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Sermon Peacemakers

January 31, 2014


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However, certainly she will be feeling increasingly its effects. That is fatal. It is only a matter of time. No leader can do nothing alone. It needs the support of society. But this, the least expected is that you govern to his people.

What can prevent the goals that will benefit any country to reach without delay, at the planetary level? The exacerbation of individualism allied to the desire of domain that may exist in the distorted human consciences, which gives fruit in times of rampant corruption and impunity, and the lack of perseverance among many of those who are opposed to this state of affairs. Not without reason, so wrote Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980): man is constituted by its multiple decisions and is fully responsible for them. Blessed are the peacemakers very appropriate analysis of the Reverend Satilas Amaral Camargo illustrious Presbyterian pastor and first director of the core of the Legion of good will in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, at the dawn of the legionary movement in the capital of Parana State published in the magazine BOA VONTADE do not. 8 February, 1957, about the Sermon on the mount, Jesus, who is leading the conceptualization and the experience of Ecumenical citizenship, in which the human being is valued as the Capital of God: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God (Christ Gospel according to Matthew 5: 9).() Blessed are the peacemakers, and not the peaceful, only taking a passive attitude, not react and do not go beyond; those who promote peace are active, employ all their efforts and energies to achieve reconciliation. The pure in heart will see God, but the peacemaker has one even greater privilege, because it is called son of God. () In the formation of a just world, said Wendell Wilkie, and of one human family, without hatred, without barriers, without prejudices, we need the collaboration of all men of goodwill, who are the peacemakers.

Aminatu Haidar

January 31, 2014


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16/011/09 The Saharan activist Aminatu Haidar launched a hunger strike in Lanzarote airport and the Spanish Executive behaved very watered down way, offering solutions that could not be interpreted by Morocco as a support to his people, even to be cited by a court as imputed in the provocation of public disorder and do so without considering that their life was running a serious risk. Very differently the Spanish Executive involved in the starring the murderous terrorist, De Juana Chaos hunger strike. At that time life was the first thing, above legal and moral considerations. But nobody can argue that two very different attitudes towards a same fact adopted. By What? Anyway, striking the repercussion that won the case of Muslim Aminatu Haidar and the muted with that of Christian Asia Bibi, being addressed while the international community has been asking for his freedom, including of course the Pope in Spain. Our nominal Government, conspicuous by his silence. Where are now those of the eyebrow in support of the life of Asia Bibi? It is not that in the hunger strike of De Juana Chaos and of Aminatu Haidar, was not in game the Supreme value of life, but the difference is that theirs was a voluntary act in defence of political positions and to Asia Bibi they want to kill for the sake of not wanting to surrender to be Christianas they have already done with others. What had been organized by the Spanish media and allied groups on the left, if we hadn’t dared to prosecute Islamists who occupy public spaces to perform their religious rituals on a daily basis? Centuries-old traditions we deal as it is to honor the custody in the capital Imperial Toledo, and by order of the Minister for the first time, Carmen Chacon were abolished military honors in the procession of Corpus Christi.

European Portuguese

January 31, 2014


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India – a fabulous, exotic place, where everyone can touch the age-old attractions. This is a country variety of colors and flavors, elegant shapes and centuries-old traditions. It's safe to say that combination of Portuguese and Indian culture, makes Goa different from the traditional way of India. Goa is considered one of the most attractive and popular holiday destinations in the world. Who visited Goa will never forget this a wonderful place with pristine beaches. The southern part of Goa – it may be said, the place for a quiet, measured tourist destination, as a rule, middle-aged. At this point throughout the coast are located luxury hotels for a comfortable stay in the nicest places of Goa. Each villa is surrounded by abundant wall of exotic vegetation, this place was created for those who want to be alone with nature.

In this part of Goa service of the highest class. South Goa hotels the most expensive. The capital Panaji is located in the central part of Goa, is the most populous city in Goa. One of the main attractions in the city for tourists is the old European Portuguese quarter. A few kilometers from the capital are the Christian churches.

