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Trusting A Coach

September 30, 2019


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That said I think the most important is the trust and relationship with his coach. If you call a coach and your intuition tells you that this is the coach for you, then hire him or her. The only thing I know is that we must believe that the coach can help the job training. It is the coaching relationship is more important. Before deciding on what coaches for the interview, go to your website if you have one and get a feel for the coach. Subscribe to their newsletter or read the articles in the archives of the web. It will help you understand that the coach is and if their values align with theirs. Western Union shines more light on the discussion.

Finally, many coaches give teleclass. This is a great way to “put your finger in the water” without a huge financial commitment. The coaches come from diverse backgrounds. There are former therapists, educators and businessmen. Depending on your need for a fund may be more appropriate for you. Some coaches have additional training as a coach. Instead of telling customers what they should do, the coach’s role is to help clients find their own way. Coach training programs to coach the tools and resources to guide and motivate the client without having to carry him / her.

The advantage of having a qualified coach is that he / she has no agenda other than to help them succeed. For the interview you want a list of questions to help you decide if this is the coach for you. (See below for a way to get a list of questions to ask.) That the coaches know their expectations and needs so that they can have a chance to tell you if you can meet with them. Finally, be sure to discuss with the coach rate. You should feel the benefit of training is worth the cost of the coach and they can easily pay that rate without cutting needs. Take Action in January. Ask your friends about the coaches that they or any of its known use. 2. Search and names of the coaches for the interview. 3. What kind of help you’re looking for? Make a list of questions you would like to ask the coach. I have a list of questions that used to be on the website CoachU. If you want the list, send an email to with “Questions Coach” as the subject. 4. Interview with the coaches and let me know the result! 5. Read “Are you being coached?” Fast Company Magazine this month is Alvah Parker a business professional and editor of Parker points, an email list and point the way to success, an ezine. Parker specializes in helping professionals create a career that is fun, satisfying and profitable.


September 30, 2019


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If we look for in Greek the meaning of attitude we need comes from the word "stas??" (Stasis), meaning "position", "stability", "get high." Comes from the Latin word "attitude" which means "get tough", "stand", "posture of the human body, especially when it is determined by the movements of the mind, or a statement about efficiency," "mood manifested somehow. " In Spanish has the same meaning as the above words. Given all the above definitions, we could say that "attitude" is how we face life and its circumstances (obstacles, difficulties etc.) Ortega y Gaset would say. According to psychology focusing on the person of Carl Rogers, attitudes are internal and give rise to our behavior. Maxwell in his book "What makes the difference," says that the origin of our attitude is in our thoughts. That is how we think determines our attitude. If our thoughts are positive, we will have a positive attitude towards life and its adversities. If instead of positive thoughts, our mind generates negative thoughts, our attitude towards life and the difficulties will be negative, pessimistic, bitter etc.

In his book "The Power of Additional Factor," Norman Vincent Peale tells an anecdote. As he walked through the streets of Hong Kong stopped in front of a place where tattoos were in the window watching the models of tattoos, I noticed a sign that said "born to lose." He immediately went into the tattoo shop and asked the Chinese tattoo artist, if there is actually someone who wants to wear those awful words in your body. The tattooist replied in broken English and golpendo his forehead with his fingers, "before the tattoo is in the body, the tattoo is first in the mind." People can tattoo ideas in our minds positive and negative ideas. Our attitude depends on what kinds of thoughts tattooed on our minds. The attitude makes a difference in people. This is what allows us to develop our capabilities to the fullest. Attitude is what determines how we see and how we handle our feelings.

The attitude gives us an advantage over others or leaves us at a disadvantage. It all depends on how positive or negative is our acitud. Attitude is the only difference between failure and success. Attitude is an additive to our personality that can become people with whom others feel comfortable. None of us like to be with negative people, pessimists who complain about everything, dragging living existence. That's why leaders must have a good attitude. Without positive leadership eventually collapses, the person collapses, the first hurdle. Further, the followers of the leader quickly notice that action attitudes. It is impossible for a leader with a bad attitude to succeed. Let us wait to be the person we want to be and start has to be that person now.

