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Tweet Festival

November 30, 2016


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Only the 50 best startups from all applications can pitch on the 29.10.12 in the context of the investor day in one-on-one meetings of their business idea before renowned investors. Only the best eight get the opportunity you Start up before 2500 international guests in the framework of the Conference Days to present and thus the winner prize of 25,000 euros! a little closer to. We announce pioneers Festival speaker speaker announcement and winning ticket in each episode to the taste of three. In July it was Tom Hulme (Design Director IDEO), Alexander Osterwalder (business model guru) and Christopher Ahlberg (founder of recorded future). Today, we proudly present: Peter Vesterbacka (CMO Rovio entertainmnet and Mobile Monday Founder); Sean Ellis (CEO and founder of CatchFree) and Bjorn Lasse Herrmann (founder of and founder / CEO of startup genomes).

Also in this month, there to win two tickets to the pioneers Festival: the most telling Tweet sharing the link with #PF12TV, wins two tickets. The winner will be announced in the next episode. Congratulations to: Constantin Gavrilete, you have 2 tickets to the pioneers won Festival! We welcome about pioneers Festival from October 29-31 2500 international guests in the Vienna Hofburg welcome. The 50 best European Web – Tech and mobile start-ups compete again this year. They receive in the course of the challenge kickoff days’ workshops and coaching of professional mentors to the presentation of their business idea before a jury to be prepared.

Also we host the investor dinner”, which allows one-on-one meetings and thus offers the chance of all 50 start-ups to present their business idea in front of investors. But only the best eight startups the opportunity their innovation from 2500 international guests, business angels, venture capitalists and a media coverage during the event to present. The winner takes 25,000 euro! Challenge are available up to the 07.09.12 applications. Running from October 30-31 conference days will be two tracks offered. 60 renowned speaker amongst others Alexander Osterwalder, Tom Hulme and Christopher Ahlberg, will give their knowledge to the best. On track 1 are current and future but also lack technology and Innovation trends discussed. Track 1 serves to inspire, closer to the start-up industry and the driving forces behind kennenzulerenn and views of the future. Is it learning and not just listen to on track 2, the startup Academy”. Learn more on the subject from Hamdi Ulukaya refugees. Here, the best mentors communicate their Know-How. Also, it is the clash of the founders’ type, team Europe appear here: Felix Petersen (Amen) and Edial Dekker (Gidsy) against team US: Justin Kan (Socialcam) and Kyle bragger (Sophie). No less a figure than Mike Butcher and Ben Parr judge who manages to develop the better product in 24 hours. Connected with entertainment, a Halloween – Closingparty, show acts, local as well as international focus events, we revive Internet conferences and give a unique Festival feeling.

Free Video Course For More Traffic

November 26, 2016


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100% more traffic and prospects to your Web site that promises you Using free Google tools and the generation of extremely targeted visitors to the success. A new video course now offers help to see only two-digit visitor numbers, for those who like more want to press on the gas and there are suffering on their Web page. A total of seven traffic coaching videos can internalize interested in driving and webmaster itself, by signing up for the free instant access. Once registered and already it can go! But who’s behind it? Christian Koltringer is a seasoned driving from Austria. He has already launched products such as the eBookinator in the life or written numerous blogs on the topic to succeed in online business.

With its traffic coaching he created again a digital info product, which is not only interesting but also useful. The video course tells how you can establish themselves in the online business and what tricks and tweaks are needed apparently all visitors to more traffic to get your own page. In the mentioned tools are mostly free and require only time and hard work, free according to the motto: anyone can be successful on the net! The research about Google Gmail up to Google Alerts the path that leads to the targeted traffic is gehbar without stumbling blocks. In addition to the video course, every registered user gets their own affiliate links. Using this affiliate links, each as the affiliate can now consider by

So, visitors of the website can be sent just about the partner link on the traffic-coaching home page. Already after five interested parties who have registered for a traffic-coaching, waving useful bonuses for you as the affiliate. For example free accounts for email marketing are in the traffic Club systems, the eBookinator package, or Gratismitgliedschaften. Start using free Google tools and the generation of extremely targeted visitors to the success. That is the message of the Christian Koltringer in his traffic-coaching, spread clear and untarnished.


