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Chief Wood Stoves

December 28, 2017


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New wood stove with certification DIN plus – o-norm 15a BVG-Schweizer approval Chief wood stove – oven for all cases! Chief wood stoves is presenting a new series with 9 of kW. The stove is a new development and meets all current standards such as DIN plus 15a BVG. Hear from experts in the field like Hikmet Ersek for a more varied view. With a degree of efficiency by 81.1% is the furnace of one of the most powerful tubes warm air furnaces on the market. .Diese ovens are a cheaper alternative to gas and electric heaters. The Chief wood stove is the evolution of the hot air heater. It combines the advantages of hot-air stove (cold air is sucked down and submitted through the pipes – this allows an even heat distribution in the room) and a “normal” stove with large hot plate. No matter whether apartment, workshop, Office, warehouse, greenhouse or for grilling and cooking; the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Heating with wood, finds more and more friends in particular in fireplace and tiled stove. Modern furnaces use fire safely and comfortably. The combustion of dry wood is eco-friendly, since no fossil fuels are used as natural gas and heating oil. Wood regrows, is a renewable energy and is indefinitely available at sustainable economic manner. During the combustion of wood only as much CO is released km2 in the atmosphere as you previously revoked by plant growth. Contact information: Chief wood stoves Laupheim str.6 D-70327 Stuttgart contact: Thomas last phone: 08263-1787 FAX: 08282-828184 E-Mail: Web: h

Hondo Santos

December 27, 2017


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Klaus Moller provides insight into the degree of purchasing and logistics from the University of Pforzheim”and provides the link Theory and practice in the study programme before. How students can find contact to the economy at an early stage, the student group shows the BVL who presented their network and their planned activities. It aims throughout the year the doors to open company and many days of logistics, interested young logisticians”to enable. The half-day event allows students of regional universities. logistic handling of a globally operating mid to experience. Representative of the human resources departments of Balluff and AEB is available as a contact to talk about working students, internships and training courses. “Agenda day of logistics” at Balluff, Neuhausen A.d.f.. place: Salam forest str.

9, 73765 Neuhausen A.d.f.. Starting at 9:30: Intake, coffee and tea 9.45: welcome and introduction of the participating companies 10:00: company presentation and lecture Balluff: how to get the sensor made in Germany’ in the solar Park to Nevada? Sensor logistics in a globalized world.” Speaker: Hondo Santos, logistics of head of the Department of, Balluff GmbH 10:45: AEB – oral presentation: how come the bad guys on the list? Sanctions lists screening: What is it? Why companies do it? How can IT support? Speaker: Ralf Morawski, sales, AEB GmbH 11:00: guided tour of the Logistics Center: goods receipt, picking and packaging to distribution: 12:00: short lectures of the University of Pforzheim and the student regional group of BVL Baden-Wurttemberg 12:30: lunch break with finger food. Plenary/q & a session: contact by Balluff, Hochschule Pforzheim, AEB and the student regional spokesman available to internship opportunities, student job, to discuss involvement in the regional group, etc. 13:30: end of event registrations via the website of the BVL: StudentenBW or. Contact person for questions is Thomas culvert, student regional group speaker phone 0711-72842-3872, E-Mail:.

Unified Communications

December 27, 2017


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ESTOS ECSTA middleware linked first snom SIP phones with modern unified communications solutions for businesses of Starnberg, 02 March 2009 ESTOS, leading provider of unified communications software for the first time presents a professional middleware for the snom devices. In the future, so the snom SIP phones in the enterprise can be used with Microsoft TAPI-enabled applications (E.g., computer telephony integration, call center, CRM and ERP solutions). In addition to a single-user solution a network solution is for the first time and as an absolute world innovation ready. The new product is also independent of any connection to the telephone system. ESTOS and snom technology present the new software for the first time at CeBIT.

The new ESTOS middleware implements the snom CTI interface protocol in the Microsoft TAPI standard. This can be linked from immediately TAPI-enabled applications with snom devices: the monitoring and control of snom device functions such as call begin, questions, brokering, or Call forwarding this via the Windows PC. ESTOS ECSTA is compatible for snom with 32 – bit and 64-bit operating systems. The product is available as single and also as a network solution. The network version is designed for use in medium-sized and larger enterprises and allows for real, so called 3rd party remote call control for the snom SIP phones. The professional integration of unified communications solutions with snom phones is possible thanks to 3rd party support. A completely new technology concept ensures the complete independence of ESTOS the inserted PABX or SIP-provider middleware. This creates a wide range of ESTOS product.