Old Goa for many years was the main city for the Portuguese empire, known as the Eastern Rome. In the mid-seventeenth-century capital was moved closer to the ocean in Panaji. The northern part of Goa is a favorite place of young people from around the world, a place of celebration and fun. Here are the famous trance – party. It is here concentrated all that fame this place. In the northern part of Goa is world-famous night market, where the light of candles and lanterns you can buy exotic souvenirs, each of which is almost a work of art. Overall a great many bars and restaurants offer their services for the preparation of seafood at surprisingly low prices. Here come those who are constantly in motion, loves fuss and wants to buy a lot of acquaintances. This part is difficult find comfortable hotels, this is the most inexpensive part of Goa. The warmest period in Goa is the period from April to June, while the coldest time is between November and February, but by the standards of local residents. From June to September last during the monsoon, at which time revelry elements – rain, wind, storms. In periods of perfect weather in Goa come warm but not hot, cloudless sky becomes, and the water in an ocean of calm. All of this creates ideal conditions for a good holiday.

Management Information

January 27, 2014


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The information society has brought profound changes you the work market, forcing traders you invest in to their knowledge and challenging businesses you cope well the knowledge that to their employees bring you the organization. In the days that they run the competitive gap that exists in business, is increasingly linked you the capital intellectual. Thus it is important you manage this knowledge. While it may seem simple task will be an organization, when we talk about managing information, to refer US you carries through an intangible right, that this is very important rolls will be company. Capital intellectual The of each employee firm is increasingly, the competitive gap between the organizations. Mindful of that reality, the companies concerned ploughs rising with the management know-how of its employees.

In turn, treat this increasingly knowledge-generating and increasingly in systematic way. The Knowledge Management is not current reality, has existed will be many years, to however, only recently gave up companies you develop technologies you operationally it. We did not find single definition will be the term ' ' knowledge' '. One of the definitions is possible that knowledge is set of simple information, which includes individual experience and overall value of each individual. The Knowledge Management has key rolls detect which of these skills ploughs strategic you an institution. There will be that is effective management of knowledge is necessary that each company develop systematic methods, protect and organizes this information, doing only with which it is spread and multiplied by the organization.

You of, should create only technological tools you manage this knowledge, because it is very fluid and little tangible. While adds companies ploughs already engaged in knowledge management, making it in systematic way, there ploughs many others that only create processes of knowledge on the basis of reports and meetings. On days like these ploughs increasingly the technologies that can serves the Management of Knowledge; to however there ploughs two aspects regarding its application.


January 24, 2014


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When it give a glance him to the five more lucrative models of business by Internet you would find that them Program of Affiliates is in this list.The Programs of Affiliates are a link in the process chain that ties the product manufacturers, the advertisers and the clients.The creators of the product beg that there are advertisers to promote his products to the correct hearing.The advertisers whom they attract the clients receive a commission of the creator of the product to place the announcement and to generate sales. This is the base of the programs of affiliates and benefit so much to the creator from the product like the advertiser. This is the reason for the success of the programs of affiliates.The following lines would explain to you how to choose the correct program of affiliates. At the time of choosing a program of affiliates they must watch first his competition.This point applies so much to the developer of the product like the advertiser. We suppose that, training of dogs interests the key word to you, soon you must find out its competition in the market.If in this subject there is already a strong competition in market, then you do not have to consider this key word to promote the product that you wish.Elije a program of affiliates that has less competition, it is probable that it works to you far better.Many people who dedicate themselves to the business of affiliates choose programs of much demand which are saturated and with this they are not successful. The majority of the affiliates chooses the product based on an investigation that do in Internet.Some affiliates choose the key words like ” to make money online” , as it appears in numerous occasions in the motors search.I must decirte the following thing when a key word is chosen or phrase that already is popular in the motors search you are not going to be successful.The reason is that already there is more people trying to make money in Internet with the idea that you try to implement.Therefore, I recommend to you that you choose a value product, but with less popularity.There are many valuable products that they are hidden and people are looking for them.These less popular products can llevarte to the success.

To choose a suitable product in order to promote without a doubt it is a difficult task. But, this he is one of the basic requirements to initiate your business in programs of affiliates.I suppose that if you want to make money through affiliates in line it can follow the following advice You can choose products of where hundreds of information products, or instead of visit you can make your investigation through the motors search of Google.The key word writes that you wish to promote, and to look for affiliates. In the page of results of Google it visits the lateral bar where it appears the promotion of Google.Elije a site that is not a great product wholesaler and contctalos.It creates an agreement of affiliation and publicity with them, and ready.Thus, you can choose products anyway. If you want to be successful with the programs of affiliates you must act different from the others and to be unique.One is not due to repeat the same things that the others are doing.

Working From Home

January 23, 2014


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Does sound attractive the idea of starting your own business from home? Do think often that if knew how to make money at home Ud would be a very happy person? Keep reading and you’ll see how easy that is to make money with a business from home. Earn money with your talents. Everyone is born with a special talent that differentiates it from others. Your job is to find out what his talent and find the way to turn it into a business. -#-There was a lady who had always liked to horses. When I was younger, she didn’t have a horse in charge, so it helped other people owners of horses with feed only to have the opportunity to assemble. Now that she is greater, he turned that interest for horses at a business meeting. While she deals with these animals, it has created niche markets in the same area of the care of the horse.

What are your hobbies? Is his hobby to make candles, portraits of painting or gardening? These are some of the business ideas at home awaiting an entrepreneur / to to not spend long, and do not necessarily have to produce these items to make money. Perhaps you could start a newsletter on a topic of his hobby.Perhaps you could sell supplies to other fans or businesses. Or maybe you could write a book on the subject. Once you begin the exchange of ideas, Ud be surprised of all the ideas that occur to you. A woman who started from scratch, with their clear ideas, today owns a business on the Internet of drawings of portraits.It wasn’t easy, but using his instinct and his talent, he decided he could earn extra money doing sketches to the people. Sometimes your business is located right opposite to yours, what prevents from seeing it, is it is difficult to believe that someone actually pay you for doing something that Ud has been doing in a natural and easy way.

Afghan TV Afghan

January 16, 2014


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Afghan TV Afghan Television (also known as Afghan TV) is a commercial television station, based in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan since late 2004. The station is owned by Mr. Afghanzai, an Afghan businessman and currently broadcasts only to the Wider Kabul. In early 2006, the station was fined 50,000 Afghanis (about 1,000) by the Afghan Supreme Court, after which convey what the court termed “inappropriate images”. The event was televised by Afghan TV and was covered extensively by other means, however, the powerful clergy in the country not only got to Afghan TV was fined, but also restricted the ability of other television stations broadcast programs of entertainment .

Deprived Coaching

January 13, 2014


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Simply it did not know what it was doing. Now I know the reason and I stay firm and consisting of the paid publicity, which takes step following 6. I measure everything! Here it is where many fail. They invest in a bulletin but they do not know from where the client came. They invest in publicity and they do not know if the one that it bought were thanks to the publicity.

In aim. They do not measure its advertising, gratuitous or paid activities. I measure everything! From my assistant who distributes my articles until the places where I put my articles, the alliances with others and my bulletin. I measure all it because my time is gold and if it does not serve I discard it to the strategy. Results of my investment? 12% of which they see my announcement in Facebook click. 24% of which they visit the landing page register to the bulletin. 50% of which they register end up buying.

In summary: if I invest $100, I do $200. If I invest $1.000 I do $2,000. This is excellent! Clearly. Now it is only necessary to continue modifying to increase the percentage in all the areas. That is publicity. If it is worth the pain to sell it, it is worth the pain to measure it is my motto. But I confess to you: still I feel fear, but with this information in my hands I feel released because I know that what invests I will recover it I measure if it. You would not like to do the same? To be 100% insurance which for sure, when you invest in publicity, you will know the results obtained? Then everything is a system, and for that reason I ask to you How you create an effective advertising campaign? What them you say in the landing page so that they take action? What you do so that the maximum of people buys what you sell? And how you reduce advertising costs? Then that is my new service of Deprived Coaching of one hour. It now visits this connection and permteme guiarte towards more clients with less advertising expenses and fast results.

Coaching Strategy

January 11, 2014


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– When you can use models and systems that make sense for them. – When they can understand and explore the linkages and connections between facts and ideas. – When the subject matter is objective and based on rational principles. The ward somewhat theoretical and tutor, can dedicate a certain amount of time reading books and newspapers which contain new information. Also, the coachee could prepare a brief synopsis of that information and how it has incorporated in its current ideology.

Pragmatic: We are interested in ideas to see if they work. They like to solve problems, are practical and want to apply new knowledge. – When allowed associate the ideas to real life situations. – When can test strategies and ideas. – When may face practical situations.

The little pragmatic coachee should be encouraged to develop and establish a practical plan based on certain ideas and a certain format. Prepared by information taken from Zeus and Skiffington (2002). According to Dilts (2004), one of the strategies or assistive learning tools in the process of coaching is to help define and strengthen Cochea its objectives. Thus, a goal is the status or outcome desired by the individual. The objectives are the source of motivation and can stimulate powerful processes of self-organization capable of mobilizing resources, both conscious and unconscious.

Emotion Coaching

January 6, 2014


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ME: Sometimes emotion occurs. The feeling, emotion flow flow taken without thought to the extreme. The sensitivity and personal and interpersonal emotional states are the engine of direct action. Aware mechanism away from a closed circuit: feel, think, feel, action, where remains of inner calm side, in which lies the quiet wave of emotions that can achieve the commitment. Thus, access platform, emerging clarity that makes the circuit to be unveiled at each of its stations (instances). Mental digestion of emotions can reduce impulsivity through our ability to record our experiences, emotionally decoded, recognizing that I am and what expectations they generate. The eye, the means by which allows us to interpret, second by second and receive subjective images of what happens or we pass from the outside world impacting, unconsciously or consciously, in our hearts, in the limbic of the binomial: fear, love, establishing the affective domain personal and interpersonal.

Interpretations of action – reaction, are good at times but are immediate responses, which arise from the heart of emotional turmoil. They stimulate the daily traffic flow on congested consciously. Flow, transformed into visceral impulse of impatience and anxiety. The affective domain concerns led reflective, they run inside our parasympathetic nervous system decreases heart rate, and the sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate, two-way joint action of the autonomic nervous system. Two branches that create functioning heart coherence. In other words, the consistency between what is said and done to create unconditional responsibility because ultimately it is always the one who operated against those circumstances that occur.

One chooses to do what you want because that is what seems best according to our values and principles. To think that all this can be quickly affected by our emotional turmoil before automatically generating a reaction stimulus-action setting aside the choice that our inner voice says. As a result of the unconscious: the enthusiasm, creativity, love, fear, generate awareness but not smooth evolutionary outcome. In search of the north compass that lets you route the conscious energy to translate the mental plane emotional turmoil into effective action. Find the right not to let it take over the natural emotions of our being to restore contact with the inner sensitivity and thus not living directly from them. In order to achieve inner expressiveness and debug wounds left by those emotions such as sadness, fear and anger to set aside and analyze their benefit and not its cost. Think you can do so far and know that you can not is also power. Processing the information received and to analyze what is happening and thus find the desired action and effective. So if I: am emotion, pure I can not effectively share the thoughts, messages and ideas to communicate with my emotions because embestire verbal or flee with them to a shelter. This is so inevitable. When it does, the proposal is that the mind active observer's eye will assist in identifying the emotional turmoil, identifying each of the stations closed circuit: feel, think, feel, action. Finally remembering that what happens, will inevitably occur but what you do with what happens that generate change. Thanks for reading my lines, just wanted to share what I reflected.