November 25, 2016


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All marketing segments such as direct marketing, cross-marketing and Internet marketing have been merged to a big GeMax marketing mix. In addition, all new GeMax marketing campaigns for the hotel industry were presented. GeMax held a parallel event on the second day. Long-time members dealt in the same period with the future trends in the hotel industry”. The presentations for this industry news selected and through internal and external speakers such as Michael Thenner (blaueQuelle communication society mbH) and Birgit Weiss (leisure, Gottingen), practice-oriented presented Rudiger Krenz (AXA Service AG) and Werner Gartner (head of coaching at GeMax). “” “Of the talks: successful marketing strategies for a conference hotel”, the future business travel market requirements”and destination I: the traveler of tomorrow makes depends on the goal of the hotel” there from noon “” in-depth workshops with titles: analysis of the own marketing strategies and the steps to successful marketing as a conference hotel, my offer for the business travel market of tomorrow “or which offer niche can cover my hotel for the future?”. Two days compact knowledge for the participants plus possibility of deepening through external partners two strenuous, but beautiful and especially informative days are behind the participants.

In addition through the breaks like a conversation a good breather prepare for cooperation partners, exchange of between colleagues and the refreshing of friendly relations for all parties involved”to everyday business. To do this, an old sat GeMax Member operating: well, that was even more than good. Great input, good entertainment and informative talks we have moved our goals in the direction of “Insolence”…!” But also new members could barely contain your enthusiasm and communicated to GeMax company page on Facebook: it has made me a lot of fun and joy. It was my first time. Hope will not be the last. Lots of information and new ideas brought and also new people met and exchanged experiences.

Thank you.” For the first time in the program of events this year: the Company Y-site. It has paid off, says Lars bang, Managing Director of Y-site and commented on the event with the following statement: thank you for this event. We have enjoy a highly professional organization, interesting topics, a great programme and enthusiastic restaurateurs and hoteliers. We look forward to the deepening of contacts and successful collaboration.” Sandra Baltes of protel hotelsoftware GmbH added as a partner shortly but concisely: thank you very much for this successful event! Great speakers, great evening… We were impressed!” Also by GeMax would thank us! Thank you for the many participation, thank you for the great commitment of our Members, thank you for the many suggestions, we great conversations and this friendly “-feeling.” But above all, thank you for the trust placed in us in our daily work. Are living proof that the GeMax system works!

Joerg Sost New Advisory Board Of Atreus

November 18, 2016


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Joerg Sost, former member of the corporate Board of Freudenberg & co. KG, since December 1, 2011 belongs to the Advisory Board of Atreus. Munich / Bad Homburg, 07.12.2011 Joerg Sost worked over 35 years in operational management and in the management of international companies. It executives worked almost 20 years in various roles in the management of the Freudenberg Group focused among other things on the automotive and supplier industry. His task spectrum management sees SOST in the future in the strategic management of Atreus clients from the automotive industry, as well as in the Atreus cooperative consulting. Atreus operates in an extremely exciting and innovative growth market with outstanding prospects in Germany as well as in the international environment.

With my varied experience and contacts I want to shape the future success of Atreus and his clients and contribute to the establishment of interim management in enterprises”, so Jorg SOST. we I’m glad to be able to expand our Advisory Board to a further recognized automotive specialist with Joerg Sost”, so Dr. Harald Linne, managing partner of Atreus. Due to his management-expertise in international companies, as well as in supervisory, management and advisory boards we hope for us important impulses for the operational development of Atreus as a market leader in the area of interim management as well as for our national and international clients.” The Diplom-Volkswirt (University of Fribourg) SOST worked sealing and vibration Technology GmbH & co. KG initially in various responsible positions at IBM GmbH, BP AG, Gillet GmbH and the Freudenberg. in 2005 he was appointed then Freudenberg & co. KG member of corporate management and general partner.

