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Corporate Identity

September 30, 2016


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The concept of corporate or brand identity emerged in the U.S. in the early twentieth century. Then the number of companies operating in one area, critically increased and came to the fore the need to create the conditions for recognition enterprise release it from its competitors. Corporate identity is a set of graphic and semantic forms, united by one common idea. The purpose of branding – to create a recognizable image of the company, select it from the total mass of competitors. It promotes the integration into one whole all the information coming from the company: proposals for the services of the company, its products, working with suppliers, etc. It is well formed positive perception firms with customers and partners. To create a corporate identity, above all, an analysis of the competitive environment of the enterprise and identifies its characteristics – distinctive features.

What do you offer your customers what not your competitors? Based on these studies, formulated the idea of the company, its image is born. The image of the firm – a set of ideas about your business that you wish to convey to your customers and partners, Naturally, it should be aimed at consumers of your products or services. Therefore, when creating the image of the firm takes into account the theory of sales, especially geographical, sociological images of consumers, which will focus the work of the firm. At this stage, we formulate the ideology of the brand, its values, the main aspect that differentiates your brand from similar offerings on the market.

Cotton Education

September 28, 2016


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In this way, the first and main objective of the experience as an asset in classroom is accurately the interaction between all, making with that all grow with the mutual and multiple experiences of teach-learning, therefore is in the chance would serve as apprentice that we can place in practical our pedagogical conceptions and the education theories that we have contact during our formation. Therefore, the experience would serve as apprentice becomes essential for the formation of qualified professors for the qualitative educational system, that if it transforms thus, at an uneven moment in the formation being able until being affirmed that it is the instant watershed when the act of lecionar is practised and starts to face the challenges and the realities of the classroom and the involved society with the school, therefore, we find from now on, the pictures that in a university room cannot be described. 2 – A little on the school and its history the institution in which I had the chance to work in this curricular period of training receives the name from ' ' School of Basic Education and Average CEL. Humberto Bezerra' ' , it is a located state school in the city of Quixeramobim – CE, to the Highway of the Cotton, s/n – Quarter Moral Hunter that was inaugurated in day 17 of March of 1977, fruit of a project of initiative of Former-Member of the house of representatives Alfredo Almeida Axe. It initiated its activities with 12 professors, 10 employees and 197 pupils of 1 to 4 series, distributed in 08 classrooms in the turns: morning, late and night. In 1978, it advanced in the education system, using the technologies of information and communication as tool of the education process and learning in the modality Telensino, of 5 8 Series. In year 2000, the school gave a jump in the education level and started to be the only peripheral school of the city to offer average education, counting on technological and scientific medias, through the implantation of its first pertaining to school laboratory of computer science. .

The Education Plan

September 27, 2016


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The Plan of Education is a document of reference for the professors, in it consists the objectives and item that will be worked in each it disciplines throughout the course. Each professor adapta in accordance with its necessities, modifying it as changes that appear during the period where is to the front of disciplines. Through this plan, the coordinators have accompaniment and control of the pedagogical planning of the courses, that, after to be approved by the same ones, and not having alteration or update, could be placed to the disposal of the pupils. The analysis of the education plans also exists to make possible something so desired nowadays in the schools: the interdisciplinaridade in the pedagogical planning, allowing to the professors access to the plans of education of its colleagues and the elaboration of these in set. The plan is formed by the following parts: Summary; Objectives; Content Programtico; Methodology; Criteria of Evaluation and Bibliography. An education plan has as objective: Around the objectives of the education plan it is the basic work of the professor, and this has that to establish it of form of that its lesson is clear, pleasant and important to the pupil, leading the subjects in quarrel for are of the walls of the classroom, that is, for the reality of each one. On the basis of the objectives, the professor must list the contents of its program. A minute description of the content of disciplines evidences that the professor possesss perfect notion of the objectives that he intends to reach.

As considered for the text in study, this act to plan it is part of the life of all human being, therefore she is necessary to establish objective goals and of what it is wanted to reach. The plan of education assumes several facetas, but the one that makes the biggest difference is this planning of education, therefore you are welcome it advances to have a good planning of the education in the generality, if education does not go well and if the learning does not happen. A plan alone will be efficient to function itself with comprometimento on the part of the professor, who will have to be always if bringing up to date and perfecting its lessons. He is always necessary that, in the practical professor, if it all has the concern with the improvement of the quality in the education through education and of its good organization during the course, bringing worthy fruits for our education. If planning better, it will be taught better and it will be learned better.

Special Education

September 26, 2016


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We the same follow in day a lesson of the teacher and the affection was really evidenced with that it gives to its lessons and its professional capacity while. It passes an activity in the book of sciences where the pupils must from some letters to form names of animals. The pupils obtain to say the names of the animals through the signals and drawings. It places the names in the picture and calls some pupils to read. The deaf pupils had participated with much enthusiasm of the lesson and had obtained to form many words.

According to teacher the preconception on the part of the colleagues does not exist, therefore they keep friendships equally stops with the deficient ones, them until if they communicate through signals and they played together with its colleagues. SHE ANALYZES OF the DATA From the data collected during the interviews with teachers, pupil and Coordinator of Special Education of DIREC 20, was perceivable that although to have in the School of Application a service of attendance to the pupils special, still the PNE and the LDB exist many deficiencies to adjust it, therefore when is mentioned to the attendance of the pupils special of physical deficiency, is difficult the access of the same ones which had the lack of slopes and bathrooms where was registered that in the visited school it does not have such conditions of adaptation for those that they use the chair of wheel for if moving. Another problem boarded in the research for the professors, it was the lack of pedagogical resources that would have to be used in the accomplishment of the work and this was sufficiently clearly during the visits, therefore the rooms does not have no resource to facilitate the work of the teacher who has in its classroom pupils with auditory deficiency. To weigh of the teacher who works in the room of support with deficient appearances to have some devices, the school, in the generality, still leaves very to desire.

