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Russian Information

December 30, 2016


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People judge about astrology mainly horoscopes in newspapers, online, on radio or booklets for a wide range of readers. But this is only general expressions, which are typical representatives of the signs of the zodiac, of which there are in our percent 10. Yes, and much of the daily horoscopes in the media written by local Fibber, not astrologers. And get my book for a wide range, "in which the author collected horoscopes" from around the world. " As if the author has found them all and gathered in one place. References at the end is impressive: if builder used by these authors (which are very serious), then the book would be a different story.

Ie the author simply decided to earn money siphoned ready "Horoscopes" from the same hacks. Based on this, people conclude that astrology does not work, it's all fiction and pumping money. But people involved in astrology seriously, they know about the real possibilities. Horoscope drawn up individually according to the man carries about him all the information. Horoscope – is not a box of information that can be opened and took out everything there is.

This is the scheme which is "attached" to the man. Astrology – A language, and astrologer, knowing the language, translates to "space" in Russian. The astrologer did not invent, and reads it with a person's horoscope. Knowing what it means or another planet, their location, interconnection, Astrologer collect information and synthesize it. Some believe that sufficient computer interpretation. It is not.

Literary Magazine

December 15, 2016


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Several leaves have fallen off the calendar from the crucial time when Jorge Castillo Mendoza, strongly supported by friends and family unanimously decided to embark on adventure journalism literary magazine Riohacha found a city where every day they are born and die media communication as they arrive and leave her restless waves Tues Any further review, he asked someone in a tone of disapproval; How much will it last? It asked another, in a tone of disbelief. And everyone has expressed about the new project. Some assumed it was a mere delusion of provincial journalist and a short flight over company aimed at increasing the huge list of magazines first and only issue of La Guajira. Those who thought so were mistaken. Did not address a crucial and differentiating factor: the tenacity of the Castillo Mendoza and, above all, George, who from his youth, almost from infancy, had at your fingertips with a typewriter which helped to put his startling black and white ideas about popular art, his rigorous vision about the centennial history of the Caribbean, to his delight in well-structured biographical chronicle, the report from the province for the media in the capital. Anyway, while teenagers of his generation ever dreamed of dancing in the style of John Travolta, or enjoy "the last of Diomedes" Jorge toying with the idea of seeing his name to an article in El Espectador and El Heraldo, La Libertad and El Tiempo. While his classmates gave anything to have a new car even if provided, Jorge unveiled by seeing his name on the cover of a book on acting out the stories that plying his mind of visionary man. .

Outdoor Advertising – The Definition Of The Target Audience

December 15, 2016


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In order to advertising (in this case we are referring to is the outdoor advertising) to be effective and truly useful, it is necessary to clearly define the contingent of people to focus the attention where it is, in fact, created. Indeed, if we ask. And how many people engaged in the manufacture of outdoor advertising, wondered about the attraction of the target audience. So, first of all, it is necessary to determine the location of elements of the outdoor advertising – and here one of the important things is to involve the cooperation of these professionals as well as the choice of location will depend on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Second, need to think about the appearance of "outdoor advertising" – the size of advertising designs (ranging from small plates and light letters and ending with huge metal structures), and its form. One of the most important and fundamental moment is the choice of theme colors: definitions of brightness and saturation of colors – for one person to be absolutely certain range of shabby, while for the other – a bright and eye-catching. In this case helps to conduct a variety of sociological poll conducted various campaigns, wearing a statistical nature. And so, after the analysis and data processing is becoming possible to the original definition of the target audience and identify the main points and the provisions of which will directly depend on the effectiveness of promotional activities..

Real Time Interaction Management And Quality Monitoring

December 2, 2016


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CallCenterWorld 2012: CRM in real time for fast and individual processes of Tubingen, January 30, 2012 the increasing complexity of tasks and technologies in the call center are a central theme in the industry. Therefore try several companies to bundle the communication channels and to make easier to use. Here they are faced with the challenge to use a large number of applications in a short sequence correctly and efficiently and to ensure a high quality of service at the same time. For this reason, presented the almato GmbH exhibits on CallCenterWorld 2012 including solutions for quality monitoring and provides real time interaction management before a new concept for CRM in real time. The Tubingen company also shows by the 28.02.2012 until 01.03.2012 in Hall 4 stand D7 systems in the areas of coaching, e-learning, reporting and analytics. Even if sometimes the near end of the contact center is predicted, the industry in our perception is more alive than ever. The ever higher requirements on companies require more powerful systems and highly qualified staff members in the contact center. “From this I conclude that the relevance of the Contact Center for the company’s success grows rather than decreases”, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH.

this development we work on solutions, on the one hand, make quality measurable respond and provide important insights for improving quality. “On the other hand, we use real time interaction management a second focus on the reduction of complexity and the streamlining of processes in the customer service.” With real time interaction management (RTIM) almato offered a solution for CRM in real time. RTIM enables contact center agents flexibility on changing business requirements and unforeseen customer requests to respond. To enable this, in real time, so at the moment of the customer contact, read data from the software solutions in the company used and analyses.