February 6, 2020


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In 2001, Garg it emphasized that most important it is that the capacity to reconstruct the images three-dimensional it allows the interactive rank of simulated forms of roots through the implantations in the reformatted images. With this capacity, it is possible to know accurately, in the three dimensions, simultaneously, which will be the impact of each implantation on the buccal anatomy of the patient. The physician is capable to prepare and to evaluate some plans of treatment before the surgery and selecting what he is better for the patient. Thus, in the surgery and the prosthetic restoration, surprises will not occur undesirable. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. For Langland & Langlais (2002), the Computerized Cat scan is, probably, the image modality, that if has in hands, of bigger value in what it says respect to the daily pay-surgical evaluation for implantations, when the procedure will be multiple and in some arches. Moreover, the stations of work and softwares more used contemporaries to process the data of the tomographic image are fast, detailed and allow to the visualization of the areas proposals in the reason of 1:1, that is, in real size.

According to Scribano et al. (2003) the Cat scan Computerized specific for verbal Implantologia must be used associated with softwares that they present trustworthiness and minor after discrepancy in the attainment and interpretation of results being suggested the use of the DentScan program evaluation of the authors. Casap et al. (2004) they had analyzed the acurcia of the system Den X Advanced (Dental Systems, Moshav However, Israel) of image guided in Implantodontia and had concluded that this protocol reduces the potential risk of damages in the maxilo-mandibular complex when of the orientation of surgical maneuvers. CHAPTER II CONSIDERAES ON the COMPUTERIZED CAT SCAN In accordance with Quirynen et al. (1990), the tax of failure of the intra-sseos dental implantations can be limited by the radiogrfico planning daily pay-operatrio that takes in consideration the sseo volume of the jaw and the jaw for rank of one determined type of implantation and to prevent the vital structures.