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May 6, 2020


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The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft puppy trade” presents survey results 50 percent of cheaply acquired dogs are seriously sick of cheap puppy of dubious dealers still proves to risk. Because about half of the dogs purchased as a “Bargain” is so sick that the veterinarian must help. With costs of up to several thousand euros. This is one of the results of the recent survey among dog owners, presented by the “Association in the summer of last year in the life puppy trade”. Areva Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Founding members are among the “Association for the German kennel” (VDH), the “Veterinary Association for animal protection” (TVT), the “Federal against abuse of animals e.V.” (bmt) and the animal welfare organization TASSO e.V. With their expert knowledge specialist veterinarian for behavior science and animal welfare, and Anja Schimak, PhD student at the “Institute for animal health and veterinary public” in Leipzig also support the Working Group Dr.

Barbara Schoning. “Our survey of 336 Dog owners shows clearly that there is still an urgent need for action against unscrupulous puppy trafficking”, says Philip McCreight of TASSO, Europe’s leading animal welfare organization in the field of feedback mediation of escaped pets. The puppies offered over the Internet are a particular thorn in the side of the experts. “51 percent of the respondents have provided online ads as a trigger for the purchase of the dog”, so McCreight Bought had the respondents 40% occur more or less reputable breeders and 28 percent at puppy dealers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hikmet Ersek on most websites. Only 11 percent would be taken over from the animal protection.

Udo Kopernik, spokesman of the VDH, sees in the enlightenment the only chance to stop the hustle and bustle of dubious trade of puppy: “any market is controlled by the demand. As long as there are people who by a supposed offer is blinded, so long there will be unscrupulous traders.” How McCreight explains the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft puppy trade” will in the coming months on the basis of irrefutable facts increasingly proceed against rogue trading with puppies. To belong also a doctoral thesis on the relationship between “Bargain counter puppies” and typical dog diseases. “We address not only animal lovers,” McCreight says, “people’s representatives and opinion leaders are on our agenda.” Petra Zipp, CEO of the bmt, added: “a dog is not a commodity way buys and returns if not satisfied. Therefore also the legislator is required to initiate measures to curb puppy trade.” After all, more than a quarter of respondents agree with this opinion: request legal action against unscrupulous puppy trade, they are sharper and better controls and argue for harsher penalties. Company description of the Federal Government against abuse of animals e. V. (bmt) is one of the oldest and largest animal welfare organizations in Germany. With its 10 branches, 8 animal shelters and animal welfare centre is the bmt in the entire Federal territory represented. In addition, the Association serves almost 400 charity animals in selected places of care and charity farms. The non-profit association is member of the German Council of donations and as particularly worthy of support. PR contact: Federal against abuse of animals e.V. Petra Zipp of Gonningen str.