predict, because the local conditions always vary very greatly. The dependency between the place of origin of the fire, setting up material and the available oxygen determines the course of fire and can be influenced by the architects or urban planning. To minimize the risk of fire structural systems must be designed already in the planning phase that spreading of fire only to a lesser extent and that at acute risk of everyone in the building quickly can be saved. The fire in the building regulations of the respective Federal State is legally regulated and the authorities are responsible for monitoring the construction in this sense. The substance is left as the following two examples, while retaining the essential aspects, the respective Federal States to illustrate.

So is, for example, to fire protection in the national building regulations (LBO) of Bavaria, in the section written 15: structural systems are so arranged, to build, to change and maintain, that will prevent the emergence and spread of fire and smoke and fire the rescue of humans and animals and effective unloading operations are possible. In Schleswig-Holstein, the field of fire protection in section 19 is as follows: construction equipment shall be so designed, that will prevent the emergence and spread of fire and smoke and fire, rescuing people and animals, as well as effective unloading operations are possible; Here, the concerns of disabled persons are taken into account. The pollutants caused by unloading operations shall not lead to sustainable impacts on the environment. Special structural measures which ensure the protection of the environment, may be required. The responsibility of complying construction is the design author / architect, i.e., he or she has to so plan, that fire and rescue routes are reasonable number and arrangement available and the fire load of the building is minimized.

Special Construction Helmets Are In Or The Color Of Not Only Makes The Construction Helmet Especially

June 10, 2020


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Design and fashion are becoming increasingly important for the personal protective equipment. Lindau – is over the time of the standards relating to personal protective equipment. Whether the construction helmet or the safety shoe, it is now no longer limited to the protection, but also the design, corporate identity and fashion trend are important for a successful product. The basic colors rich no longer long out. Nowadays, the company held corporate design to the head, and because helmets with their primary colors quickly reach the limit. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Publishers Clearing House has to say. For this reason, construction helmets in all RAL – colours, although are custom-made but long not uncommon.

Also the printing of hard hat is now possible for small quantities, because the manufacturers of construction helmets have built up on the demands of the customers. The latest trend in American construction helmets is the all-over print of a construction helmet. Still, these industrial safety helmets, which are printed with site sections or similar photos to find but the first copies will test only in America are printed in Germany. When fully printed Offered construction helmets in Germany is only a matter of time. The shape of the helmet is also in motion, helmets as a cowboy hat to be or the classic fire helmet from America still longer not be found with us. This DIN does not allow standard EN 397, but helmets as the baseball diamond V which may be carried forward and backward and a style baseball cap has found more and more popularity among users. Safe and reliable personal protective equipment, which are also individually and personally tailored to demands of the Zeitgeist.