Moscow Technical University

September 26, 2016


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I want to say a few words about our Faculty of Computer Science. Currently we are negotiating with the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. Already achieved a number of agreements, invited experts. In the future, we, together with Bauman plan to create a unified program of instruction with a degree in computer science "to graduate bvshp received a double diploma – the diploma and diploma bvshp Bauman, and, accordingly, on the contrary, as the Moscow Technical University is one of the leading companies in Russia, as we strive to meet only the highest standards. – Speaking about the choice of specialties in terms of its relevance, that can advise our applicants? In the labor market in Slovakia the most in demand are a specialty, such as information technology, mass media (in PR) is less due to oversaturation Market professionals, graduates are in demand of economic and legal professions. – When choosing a specialty applicants are guided not only the prospects of future employment, but also the expected salary. What kind of payment can expect to graduate? In Slovakia, the professionals working in the field of mass media, marketing immediately after graduation earn about 1000 -1500 euro. I note that in Slovakia, wages in 1500 Euro is quite high, since the official poverty line, defined by the legislation amounts to 185.19 euros a month, but life itself in Slovakia in general, and Bratislava in particular is not very expensive compared to other European countries. If we talk about part-then a student can earn 400-500 euros per month, which is comparable to his living expenses.


September 26, 2016


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I can have defects, live anxious and be irritated some times, but I do not forget that my life is the biggest company of the world. that I can prevent that it goes to the bankruptcy. To be happy is to recognize that valley the penalty to live although all the challenges, incompreenses and periods of crisis. To be happy is to leave of being victim of the problems and if to become an author of proper history. To be happy is to cross desert is of itself, but to be capable to find an oasis in the recondite one of its soul. To be happy is to thank the God each morning for the miracle of the life. To be happy is not to have fear of the proper feelings. To be happy is to know to speak exactly of itself.

To be happy is to have courage to hear one ‘ ‘ no’ ‘. To be happy is to have security to receive critical, that an exactly unjust one. To be happy is to find rocks in the way, and to keep them one day to construct a castle.

How Many Are The Banknotes Of The USSR

September 26, 2016


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Many of our citizens are still in the bins bills left over from Soviet times. For many, it's just memory, some bookmarks, but for some it is a treasure, which they cherish as the apple of the eye. Why is it treasure? All because in the opinion of our citizens, these paper money of the ussr are nehily money. Where did this myth? Probably of the opinion that such "historical" papers few who remained, and collectors to drool such rare instances. In fact, it is not, moreover, is not so.

The average price of the banknote with the date of issue 1961 – about 50 rubles for a small denomination and 300 rubles for large denominations. But this price only applies to those instances have not been in circulation, ie them immediately at the time seized and kept in appropriate conditions. In 99% of people do not have similar bills. As a rule they are the owners in the best case of banknotes, the state of which can be defined as "good". But such notes of the ussr is no collector will never be interested. In general, any collector of banknotes – Bonisteel, in their own bins kept tens and hundreds of similar paper .

Even I – the average Bonisteel hand the number of such bills exceeded one hundred. How should I take them? It's simple – if you buy the Collector's material many vendors give such specimens as a bonus. Or do I just substitute bill in the collection new purchased, if their quality is even better. To compare prices, I can say that a pack of rubles ussr in 1961 issue of the banking package (100 pieces) now costs about 3000 rubles. Safety, of course, appropriate. Now Imagine how many times in different forums collectors get messages about the sale of Rare banknotes of the ussr "by" cheap "price of a couple thousand. Such sellers are offended when they say that their papers did not stand. Silently holding his anger they lay "the memory of the USSR" away and wait for when these "curiosities" to rise. As they say, let them wait for three hundred years. Then the grandchildren will say thank you.

Important Insurance Facts

September 26, 2016


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As a rule, when buying a car on credit you impose an insurance company, but when buying for cash or renewal of the insurance contract choice is yours, and here are a few moments. Calculating the cost of repairs. It may perform an independent expert (insurers can not have a staff appraiser) or the official service. If the calculation made service (service stations, which will be repaired), then restore the car at no extra cost. If you evaluator – possible amendments to both the large and in the smaller side.

However, you may contest the result. Some insurers are working with specific stations, and you just want to drive there cars and all. However, when an insurer virtually independently carries out repairs, possible loss of quality – because he wants to reduce their costs. Who pays the funds? When buying a car loan money gets no official stations, a bank, but not you. If srt, you do not have to pay for repairs out of pocket, as if the bank, you'll need.

The Bank will take into account payments received as repayment of loan principal and interest on it. In the case of voluntary insurance money get you. The insurer pays them to the account or in cash. When transferring funds to the cashing out will cost you from 0,5 percent to 3 percent depending on the bank. Paper issue. Specify in which cases are needed documents from the competent authorities certifying the insurance case, and what not. Stone, departing from under the wheels of associated car and smashed the glass, it is recognized as an insurance case some insurers only if You have reported this to the nearest dps office, and a number of companies evidence of such facts is not required. Sure to visit the office. Often gloss when dealing with an agent and then poured into a nightmare when visiting the office when the company just a few days a week, and then part-time, is accepting applications, and running only one employee claims settlement. Where to complain? If an insurer violates your rights to complain can be a sar or the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision, which is in every city. And the last tip – choose a balanced! Insurance should provide peace of mind and guarantee security, and not be simple formality!