Business Coaches And Training

September 28, 2019


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The curator is not great training, but helps in small classes, working with small groups of 5-10 people, where the assimilation and development of material, which gave the main training master-master. By the work of the curator does not allow anyone here too compulsory education. It is quite feasible, and the result is appealing. Governor Cuomo understands that this is vital information. Working as a curator, you will learn group dynamics, learn how to manage the Group’s attention, speak to the people present themselves, be attentive to people, taxi from difficult situations. You will get invaluable experience in coach-psychologist. And most importantly, decide whether you and whether you want to become a coach. Start your career with a business training – it’s interesting. Engage them at least in connection with that business coaches better than earn.

This is a high demand sector of our profession, and it is easier to master than personal training. But here is especially needed real business experience and success of your business. This is not the same as that psychological education. When receiving a business coach to work are the defining experience of successful business or a profile of a successful company. In any If you teach sales, as you should be able to cool to sell. Most standard-demand training – sales training: their conduct is possible to live comfortably. But there is a risk, training of sales – monotonous work, which after four years can become routine: come, worked, not including the head and soul, and all. Going professional burnout, and training participants is important to feel the energy in coach.

It is therefore important take care of their interest in the work, to make a variety, such as mastering personal training. Get ready to learn after high school in whatever high school you may have learned, after obtaining the basic psychological education you have to learn a few more years, learning a specific style of practical psychology. This is usually not taught in universities, and you will learn: or nlp, or psychoanalysis or Gestalt approach, or Sinton approach Best of all, getting higher education, in parallel to study the work of a coach in reputable training centers. In my opinion, in Moscow there are three good coaching school: School of Business Coaches Jeanne Zavyalova, the center “class” Leonid Krol and “Training of Trainers” Olga Paratnovoy in Training center Sinton. ” And after passing the training of trainers, get ready to learn in the workshops of the leading “to her after many years honing his skills under the guidance of masters. Understand the most important: worked as a psychologist, then lifelong learning.

Client Coach

September 28, 2019


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Coaching, as kind of counseling is a series of interviews (coaching sessions) coach and a client in the process of addressing topics of interest to the customer, and is searching for optimal solutions to the challenges facing the client. It is understood that the client already has a solution, and the best, but he simply does not see. And coach just need help to find him Clint. Technically, it looks like this: when you first meet a coach and client enter into contract, that is, spell out all aspects of future cooperation. Then, on the coaching sessions (face to face or correspondence) are considered of interest to the client threads. Thredup follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Coach asks questions and listens to the customer and the customer to these questions responsible. Naturally, the questions are not arbitrary, but in certain method, which allows the client during the session to find the answer to his question, to find a solution to the problem, which he had set himself It should be noted that the coach did not find these solutions, namely the client. Coach him in this only helps.

We can say that a coach in this case acts as a mirror for the mind customer. Without a mirror to do, of course, possible, but with mirror is still much more convenient. This kind of coaching will be of interest to anyone who wants to change, who want to achieve great results in business and in life. This is true for those who feel in themselves the potential and strive to develop it.


September 27, 2019


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Coaching is important for those who want to maximize self-realization in life, in business, be successful in all areas of its activities. Optimally build a career, to achieve mutual understanding with others, improve efficiency businesses, improve their quality of life – all this and much, much more can be done with coaching. There is no area where coaching would not be effective. Coaching as a management style to become more popular in worldwide, including in our country. He is introduced as an alternative to a very common now a legislative leadership style, which, admittedly, no longer meets the requirements of modern business.

In this case, Coaching trained all the managers of the company or, better still, all its employees. Of course, they did not need to become a professional coach, it will be sufficient to learn basic skills and tools of coaching to apply them in their daily work. It is important that all employees know what coaching is and what it is. Most often as a coach stands, the head – it's natural. But the same role may well numerous references. James Reinhart will not settle for partial explanations. It is very important that in this case, the employee is not just a blindly executes instructions received, and independently finds the optimal solution of the problem, which is fully consistent requirements management.

