Football Coach. Formacion Permanente

September 23, 2019


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For those kids who are excited about football and are excited about someday becoming coaches and have an enormous desire to gradually learn the complicated work involved in being a football coach. Whoever wants to become a competent technician whose intention is to one day to the highest level must have a clear idea stuck in your head: The ongoing training allowing you to be always learning. In the case of young people starting their business and begin working from below basic categories is essential to have very clear what is the purpose of the way forward in learning to start your training: a-must learn to know players with those who have to work. Where do kids have to take into account how old they are and what the most desirable practice both in the physical, technical, tactical and psychological. 2-will have ability to relate and live with the parents of their players and club managers in which they operate.

3-They know the secrets of his profession and how they do the job of the coach itself in all aspects and at the same time to know the qualities needed to lead a team. Seeking alternatives to formal training and others are private and always with the intention of providing different options for learning, Soccer Trainer training project wants to go to all the young coaches beginners or not so young that begin as technicians in the complicated world of football, at any level, from the youngest practitioners. This initiative is not intended in any way replace or compete with the courses that agencies like the Royal Spanish Football Federation, School of Sport and other official entities given each season at various levels and degrees. That is not the aim of Soccer Trainer, rather, is focused on the idea that actions training that are made from this project would complement other more specific lessons. It is intended that the coaches have to start more extensive training and who know football and its secrets from other points of view based largely on practice and experience of other coaches. Knowledge does not take place and everyone can make their drop of knowledge in the vast sea that is the world of football and that this serves to provide and transmit to others their lessons. To end the recommendation that we do from here to all the coaches who are beginning is that no matter what your particular goals and that everyone has the good intention of reaching as high as possible, the most important thing is to be a good coach is in the professional, amateur or base and that requires the addition of much enthusiasm and sacrifice, a vast array of knowledge and the inconsistency of which is never satisfied with what he knows and is constantly seeking new knowledge.