The single-user version in combination with Office productivity solution ESTOS ProCall one is recommended for use in a small office environment, and on the Einzelpatz. The new middleware welcomed Oliver Wittig, VP Sales EMEA snom: with the development of new TAPI driver for our snom devices, a real coup succeeded the ESTOS. In particular convinced the 3rd party support, which allows the use of unified communications solutions and other focused in large corporate structures. This opens up the future more new market segments.” The middleware ESTOS ECSTA for snom is available April 2009 for the snom 8XX series and 3XX version 7.3.4 end devices. The price is EUR 529,00 (5 licenses, including VAT) for the network solution. When purchasing a ESTOS ProCall one ECSTA supplied free of charge for snom. The software is available through qualified dealers and specialist system integrators. On the occasion of the CeBIT 2009, ESTOS demonstrated the new software in combination with unified communications applications in Hall 13 at stand A74. An integration of Microsoft Office Communications Server R2 with ESTOS middleware and the snom devices is also shared with the system integrator Crealogix at the snom booth in Hall 13, stand C42 presents. About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software and is now a leading provider of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 200,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich. More information under press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg Tel.: + 49 8151 368 56 132 email:.

Untrained Secretary

December 26, 2017


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It shows a woman without any training that has failed both at work and in their married life. To this is added to the injustice of a trial for an accident he suffered. He feels betrayed and ignored. However, despite all this, it is passion, emotion and courage. That's all you need to lift their three children later. (He became Miss State). Work will get out of compassion or guilt, the lawyer who fails to make the court case later.

Therefore an untrained secretary is not expected much, not even be a good secretaria.a that addresses just phone calls, organize files and meet the administrative demands of their jobs. That would have been so consistent, rational favoring the practice of the office for which he contratada.a But it is Erin's personal characteristics that make change that social construction of thought within the company. Erin idea is equipped with ideas and feelings, ability to be open to ideas and feelings of others and sharing their own, ability to experiment and take risks interpersonal skills to help others to have ideas of their own, the ability to help others to open, and the ability to help us experience. That is, we have what Goleman called bear a high emotional intelligence, and worthy of praise in an organization this being characteristic of a leader with a wide measure of discretion, and activity. Although we could do another reading and individual psycho: a woman who apparently had lost everything that is reflected in misery, suffering and neglect that this population is to become the Joan of Arc a "the savior – of all values.

World Industrial Exhibition

December 24, 2017


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Difficult to say when the world held its first exhibition. Hikmet Ersek has similar goals. People who wanted to bring something new, have long understood that any innovation, any know-how must be thoroughly demonstrated. The history of the exhibition business in each country and in each city are different. For example, the first Russian industrial exhibition was held in St. Petersburg in May 1829.

For a long time during the Soviet Union's 'Potemkin' Exhibition of Economic Achievements have been only the capital. In the same region had no professional exhibition business, or culture of participation in industry trade shows among businessmen. In 1951 he organized the first World Industrial Exhibition in London. Since time to hold the World Exhibition has become a good tradition – every first 7, then 2 years to hold the World Exhibition. Since 1878, started to enter into the practice of construction for the exhibition, consisting of several of pavilions. Prior to this time, all the exhibitions were held in one building. In the early 20 th century in Berlin, delegates of 14 countries signed an agreement on the rules of the organization of exhibitions, which have long been a tacit rules of the exhibition events in many countries.

In Ukraine, the first exhibition can be considered Sorochinskaya Fair, which demonstrated new products of agriculture, artisans and the artists. The modern history of the exhibition business in Russia population of slightly more than 20 years. During this very short period of time have accumulated a great experience organizing and conducting, as exhibitions of local scale as well as international and world exhibitions. Repeatedly Representatives of the CIS countries took part in international exhibitions and congresses.

