Legal Definition Of Contract

August 6, 2015


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People act in their daily are doing different activities which allow a constant development in society through the implementation of the movement of resources and different goods and services that meet the needs they have in life, where a large number of these activities placed on the resource market generates certain relationships with others, which are represented by a contract, which will identify specific conditions that weaves the relationship between people, thanks a figure as simple and easy as it is the contract, which is however very important issues such as rights and obligations and actions that can be taken for breach. From the foregoing it is understandable that the contracts are of great importance in daily life, but not handled very good information about the definition of contract, since in many cases a contract is being carried out without knowing anything of the same or do not have a complete understanding of the definition of contract; so in this document was developed in a more comprehensive definition of contract.

The definition of a contract, refers to a meeting of minds, which can be done orally, what happens in most cases within the normal areas of life and people in common, but also can perform the contract in writing, while others by their very nature require a solemnity should therefore be written, due to the specific conditions of the contract and the contract in its different embodiments of the parties can generate a relationship providing both rights and obligations on a particular matter or thing and in cases of default or contingencies may generate certain actions to compel compliance and compensation for damage caused by not complying with the contract on the agreed conditions. In this part of the definition worth of contracts that touches certain rights as a result a manifestation of an agreement of wills.

View the definition of contract in a more technical and related to the legal field, so there has been the doctrinal definition of contract as a typical legal business, either bilaterally or multilaterally, in response to the intervention of two or more persons, which seek to generate rights and obligations for both parties. In different situations also often speak of the definition of contract, to discuss the document itself represents the figure of the contract and which are arranged the various conditions that make the act to mean the contract. The definition of contract, in a general way always handle a direction towards a context guided heritage, which places it as one of the broadest categories in the subject of legal business. Finally, within the definition of contract is worth highlighting that the role of this legal act is intended to result in legal consequences for parties who expressed their will..