June 17, 2017


Comments Off on Delegating

Life is measured by the time they steal my breath. Learn to delegate is crucial towards achievements, making decisions favoring the management performance of its functions and defined goals to be achieved. Businesses today need managers who can delegate, properly use the potential of its human resource. Unfortunately, many managers, leaders, who can not delegate, they do the wrong way and often there is an absence of it when more is required. What is the reason? Where does the problem lie? What should you consider? How to delegate? What is its scope, benefits? are some questions that should be considered. Definitely, given the characteristics of the current scenarios, business managers need proactive, participatory, that they know well integrated with its human resources, which exploit their talents to work, take part in the make decisions and revives your confidence and security performance, to make proposals, suggestions, solve problems. A good manager is fully identified with the scope and implications of the delegation, he knows what he has to delegate, to achieve with this and has extensively studied what would be created for results, and the actors involved, their skills, abilities, skills, knowledge. Measures the effects that the delegation can contribute to, the obstacles you may encounter. about comments that do not forget that he not delegated tasks as they become the anesthetic, which makes us forget this vital need. Companies today require their drivers to a maximum of imagination and daring, you need to have the mind free to re-think and re-recreate the company every day.