Important Insurance Facts

September 26, 2016


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As a rule, when buying a car on credit you impose an insurance company, but when buying for cash or renewal of the insurance contract choice is yours, and here are a few moments. Calculating the cost of repairs. It may perform an independent expert (insurers can not have a staff appraiser) or the official service. If the calculation made service (service stations, which will be repaired), then restore the car at no extra cost. If you evaluator – possible amendments to both the large and in the smaller side.

However, you may contest the result. Some insurers are working with specific stations, and you just want to drive there cars and all. However, when an insurer virtually independently carries out repairs, possible loss of quality – because he wants to reduce their costs. Who pays the funds? When buying a car loan money gets no official stations, a bank, but not you. If srt, you do not have to pay for repairs out of pocket, as if the bank, you'll need.

The Bank will take into account payments received as repayment of loan principal and interest on it. In the case of voluntary insurance money get you. The insurer pays them to the account or in cash. When transferring funds to the cashing out will cost you from 0,5 percent to 3 percent depending on the bank. Paper issue. Specify in which cases are needed documents from the competent authorities certifying the insurance case, and what not. Stone, departing from under the wheels of associated car and smashed the glass, it is recognized as an insurance case some insurers only if You have reported this to the nearest dps office, and a number of companies evidence of such facts is not required. Sure to visit the office. Often gloss when dealing with an agent and then poured into a nightmare when visiting the office when the company just a few days a week, and then part-time, is accepting applications, and running only one employee claims settlement. Where to complain? If an insurer violates your rights to complain can be a sar or the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision, which is in every city. And the last tip – choose a balanced! Insurance should provide peace of mind and guarantee security, and not be simple formality!