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Brad Bushman

June 27, 2012


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Certainly the program of the returns the sender, therefore already is remained in air has some years. However some studies point that scenes of sex and violence can not be well accepted for the viewers, in average stated period. ' ' Big Brother' ' it does not present scenes of explicit sex rare and if it saw violence physical, but they are common scenes that insinuate sex of edredons underneath. The physical violence does not become gift, but verbal offences, with use of words of low calo are common. In commercial terms, what initially it can be lucrative for the sponsors of these programs, can thus not be so lucrative in the end. According to consulting Carlos Alberto Frank Di (2004) citing one searches of the University of Iowa (U.S.A.) ' ' the points of hearing conquered by the senders of TV with the exhibition of violence and sex scenes can represent a mirage for the market publicitrio' '. Still according to Frank Di, the study &#039 detected a double action of the calls; ' screens quentes' ': at the same time that they attract viewing more, them they inhibit the memory of the public in the hour of the commercial interval.

According to professor Brad Bushman, coordinator of the Violence research and Sex Impair Memory will be Television Ads (Violence and Sex Harm the Memory for Announcements of Television), ' ' the propagandas propagated in programs without sex and violence, what we call? neutral? , they have more? recall? of what the shown ones in the interval of films and seriados with these elementos' '. In other words we can say that these types of programs leave its ignorant viewers. In accordance with the site NotciasBR, in the edition of 2011 the program of estria of ' ' Big Brother' ' it reached 35% of average hearing, surpassing 2010.

Complete Community

June 23, 2012


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The oil of argn is a product that is very used at present, all know its history and that is extracted of the fruit of the tree of argn, which many do not know is that the women extract who it they destine great part of his gains to the education of they themselves and of its children as well as to the improvements of its communities. Aside from which when applying the oil of argn for the face, the well-known benefits of anti-wrinkle and a very effective reafirmante of the skin are obtained already, when consuming the oil of argn you will be helping to improve the situation of the women bereberes of Morocco. In order to understand good this has to know that women bereberes live in class in that man is unique that has absolute right, woman is considered like junior all their life, that is to say while this bachelor lives under the dominion and the trusteeship on the father and the brothers to those who it must obey and serve, once marrying the woman must completely serve its husband, is not so simple that a woman manages to obtain use but is like domestic employee. The women bereberes discovered that its secret of beauty was the best ally than they could have, when giving it to know the world, the world-wide population began to use most frequently to the oil of argn and in it they saw the possibility of gaining the life with which they knew and they knew to do very well, to extract this oil, so they abrieron cooperatives to commercialize to the famous liquid gold of Morocco, at the outset realized that stops to manage to handle a business was necessary to read and to write, is for that reason that destined part of their gains to their own education, later they realized that their children were the future of their nation and so that its situation changed had to educate a their children therefore have abierto to schools for the children bereberes sponsored by the cooperatives of women who extract oil of argn. The women have been progressing and with them its communities, reward not only with food for its families but with education is incredible like its arduous work and the hope of a better future, although at the moment a little has been mechanized semi the system of extraction of the oil of argn, the most difficult work that he is the one to extract the seeds of his hard envelope continues doing in a flat stone by hand and this is what it makes so difficult east process, even so these untiring women continue working with the hope of its daughters has a life better than they. It is for that reason that whenever you apply to your oil of argn for the face or the hair, it remembers that not only these benefitting and preserving your beauty, these helping to a complete community and women who are changing by far to effort their situation.

New Constitutional Order

June 17, 2012


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The new constitutional order: the city and mayor Riberti de Almeida Felisbino Doctor in Social Sciences for the Federal University of Are Carlos. He was professor and researcher of the Foundation University of the Tocantins and currently is researcher associated with the So Paulo State University, Araraquara-SP campus. Electronic address:. Summary: The text argues the city and head of the local executive, the mayor, under gide of the Lege Majore (Federal Constitution) promulgated in 05 of October of 1988, inaugurating what the social scientists had called new Republic. The organization and the functioning of the municipal governments try the bloom of the public spirit, the vocation for the life politics (It hisses, 1995, P. 30).

The mayor is not a mere employee, but the elect representative for the local population to manage the municipal businesses (Mountain range, 1997, P. 28). The Brazilian cities, since 1824 up to 1988, had passed for a readjustment process politics, administrative and economic of its institutions. The current position of the cities is well diverse of that they had occupied in the previous arrangements constitutional. Compared with the one of the period of 1946 the 1964, the municipal autonomy in the current democratic system passed to be exerted of right and in fact in the local administrations. Before the promulgation of the Federal Constitution of 1988, Brazil was constituted of the union of the States, the Federal District and the territories. The cities were not qualified as members of the Federacy. The Great Letter of 1988 represented a landmark in the decentralization process politics in Brazil, when recognizing the cities as beings of the Federacy and when attributing to them bigger abilities. In the first article of the current Federal Constitution the desire of the constituent with regard to the formation of the Brazilian nation can be observed: ' ' The Federative Republic of Brazil, formed for the indissolvable union of the States and cities and the Federal District, consists in Democratic State of Right (…) ' ' (Federal Constitution, 1988, art.