Choose Offices

December 24, 2017


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Or that your company is small or median, a thing is safe: you will need to look for an office in City of Mexico, adapted to your requirements according to the advance of your business. These advice will help to quickly find an office you in rent, adapted for any use or size of business. Location This is the angular stone of the logistics of your business. CEO Caruso Affiliated does not necessarily agree. Before at least thinking about throwing a look to the property in that you are interested they ten in account in what state is and what impact will have in your business. In particular, fjate is in an accessible zone for your clients, employees and suppliers. There is some tube station surrounds? It is easy that they arrive by car? How it is the state of the roads? There are bus-stops surrounds? Also they ten in account what resources you need that they are close, for example, restaurants, copiers, stationery stores, the premises of food, etc.

It is important that your office is near the food premises, articles several and of other companies, in case you need to go to the commercial center, to remove some important material for your office, advising in organization of enterprise events, etc.? Proximity of hotels Is important that there are hotels close in case some guest for your company decides to take days in City of Mexico. Fjate if there are boardrooms near the office that you are going to rent, thus you will be come up in case you have a emergencia meeting. Good aspect of your office No matter how much seen you appropriately to work and that you demonstrate good modal, considers that your office is a lens through what the clients will see and judge the quality of your services or products you. In City of Mexico you will have different architectonic styles to choose the office that agrees more to the image of your business.

European Economic Association

December 21, 2017


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The Spanish society of primary care physicians and the European Association of Economics and Econometrics upcoming its congresses in Malaga, generating 11 million euros in the capital.More than 7,500 Congressmen in Malaga in August and September as well it announced tourism responsible for the Capital of the Costa del Sol, indicating that he is dating a world far-reaching in its sector and filled the hotels in Malaga with a large number of overnight stays of visitors with a high spending power. Thus, between 27 and 31 August, the Faculty of telecommunications of the University of Malaga will host the celebration of annual Congress XXVII of the European Economic Association, meeting that coincides with the sixty-sixth European Meeting of the Econometric Society (EEA-EESEM). These encounters will bring the city more than 1,500 participants. On the other hand, between 26 and 29 September, the Palace of fairs and congresses (FYCMA) will host the thirty-fourth edition of the National Congress of the society Spanish for primary care physicians (Semergen), which will be attended by 6,000 people. In this way, the city of Malaga is consolidating within the circuit of receiving cities of congresses, as one of the major destinations of the country thanks to the significant achievements of capturing large events being developed by Malaga Convention Bureau, the organ of the tourism Area for building and the promotion of the business segment.

Schengen Agreement

December 20, 2017


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Making each individual additional costs in preparation of documents for the consulate. After registration of legal entity to the client by e-mail message is sent with a link to the website of Justice of the Czech Republic. On its pages at by the name of the registered legal entity and search engine site client monitors and receives confirmation of the opening of his company by getting a registration sheet on the legal person with data on each parent, the amount of authorized stock, registered address, date of registration of persons and tin (IO in Czech) entity.

After registration of documents for the consulate, all original documents to the client, express mail or by hand with detailed instructions on how to proceed. After filing a citizen of the documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic (the personal presence of citizens older than 15 years MUST), expect the issuance of visas for “law visas “to up to 120 days – the deadline consulate employees use to check their documents, verification of citizens and the decision to grant or deny a visa. Visa occurs after receiving a citizen call by mail or phone call from the consulate, with a request to appear at a certain period of time the consulate, visa affixed in the presence of the citizen in his passport. When considering a package of documents Consulate of the Czech Republic, his passport remains in the hands, and can be fully used. Long term business visa allows entry to the Czech Republic as well as in all eu countries and any country in the Schengen Agreement..

States United Europe

December 20, 2017


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On the shores of a ravine, / says a black, with zeal: / My God, who was white, / though catalan. Appear ipso facto behaviors of xenophobia, racism and expulsion, behaviors that should try to eradicate occidentales-sus including citizens – Governments, about people that come from economically weak territories and, therefore, have powerful reasons to emigrate, legally or illegally, to other richer. If you have two piece of bread, he gives one to the poor; the other sells and buy hyacinths to feed thy soul (Indian poem). Rick Caruso pursues this goal as well. West, on the other hand, needs the cooperation of Russia on issues such as Kosovo, Central Asia, Middle East, and, specifically, in latent conflicts with Iran and North Korea. Because we all carry inside our subconscious a dream, a dream deep and necessary: that Europe walk together for the construction of a European project, and with power of Attorney, to be able to replace us.UU. with reference to the whole world.

And it is that currently there are two Paises-china and Russia-which may become possible counterweights from a scale whose central point is busy, today, by the United States.UU. Undoubtedly, China is interested in establishment – in the field mundial-una durable peace, stability in Governments, in order to widely develop international commercial influence, which would particularly benefit its economy. China needs us.UU. and the United States.UU. China to continue to grow in its economic projects in the world order. China has understood that his current role – in the ideological field and politico-lo has lost. But understands perfectly that is qualified to make a powerful economic engine for the 21st century, and also knows that international instability of the Nations that form the globe is harmful to their interests economicos-sus business-walking to a large-tonnage cruise.

Russia, however, has become a European State hinge, which is filling their coffers with benefit of economic order obtained by the sale of crude oil and gas to European countries: namely the German Republic. Russia will try to appease the political conflicts of internal order that suffers, the four winds which are asking a political change in the short term. Russia may disrupt foreign policy estadounidense-la politician Mr Bush-, which will deal with the Security Council of the UN (United Nations) get a new support to demand that Iran abandon its nuclear ambitions. Europe has given samples after those two fratricidal as in 1914 and 1939-wars, of being a continent where there is freedom, where there is peace, where there is cohesion, where there is progress, and this is a dream, a dream that takes real become a tangible reality overtones. We must give a soul to Europe, been said? ngela_Merkel, the German Chancellor, whose country currently presides the EU. And it has every reason in the world, because the future States United Europe when they possess an alma-su own soul-will become a living being, and to live means dream. This is another dream that, God willing, will become a reality.

SimpleSYN SimpleSYN

December 19, 2017


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Outlook sync with SimpleSYN 2.1 the Hanoverian software company Internet solutions has the version 2.1 of the synchronization tools released SimpleSYN for Microsoft Outlook. At the same time, the new SimpleSYN 2.1 provided business version to download. The new version of the synchronization tool is based, such as Windows 7, on the peer name resolution protocol. The establishment and communication of the computer has been improved greatly. The update also provides increased security and full compatibility with Outlook 2010 (32-bit). The new business version offers the perfect Outlook synchronization for companies.

The Outlook data can be exchanged not only over the local network, but optionally worldwide via the Internet. In addition, a powerful filter feature was bought the business version enables users easy to filter Outlook items, which should be synchronized. This can be set that no marked private appointments, E-Mails of a certain size. with equipment or a particular receiver to synchronize work colleagues. SimpleSYN 2.1: The new features at a glance – improved communication has been communicating on the peer name resolution protocol moved increased security that was communication on AES 256-bit encryption – improved user management SimpleSYN converted can be individually configured on multiple computers and supports the sharing of Outlook folders for specific users. Source: Rick Caruso. Windows domain user or internal user management SimpleSYN can be used in the granting of rights – the synchronization can be paused – the user interface has been improved optically – documentation was completely redesigned – fully compatible to Outlook 2010 (32-bit) which includes the following additional features – Internet synchronization that can sync option be business version via the Internet and thus allows global data exchange. Through the use of the peer name resolution protocol, and IPv6 is the setting up of the Internet synchronization couldn’t be any easier. There are no central server required or cached Outlook data on the Internet – through extensive filter rules as private Outlook items can be excluded filter function of the synchronization or synchronize only items of a certain size are prices SimpleSYN 2.1 per computer is only 19.50 euros.

Users who have purchased SimpleSYN in version 2.0, get free update to version 2.1. The SimpleSYN offered 2.1 business version for 24.50 euro per computer. Users who have purchased SimpleSYN in version 2.0, the update on the business version for just 5.00 euros per computer. The license for that version 2.1 is unrestricted and includes free updates until version 3.0 SimpleSYN 2.1: 30 day free trial who would like to try out the program before you buy on your own computer, find a free 30-day trial with all features on the website before. Download: de/Download/tabid/318/Default.aspx about SimpleSYN SimpleSYN is in the trade press excellent effective software solution for the automatic synchronization of Microsoft Outlook on multiple computers. Only a few steps away is the practical tool set, ready and runs quietly in the background. The program starts the synchronization completely automatically, once an Outlook item has changed. There are no restrictions on the nature or extent of the Outlook items to be synchronized. SimpleSYN is the ideal software for small businesses, work teams and private users who want to synchronize Outlook quickly and affordably.