Practice shows that this style of management greatly improves the efficiency of both individual employees and teams can more fully reveal their inner potential, increases the motivation of employees. And, of course, essentially saves a precious resource as time. In a coaching style of leadership may be interested in almost all companies seeking to improve efficiency management, maximizing the potential of employees, creating a supportive and productive atmosphere within the company. It must be acknowledged that to date coaching – this is the best style of management. So who needs coaching? To coach an answer to this question is obvious: the need coaching to everyone. There is no useless coaching. There are no issues in the decision which has not helped to coaching. Unfortunately, this answer is not so obvious for potential customers a coach. But it is rather a matter of time. Coaching is still developing in our country, very little information about him. The fact that coaching is effective, practical and environmentally friendly, says that eventually he will get the most widespread. And today coaching is needed in the first place to those who seek to its development, the most complete disclosure of their potential and achieve maximum efficiency of its business, their lives. And there are people in our country is becoming more and more.

Life Coaching

September 26, 2019


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This interaction clarifies the situation and prompts the customer to act. Coaching accelerates the client's self-improvement, opening up before him a wider choice. Coaching focuses on where the client wants to be, at what point he is at the moment and that he was willing to do to get where he wants to be tomorrow. " Life Coaching involves personal work with clients aiming at defining their life goals and objectives, disclosure and implementation of their internal capacity for positive change in their personal and professional lives activities, increase personal effectiveness and quality of life. In this coaching takes the life of every human being as something whole. We are accustomed to divide our lives into two parts: personal life, work, family, recreation, education and so on. This division is rather arbitrary and exists only in our minds.

How would we crushed our lives into fragments, our life is one whole, all parts are interrelated and have on each other's strong influence, which we sometimes just do not notice. Therefore, great attention is paid to coaching life balance. In the coaching is always assumed that the client initially is a complete creative. The client knows the answer to all your questions Coach only help him find the answer. The client has a huge potential and challenge a coach to help him this potential to discover and realize. The client has a solution to all of his life problems and all the necessary resources to put those solutions into practice, the coach helps him find these solutions and resources.

The Coach

September 24, 2019


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And these impressions, they must share with you. This is the best option, because in addition to contact information You will receive information about the coach, about his working methods, his attitude to the practice of coaching. And, of course, how effective was communication with the coach. Will only make a determination, contact the coach and arrange a personal meeting. Another, perhaps, the most popular search option – the Internet.

Here you get some search capabilities. You can simply type a keyword (eg "Coach," "coaching") to any search engine (Yandex, Rambler, etc.). In the search results you will see many links to various resources that are somehow connected with coaching. Some of them are personal sites for coaches or to sites of organizations provide services to coaching. Work directly with the coach or the organization – a matter of personal preference, that is, choose what you like. In any case, you will be able to contact a specific coach and discuss with him issues of cooperation. You can also view a summary of proposals and Pratica coaches on specialized sites and portals (eg,,, and others).

Summary allows you to form a first impression of the coach, to get acquainted with his approach to the practice of coaching, to determine whether this approach is consistent with your goals. In addition, a summary of the photo you can often find a coach – it might be important for those for whom the appearance plays an important role. And, of course, the summary has contact information, using which you can contact the author of a summary to clarify your questions. In a press announcement Coaches services are rare.

Football Coach. Formacion Permanente

September 23, 2019


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For those kids who are excited about football and are excited about someday becoming coaches and have an enormous desire to gradually learn the complicated work involved in being a football coach. Whoever wants to become a competent technician whose intention is to one day to the highest level must have a clear idea stuck in your head: The ongoing training allowing you to be always learning. In the case of young people starting their business and begin working from below basic categories is essential to have very clear what is the purpose of the way forward in learning to start your training: a-must learn to know players with those who have to work. Where do kids have to take into account how old they are and what the most desirable practice both in the physical, technical, tactical and psychological. 2-will have ability to relate and live with the parents of their players and club managers in which they operate.

3-They know the secrets of his profession and how they do the job of the coach itself in all aspects and at the same time to know the qualities needed to lead a team. Seeking alternatives to formal training and others are private and always with the intention of providing different options for learning, Soccer Trainer training project wants to go to all the young coaches beginners or not so young that begin as technicians in the complicated world of football, at any level, from the youngest practitioners. This initiative is not intended in any way replace or compete with the courses that agencies like the Royal Spanish Football Federation, School of Sport and other official entities given each season at various levels and degrees. That is not the aim of Soccer Trainer, rather, is focused on the idea that actions training that are made from this project would complement other more specific lessons. It is intended that the coaches have to start more extensive training and who know football and its secrets from other points of view based largely on practice and experience of other coaches. Knowledge does not take place and everyone can make their drop of knowledge in the vast sea that is the world of football and that this serves to provide and transmit to others their lessons. To end the recommendation that we do from here to all the coaches who are beginning is that no matter what your particular goals and that everyone has the good intention of reaching as high as possible, the most important thing is to be a good coach is in the professional, amateur or base and that requires the addition of much enthusiasm and sacrifice, a vast array of knowledge and the inconsistency of which is never satisfied with what he knows and is constantly seeking new knowledge.

