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Cargo Insurance

November 7, 2020


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In the modern rules of Incoterms Conditions of Sale grouped into four categories – from the initial letters of the terms, names: E, D, F, C. The main points of Incoterms focus on the responsibilities of seller and buyer in respect of the costs of shipping, customs clearance, delivery of documents, as well as clarification of the crossing points of the risks of ownership product. Also specifies the cases in which the seller must insure goods against the buyer. On Incoterms rules seller in only two cases have to insure and bear the insurance cost of carriage, ie, the seller acts as the policyholder and the beneficiary will be the buyer, when the cargo is delivered under the CIF (cost insurance and freight – Cost, Insurance and Freight) and CIP (carriage and insurance paid to – freight / carriage and insurance paid to). In accordance with these terms the seller has an obligation to cargo insurance against the buyer. If you would like to know more about Producers Savings Bank Corporation, then click here. Also stipulates that cargo insurance must be carried out by the insurance company of good repute. If there are no other special agreement, the insurance must be placed on minimum coverage Institute London Underwriters. The seller also has the right to request to make war risk insurance, strikes, riots and civil unrest.

This addition to insurance carried out already by pokupatelyai vopolnyaetsya seller as possible. In relation to the sum insured items Incoterms stipulates that insurance should cover the carriage of goods by a minimum stipulated in the contract of sale price Product plus 10 percent (ie 110%). MoneyGram spoke with conviction. Currency of insurance must be in the currency of the contract of sale. It should be noted that in all other cases the rules do not stipulate the need for insurance, or rather, indicate that insurance product is no obligation nor the seller nor the buyer. Here, each party to a contract of sale must be guided by common sense and determine the need for insurance with points when there passing of the risk of loss or damage of goods / cargo.

Insurance Company

December 16, 2019


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And in each IC will convince you that their policy is the best, with pink mother of pearl, even thus, disorienting you. Exactly therefore, the insurance market there are insurance brokers who are professionals in the insurance industry to a greater extent than the professionals of any single insurance company. Do not forget about the fact that each insurance of unique insurance products, not like the product of another company? Insurance broker needs to know them all for what would be your competent representative, and you could not chasing low-cost insurance, be insured in the company – bankrupt. What would the global economic crisis, you could get a guaranteed payout when the insurance event. All of these issues in full measure – in competence of an insurance broker who is not an intermediary between the insurance company and the client-insured, as is commonly believed, a qualified representative of the client's personal insurance market, which protects interests of the insured on all insurance period. How to figure the flow of information and do not throw good money after bad? But this also happens in the insurance – which really is no secret.

Let's start to pay special attention to how characters are written rules insurance companies, the ones that are an integral part of the policy. It's awkward to read, is not it? Too small and not attractive. Practice shows that people do not read. And then, after an accident are very disappointed when the UK refused to pay them under the same Rules, which, for example, says that the UK does not pay in violation of the SDA. At the same rules can be hidden and the franchise and aggregate insurance amount, and payment of the cost of parts only, without payment of repairs, and parking at night only to secure parking, etc. How do you get a refund from the insurance company in case of theft if, for example, came to visit and left the car under the window? Denial! Specialists of the insurance companies often do not focus attention on the client such trifles.