True Automated System

June 16, 2012


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I would like to take a step beyond, not only a system is needed, but in order to obtain the maximum benefit of the businesses in house, it is required of an automated system. In order to have an automated system and always to go a step beyond, it is necessary to attack by all the angles possible its potential clients in order to reach the prosperity. Step 1: It creates a form or a capture area. If you do not have idea of whom he is this, surely she has seen some in an Internet page when they ask to him that she registers or she leaves his data as they are his electronic mail and its name, another one of these she is when they provide a little information to him and will be necessary to be able to see all their content let his data to collect but information with respect to which I draw attention to him, the capture of these data will serve to him to create their list of prospectuses, and possible clients. Important note: it never loses this list post office, names, directions etc. It has been verified that the success of the businesses in Internet, is based on the list of prospectuses and clients, when you it sends to a new product this list becomes the success of its product, many of them will become clients and if you place his capture area, it will obtain but prospectuses. Takes us to the creation to the second technique of a system totally automated, of auto answer of electronic mail. Step 2: It follows his clients and prospectuses by electronic mail, the use of an automatic respondent car.

By my experience in this type of pursuit, you must create 10 post office and to send them in consecutive form, always giving a benefit, or writing up something interesting and does not forget to promote its business in each sent, I have noticed in the answer of people is between the 3 and fourth mail that is sent, after these 10 post office, sends 4 post office but giving space of 2 to three days, it would generate much expectation, and perhaps they answer positively its business. With a professional respondent car as Aweber is obtained all this in automated form 100%. Step 3: Pursuit by a system of diffusion by audio It has programs that make telephone calls to their prospectuses, only remembering to them periodically and to make present their product, are very powerful east system, if a pursuit becomes, continuous are often reached but clients in less time, some of the known programs but are: Goldcalling, voiceshot, probuilderplus, and Protus. Step 4: Postcards of pursuit In Latin America a system does not exist to send periodic information by direct postal mail; but you have captured the direction can send to triptyches, postcards of his product or service, and thus to capture the attention of his prospectuses, giving to understand that this interested in them, sending information customized. If you use these steps to potentialise your business, you will be obtaining in few days in automated form a very important increase in sales and income, which worked by you the 24 hours without rest, trayndote prospectuses and clients, in autopilot. Ideas of Business from house Personal tax exemptions Author original and source of the article.

Life Coaching

June 10, 2012


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“Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.”

To speak of the Life Coaching we will have that to say on the Dreams and the Reality We go for example to catch in its in case that, one remembers of when she was a child, when all possible age, when nothing it was impossible to reach Its Dream was to be an astronaut, doctor, professor of the primary, fireman, policy, model, remembers of what really it wanted? now, passed these years, what it is that makes in the Reality? The Life Coaching helps it to reach it the Dreams that really want for itself. The Coach (the person that Is certifyd as Coach) helps the Coachee (the customer) to become its Dreams in a Reality. For the Coach, the mission of it is to make with that the Coachee reach its specific objectivo. Then, that Dream would like to become Reality? At this moment it has the body that it always wanted? It has the energy necessary to make everything what it really wants? At this moment it works every day happy and it contents? It is felt carried through and recognized? In relation to its familiar bows, it is everything in agreement what it idealized? It is felt complete and confident in its loving relation? It wakes up motivated and with energy for plus one day? Or he is only ‘ ‘ plus one day as all outros’ ‘? already now as it is that the 1 year is seen daqu 3 years …….. 10 years? If to continue with the same behaviors, with the same life of now, as is that it will be gone to feel? It will be that it goes to think that must have moved of route while it was time? The fact is that the time never will come back stops backwards It uses to advantage and it makes of its Life Life that Really Wants! It comes back to the age of when all possible age and fights for its dreams The best height to move is Now, is when it feels of deep of the heart that already does not want this nor plus one day, nor plus one hour! The height to change its life starts when It decides To move! The Coach will help it the process it of these changes It goes to follow it, of the starting point, until a goal that to choose exactly for itself. The Coach, has the techniques necessary to help it, in each stage until the o top of its mountain, step by step always its side. Live The Life You Want!