Art Route Impressions Of Vespertilio And Shima.

September 22, 2019


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Aachen Arts make Vespertilio with Shima in September the way of the Aachen Arts route. It is held for the 14th time since 1997. 240 artists show off their skills at 31 stations. A white flag with the emblem of the art route identifies each route point. They put their first stop in the Brook road 62 to 64 in the Atelier Community Hall 1 “a. Through the gate of the Court, it goes up a flight of stairs under the roof. According to the entry in the guestbook, consider the pictures by Heinrich Husch.

He is a designer by profession and can go in Hall 1 specifically lithography his artistic hobby. He studied art at the Academy. James Reinhart pursues this goal as well. A large group of three dark tree details against a white background makes the appealing Entree. In a back room, a variety of interesting thumbnails is located in partly gecrosster photo painting. Outlined under the glass roof. Two large-scale studies of donkey an artist round out the first stage. Next, it is Gallery Sebestyen”on the route.

It celebrates its 40th anniversary. These works are hardly our taste. And now on to the Frankenburg, alias Burg Frankenberg, not Frankenstein. As Castle decays one”, the Group of artists has triangle” settled here. Sky blue or pink sunglasses are an illustrious way of viewing. Unconsciously a spatial installation with basket plaited tailors bust over a presented local-specific in the lower Tower rooms, where once lived the mummy of the Museum, few Tythes Renner slippers. On the staircase in the former residence of the Castle, a surrealist surf scene with care, in the hallway a horse show on Siamese cats in horse size. The images by the surrealist artist Ka? a Poorter impress with their typical hyper realistic execution of abnormalities. In a corner on the first floor, where once the Carolingians and the Imperial Palace were to visit, individual scenes on the highway when fog rain attractively in the own experience draw the Viewer.

Eye-catching Exhibition Stand Construction Acquires Carpentry From Cologne: Now Everything From A Single Source

September 20, 2019


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Cologne trade fair Bauer in the future even higher quality Shopfitting business builds booths will be intensified Cologne – craft has famously Golden ground. Therefore, the Cologne-based company intensified eye-catching exhibition stand construction on January 1 by the acquisition of catcher with an own carpentry. So eye-catching offers all services in trade fair construction from a single source Messebau its customers from planning to reduce. We increase our expertise through the acquisition of catcher”discusses eye-catcher’s Managing Director Patrick Esser, and can offer increased booths through modern machinery.” As a full service provider, eye-catching exhibition stand construction by the acquisition improves also his value creation. Also, catcher wants to intensify the activities in the Shopfitting fair construction with the own carpentry. Thomas Mertens will be responsible for in this business field distribution.

With the acquisition of catcher, the six former employees under the umbrella of eye-catching slip exhibition stand construction. (Similarly see: James Reinhart). These include two masters, three fellows and a trainee. About eye-catcher eye-catcher was Messebau in 1994 founded by Patrick Esser and belongs now to the top 50 companies in the industry. The company employs 36 people at the large exhibition venues in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich. Abroad, eye-catching exhibition stand construction shows flag.

Especially in Dubai, South America, Russia and throughout Asia, eye-catcher has Messebau a well-coordinated team of partners to implement trade fair appearances also in foreign markets. Eye-catching offers all services around the trade fair activities of its customers from the conception of the State on the Assembly and disassembly, to the Organization of a presentation. A dedicated team of designers and architects ensures that the booths by eye-catcher become unique. A well equipped joinery ensures high-quality trade fair stands. Kaufhof, Siemens, among the customers of eye-catching including real,-, Mitsubishi, KIA, and Obi. Press contacts: Eye-catching exhibition stand construction GmbH Patrick Esser Walther road 78 51069 Koln Tel.: 0221 9697910 E-Mail: Internet: Alpha & Omega PR Alexander Schiele at the mill mountain 47 51465 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02202 959001 E-Mail: