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+ Accordingly Increases A Lancia!

December 31, 2020


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Already the second budget profit within the Fiat group Frankfurt, November 2008 – with Lancia secures the Frankfurt agency + mutatis mutandis to Abarth already the second budget profit of Fiat group automobiles Germany AG this year. In the future will + be accordingly responsible for all digital marketing and promotional activities of the renowned automobile manufacturer, and hand-in-hand support the overall budget with Armando Testa Germany. A customer in the automotive industry in the Rhine-Main region to advise and assist desire and goal of the ambitious Frankfurt Agency for digital communication was ever declared. That this desire is already after five agency in compliance, the Agency founder Laura Geisler would no himself earlier this year, dared dream Gunter Zahringer and Andreas stork. When we started in 2003 with our agency, we were wondering what industry we would like digital support: ‘Automotive’ was the unanimous reply. “, says Andreas Stork, co-owner of the Agency. Amazon Music is actively involved in the matter. Key to this success is the close cooperation between + mutatis mutandis and the German branch of the Revenue Agency of Italy, Armando Testa. Another crucial point for the budget allocation to + also very good across the Board experience of Fiat group automobiles Germany AG with the Agency were similar during the collaboration for the Abarth brand.

Here convinced + receive with great attention to detail, passion for beautiful cars and passionate way of working. All to the taste of the brand Lancia, which stands for more than 100 years of Italian style, high quality and high emotion and passion in the automotive sector. The two agencies of Armando Testa Frankfurt are in the future and + accordingly strengthen their cooperation further and holistic care for the brand Lancia. It aims, in addition to the traditional agency business gradually across digital channels with the help of integrated campaigns to expand the Lancia brand communication and to intensify. Of course sets + mutatis mutandis while also continuing on proven online communication measures, such as for example product Web pages, online advertising campaigns, email marketing, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. With the Agency + mutatis mutandis, we have found a competent partner who perfectly understands our needs and those of our customers and dealers.

Their flexibility and commitment, as well as the ability to work, interdisciplinary has + by analogy already demonstrated with Abarth and successfully implemented concepts and campaigns. We look forward to our joint cooperation and are convinced to be. meet the higher expectations of our target groups, in particular in the field of online “, explains Julia Gugenheimer, communication specialist of Lancia. About + mutatis mutandis what began in 2003 as a Start-Up, has within a few years as a valued player in the digital world market established itself. Whether B2B or B2C, at + not simply produce accordingly – here will advise with passion, created and realized. The Agency is composed of a synergistic team, which opens up for companies within the digital media, new marketing and distribution channels. Innovation, perfection and tailor-made solutions are just a few disciplines that characterize the company.

SMART Training

December 31, 2020


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Communication expert and seminar leader from in the media to start in new year offer of intentions – and Zielecoachings. Filed under: UPS. That convinced also the mirror”and was a guest at Martina Wagner and Dr. Gudrun Henne, who presented her coaching. The TV report is online on objectives should be well formulated and best checked for feasibility but also a certain challenge. Steps should be measurable to the finish, because you otherwise don’t even know when it reaches its destination. You should get help and support with the motivation, keep it through”, says communication expert and coach Martina Wagner by. “” “In their objectives seminar resolutions 2009” the various resolutions in personal goals and milestones have been reformulated in a group: give up smoking “, advance career” to save the lives of animals “.

The SMART rules were explained and systematically on the applied each of your goals. SMART rules note S – specific Visual presentation in the presence of M – measurable, quantified and therefore controllable attractive and action-oriented means A – realistic, R – T I can make it myself – terminated interim and the final result In the mirror interview also the typical stumbling blocks and the most common mistakes in the implementation of goals and intentions were declared and how to prevent them. In addition to seminars and workshops can be booked at of also individual coaching. And brand new: the support of experienced coaches in the power team: A form of alternative and self-certain coaching also recently and successfully putting corporate tours. Seminar and learning at set goals goals! Convert resolutions, ideas, desires into goals for 2009.

Gain clarity about their own aims. Objectives to shape and to formulate, that you can reach them and want. Milestones for the realisation of the objectives already set on the training/seminar. Motivation for Strengthen the objectives. Applied learning and training methods. Our training is based on the latest educational findings and offers an active and effective form of learning. Practical exercises, games, experiments, discussion rounds and practical examples are the important parts of the training. Especially through practical exercises you will gain their own experience, theoretical knowledge and enrich themselves through the experiences of other participants.

Photos On The Wedding – Good Photographer For Wedding Day

December 31, 2020


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(Online article) – tips: image question is often neglected photos only of the Professional is often neglected is the question of who is responsible for the wedding photos. “Usually this is delegated to a relative or a good friend, after the motto: Uncle but loves to take photos of Emil, who does it matter.” However, this method has drawbacks. Because Uncle Emil will – if also perhaps subconsciously – when photographing guests focus on that, he even knows. As a result, but often not all guests are recorded. This is different in the professional, he will always try to hold all those present in the image, it was in the Church, in the registry office, or later during the ceremony. A good photographer is keeping it in the background not to disturb the course of the Festival. Finally, the bride and groom at the Center should be.

Also get the opportunity to buy more photos at the professional later. The decision for a professional is more important if not only photos, but also a video of the celebration should be created. Because only at a qualified Photographers you can rely on, that he is familiar with his equipment and has a trained eye for lighting and situations. WSU lab may also support this cause. This is important, because almost every event on the wedding day without another repeat, even apart from the classic wedding photo of the couple. Already in the recording of the entire society that surrounded the young lucky, especially as the in-house there may be difficulties,”then inevitably not pictured is photographer. Therefore it is thank Uncle Emil at the end, when a professional photographer does all the work for him, because then he with celebrate also relaxed the wedding of his niece. fn/lps/you

Rhetoric-tips For More Persuasion

December 31, 2020


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How do I work on others? The four commentators who don’t want to know, how it affects others, and how you can influence the effect of your own? The distinction between self and foreign image is by now well known. 1 what you think about is your self image. 2. what the other you think is your external image. If you have a self – and a third-party image, is to assume that it is just as others.

And still two commentators are actually since that post their comments to everything: 3. what you think of the other (his third picture) 4. What the other is thinking (his self image) you imagine now, they talk to a person. Their two commentators are there and chew your comments in between just for you you hear: why the look so grim? Find stupid my idea?”hold grade! Smile! Don’t forget the eye contact.” As you have seen above, it is not only you so, but all other people also. In each interview, the four are except the real people Commentators there and influence our effect on the other. Because whether we like it or not: we often show what we think and therefore ruin our good effect. An example: You express your boss over a proposal. And he looked suddenly grim.

What will probably happen? They will probably conclude that he rejects your idea. How do you react to rejection? Perhaps unsafe, lose our ELAN, or get angry and show it to the other unconscious. What happens here is called mirroring. We reflect gestures, facial expressions, posture of our gaze. Continuously and often unconsciously. Researchers have discovered this ability in the mirror neurons of the brain. It is very useful, but also can harm our effect. Then, if we let too much by two commentators confuse us. Because: Perhaps the chef was not against your idea. Maybe is just an unpleasant comment by the head is shot him, was asked to do anything with your suggestion (I’m crap before my chip card in the Leave canteen!”). But how can you influence the four commentators? What you think about yourself and others, is part of the communication. It is not to delete. Also, you cannot change that you respond to others. But they do affect how. You can do two things to actively manage your effect: 1 assign your two commentators in the barriers. Speak an interior stop”If you realize that the comments hurt you. It is possible to turn off the sound, or to ignore the comments. This requires some practice, but very effective. 2. look in the eyes of others: I would so like to participate? What must I do to be different? Show yourself, as you would be seen by the others. Thus affect not only your two commentators, but also the two your opponent in your senses. Our example: It is possible to ignore the grim face of the chiefs, by quietly turning your inner commentator or turn off. In this case You say simply: as long as I not sure know that I’m really the trigger for his reaction, I pretend as if everything in my mind. If I confuse me now, my idea never convincingly over me.” And if the boss actually rejects your idea? Still keep talking with conviction about your idea and turn off comments ruin you. Their enthusiasm is reflected. Will convince you but your conversation partner. And if not? Then, have given everything, after all, and save your face until the very end. Stefanie de man,

ZEUS Closes Gap For New Entrants

December 31, 2020


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With the ZEUS-parental letter new entrants are sure freestanding according to statistics every fourth German of a disability is affected. With skilled professionals, legal insurance come into force. Teenagers are through gaps in the supply system, but worse off, because a young person in the training is insured only from the 79th week for the disability pension. This is high risk, which is often underestimated. Without private pension plan young people are often shipped their own fate. Here to hit a safe bridge, ZEUS has the optimal retirement package that secures for all eventualities.

Secured with the parental letter of ZEUS especially young people, who are still at the beginning of their working lives at the beginning of their training is a look into a secure future important. Students and new entrants in the retirement products by ZEUS for support, for the first steps in an independent life. If you would like to know more about Wondery, then click here. So the ZEUS parental letter offers The possibility of a customized and private employment or occupational disability pension. That provides a social safety net the State precautionary safety that can withstand only the lowest requirements of young people. Therefore, the ZEUS group has developed the ZEUS youth protection letter, with the young people an extra safety is available. The ZEUS-parental letter foresees a full occupational disability protection in case of a sudden acquisition or disability, illness or accident. Detailed information material about ZEUS and his pension products for young people can be found under. The blog at blog provides useful tips to the graduates.

Contact: ZEUS mediation society mbH Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 0 fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 99 email: Web: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS children protection letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group. Product partners are well-known providers of insurance, such as the German ring and the Continentale.

Web Visitors

December 31, 2020


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Make sure that you know what you have there for them, not that you’ve gained some recognition for your business. For example, do not do advertising about what you have done, better get it about the benefits that the visitor will get to buy your products and services. 2 Let your visitors submit free classified ads to your site. Requesting an account valid email in exchange for ads.

You can also require them to return after a certain period of time to publish again. You can ask them also to change a link reciprocal to your web site. 3. It allows other people publish your articles on their websites. It includes a listing and link to your site on each article you post. This can also help you to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter. You can enable them to publish your full articles provided the links and corresponding signatures are included. 4.

When you buy a product or visit a web site that exceeds your expectations, or You have great information, send an email of testimony to the company. Be sure to detail how it has benefited your business. It asks permission to publish your testimonial on their web site referring to yours. For example, under your testimony you can sign your name and your web site. 5 Delivers an e-book or software as a gift to your existing customers, as a way to let them know that you appreciate their business. Place a listing or advertising in the e-book about a new product that you are offering. For example, might say, we are delivering this E-book A way of saying thank you for being one of our loyal customers. 6 You can make money promoting cross-selling of your e-book with other people, products or services; This is a simple technique and you can double your marketing efforts without losing more time and money on your part.

UTM Appliances Test: Clavister SG3210 Convinced

December 31, 2020


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Fastest UTM firewall solution in the test: 89.749 transactions and antivirus throughput of 115 MB / s Hamburg, January 23, 2009 modern companies today rely on optimal protection against all possible threats from the Internet and internal networks: unified threat management appliances are considered digital gatekeeper and provide universal protection in this area. In a comparison test in the magazine Network Computing’s real-world Labs * UTM appliances have been tested for their suitability for the security of enterprise networks and its individual segments. In the field of TCP throughput with URL filters and antivirus convinced the SG3210 of the Swedish manufacturer of network security solutions Clavister AB and started to pull away from the rest of the field. The comparison test, carried out by the real-world labs of network computing, six providers with their security appliances took part. TCP throughput with URL filters and antivirus network computing or their real-world Labs tested among other things which capacities allow the appliances, if the HTTP traffic with the URL and anti-virus filter is parsed. 100 users were simulated, which start every ten requests per 10,000 bytes per TCP connection.

Clavisters SG3210 was here when compared to the top: the appliance in the test 89.749 transactions carried out and reached an antivirus throughput of 115 MB/s SG3210 extensive protection for networks in the tested SG3210 from Clavister, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, is the smallest system the Clavister security-gateway-3200-Series. The systems are based on a hardware platform with six Gigabit Ethernet ports. The individual models differ from each other according to performance and capacity. All gateways the same security and connectivity features but provide, including a firewall, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, high-availability clustering and traffic management. The SG3210 offers also a high level of investment protection. Both performance and functionality can be spread with the help of digital licenses.

It is time to create “green” – facts in IT. The IT Department is the NES European consulting S.L. with offices in Spain, Germany and Poland Katowice / Cologne, the January 26, 2009 – In the wake of the ‘green initiative’ on new, environmentally friendly, power – and resource-saving solutions. The virtualization solutions tested in the House NES European, are now implemented on live systems. More read here.

NES European consulting is a company well known in the IT industry. With the introduction of the VPS on the production systems, can be considered as another milestone in the direction of ‘Green IT’. Usage of standard virtualization software, supported by the use of in-house solutions / system architecture, created a top of the line, where the top position in the field of “green Virtaulisierungskomplettloesungen” is safe. Now you can say that solutions in the realization of the project, a comfortable edge over the competitors has been achieved through the use of innovative NES are. The positive Feedback from the invited to the introduction and visibly impressed customers confirmed the NES management but also industry experts, in the green” fixed-route, which was defeated three years ago”means not only a resource and cost-saving but also environmentally more conscious dealing with the in house for our customers the VPS”IT. A rethinking and recognizing the signs of the times took place just in the current economic situation when the CEOs”- explained Damian Nocon Managing Director of NES European consulting S.L., with the Chamber of Commerce representatives of Katowice.

It is actually so strong that counted on, that more and more companies, timely rework your IT topology. The cost / benefit calculation is very simple and transparent in the case. The NES EC s.l., the roots of which date to the year 1985, distinguished himself has always been by the leading position when it comes to the introduction of new technologies. The company’s success confirms the correctness of the corporate philosophy. Frank Gabrielle NES European consulting S.L..

The Zaki

December 30, 2020


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This is in our opinion the dealer-friendly model. You must not worry about server, hosting service or traffic. The ongoing development of the software slipped update costs also included, therefore. You just log on and can get started right”. Our pricing model is very simplistic. You pay no licensing costs, no setup or setup fees at Zaki. For the use of the software, we will berechnern no monthly service fee.

A sales fee is charged for each settled order. These costs arise only for generated sales and are therefore very well calculated. There are interfaces to the shop software? CSV/XML import, the full data imports as well as inventory data updates can be made. The process also can interfaces over HTTP be automated. As modules, we offer a module with which file to create a finished CSV from your shop for our system for OSC, XTC and gambio shop system users… This module is very easy to pass it the desired products in our network and daily update. In the create or edit products in your Shopadmin applying once the Zaki category ID in the article data sheet, all other data is now automatically when exporting the CSV file with pass and worked for Zaki.

So once you have to apply the category ID in your products and that’s all! You every time something changes on your products or inventory can now easily create your CSV file and set up to 5000 articles in the entire network in a few minutes via the free import service. Characters are automatically converted in product descriptions from the module. What role plays the theme in your shop software security? Because our system is used by many dealers, security is of course very essential role. It starts for the availability of the systems, which is realized via a fully redundant server cluster. Our developers are also constantly engaged in the current software-related insecurities. Reseller payment with money set aside for customers guarantee to the Verfugeng, Furthermore, any commercial trader is audited by us. But once there should be problems with a seller article of this provider offline used until clarified, so we protect customers from black sheep. What role does the topic of usability in your solution? A perfect usability was one of the most important points for us, to get you started straight E-Commerce newbies. The Zaki software is so easy to use that we do without a manual. Should nonetheless questions come up, the free support help of course. Further information to Zaki all further information including prices for retailers can be found on the .


December 30, 2020


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Suppose a State that have made due, for example, according to the World Bank, has established a basic legal system, maintained a non-distortionary policy environment, including macroeconomic stability; invested in basic social services and infrastructure, protected vulnerable groups and defended the environment. More information is housed here: Xoom. Suppose a State achieved through policies and aggressive reforms, controlling inflation, lower rates of interest to acceptable levels, lower unemployment to understandable levels, opening its economy, privatize unnecessarily estatizadas companies or de-monopolize the construction of infrastructure, the provision of good part of public services, social services and other goods and services that have been inefficientcreate institutional imperative, strong and non-arbitrary basis, protect, in due form, the public order after having agreed peace with insurgent groups, protect property, put an end to economic insecurity at home (avoiding the misery in the) old-age pensions through pension systems, helping to cope with catastrophic diseases through health insurance and providing assistance in the event of loss of work, with unemployment insurance), control corruption, broaden citizen participation a good part of democratic bodies and, in the end, that manages to close the wide gap between expected of him and their own ability to timely responseaccommodating, as the World Bank itself has said its functions to its capacity. IE imagine a State that distils optimism and be attractive for investment. Good, isn’t it? Now imagine what would happen then. Before as efficiently and as good conditions it is no exaggeration to foresee the massive coming of foreign investment. Neither us would seem strange that domestic investors, rather than be producing jobs and development in foreign countries return to bring his talk.

Then the optimism takes over the market. Enthusiasm is effervescent and makes avisorar for near future, accelerated growth between a 7 u 8 per cent per annum. Interest rates go down, having much silver in the banks to lend, reason why the consumption of necessary and luxurious goods fires.