In addition, Joerg Sost is a member of various supervisory, administrative and advisory bodies such as Deutsche Bank Mannheim (Advisory Board), the citizen GmbH (Advisory Board), the Spirella AG (Board of Directors) and the Freudenberg Schwab AG (Board of Directors). The beginning of 2011-based Advisory Board of Atreus comprises in addition to Joerg Sost Dr. Helmut Eschwey, who holds the Presidency. Press contact: Atreus GmbH Sabine dreesen’s Marketing Manager Tel. 089 / 45 22 49 420 E-Mail: WBCO PR & business communications GmbH Christoph Doebbelin Tel: 069 / 133 88 038 E-Mail: information about the companies the Atreus GmbH is market leader in the use of interim managers in Germany and one of the largest suppliers in Europe. Atreus helps companies for 19 years with experienced managers or complete teams are special skills in a company temporarily or resources needed very quickly. The partner company headquartered in Munich and Bad Homburg grew in Germany from 2006 to 2011, with an average growth rate of more than 40 percent per year significantly faster than the market.

Positive Prospects

November 18, 2016


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Software and IT services will grow faster than hardware sales in Poland Jelenia Gora / Poland, 28.02.2012 the European Commission predicts that economic growth in Poland this year will be the highest in the EU. But not for the reason that the Polish gross domestic product amounting to the shoots, but rather because the economies of many EU countries experienced a recession or stagnation. According to the current forecast of the European Commission, the Polish economic growth to reach 2.5% in 2012. The Polish IT market is the second largest in Central and Eastern Europe behind Russia. He was marked by dynamic changes in recent years. In the period 1999-2008 the IT market value of 9.1 billion PLN PLN 27.5 billion almost quadrupled. The market value to 26.5 billion PLN fell in 2009 and 2010 he rose again to about 4.4%. For 2011, an increase of 3% on hardware, 8% to 7% in IT services and software market value was expected.

In the next few years the software and IT services market in Poland is stronger grow as the hardware Division. In the year 2010 amounted to the total order value of the 200 biggest IT contracts in the business sector over 722 million PLN, which meant an increase of 15% compared to the prior year. The highest IT spending accounted for the Polish State Railways (PKP), the State Forestry Office and the Polish Post Office (Poczta Polska). Significant changes are emerging in some sectors of the economy. So, the energy industry is one of the leading industries in the IT technology with ERP systems. The financial and banking sector, where the average lifespan of so-called mission-critical applications is 10 years, can bring in the year 2012 big contracts in the field of software implementations.

In the public sector, held strong changes of value of individual requests from IT. Here, the richest contract in 2010 with around 400 million PLN was twice as high as in 2009. Also increased the average value for smaller IT contracts to almost three times. The health care market is characterized by a few Top players at the Technologization of hospitals and health care facilities. The Polish State performs two comprehensive Informatics in the eHealth, which will run until the year 2015. The attractiveness of the SME sector for IT companies in Poland is high, because every year, many startups emerge and pushing many new companies in the Internet market. The fact that at present still mainly local companies providing IT services to the Polish SMEs, opportunities for market entry foreign companies. To the market situation, market trends, trends, the IT market in Poland for key players on the Polish IT market and Government IT projects our market study “appeared. It presents current market data to hardware, software and IT services, as well as to their categories. The market information enables businesses to make strategic decisions about investments in the Polish IT market. Get more information on market analysis and the Polish IT market by the contact person specified below and on the Website. Since 2004, supports Poland consulting services management consulting market entry, the settlement of companies and the search of distributors of foreign companies in Poland and supplies also need customized market data and market analyses.

Modern Customer Dialogue

November 16, 2016


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Experts in voice applications on the contact center trends Heidelberg, September 16, 2011 the Sikom Software GmbH presents itself on the this year’s contact center trends in Frankfurt. The trade fair for modern customer dialogue takes on the 28th and 29th September 2011 in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena and will give plenty of space including the issues of cloud computing and social media. Booth of B14 in Hall 1, Sikom will enter on these trends and introduce appropriate products and services. Solutions the Sikom Software GmbH in AgentOne sees as a specialist for platform-independent and flexible Contact Center Release 5, the latest version of its ACD solution for, an answer to the challenges of the contact center industry. On the one hand, the solution characterized by general system enhancements, and simplified installation routines. On the other hand the version 5 has numerous new features. Here, the introduction of the reporting data warehouse concept and a new interface for Agentenclient plays and one Supervisorclient important role. Providing an advanced document and Processrouting AgentOne DokManager is one of the innovations.

On the contact center, Sikom explains trends which organisational measures must be taken if voice communication and document-based communication are linked together. The most important highlights of AgentOne, release 5 is one connecting social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Customer requests that reach companies became increasingly concerned with the new communication channels, can be managed efficiently by intelligent routing”, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom. These elements of the solution fit perfectly fair focusing on social media. Also we want to talk at the booth with interested parties about, what legal aspects are taken into account and which rules are required, when it comes to the integration of social media into customer communication.” Sikom looks at the topic of cloud computing a trend in the hybrid cloud, when a business uses a classic private cloud and additionally uses as a backup for system outages and spikes on the public cloud.

In the field of customer service communication, Heidelberg company’s customers already put on virtual ACD Systems, which are installed on external servers and automatically distribute calls, as well as virtual speech dialog systems, the cloud computing use as operating model. In addition to virtual Dialer, also running as a cloud application, we have implemented now also very comprehensive language platforms for complex tasks. So, a customer uses currently”a voice input platform in the cloud, which operated up to 600 telephone channels in parallel, Jurgen H. Hoffmeister is reported. Because the applications that can be implemented as a cloud computing model, play an increasingly important role for us, we feel content very good hands trends in the contact center.”# end # the Sikom Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of contact Center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal language dialog platform VoiceMan as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, voice authentication United voice ID, the Sikom AlarmServer and the billing system t.e.o. . Sikom is based on strong partnerships, including his success in major research projects with universities and industrial partners.

Minecraft Pocket

November 15, 2016


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That the indie-game phenomenon, Minecraft is a million hit knows that pretty much everyone who is even just a little bit interested in video games. That the indie-game phenomenon, Minecraft is a million hit knows that pretty much everyone who is even just a little bit interested in video games. For the press, the title belongs to one of the most important titles of in recent years and the Developer Studio Mojang cashed several awards and top ratings for Minecraft. Where the folks at Mojang still in the stumble advised, is the little brother of its hit title. Minecraft Pocket’s systems have already quite a while for iOS and Android, but in February it gets bought a complete revision. The reason for this is that they could locate Minecraft Pocket do well on the market.

This mobile version of the title as a pure creative world was intended. Dot should not be fought for survival, like in the great”Minecraft, but it should go only to the building with an unlimited number of blocks. The was not particularly well accepted however by the wide fan base. We have read through tons of comments and opinions us and it looks like we have made a big mistake. You wanted monsters, resources, animals and many different blocks.”said Daniel Kaplan business developer.

“In other words: the fans want the large” Minecraft on their small cell phones. This however poses quite a problem developers Mojang, because for such a task, the actual code in the Minecraft Pocket works is not designed at all. Although the player in Minecraft Pocket can but nothing more build any imaginable villages and cities with ports, banks and casinos. “That’s why Daniel Kaplan on his blog already announced: these requirements mean that we can no longer use the original code and therefore we will newly organize the match and revise.” But good news for the Minecraft fans with iOS and Android because to devices, on the 8th February the massive update for Minecraft Pocket be available. What exactly is, so that everything is still unknown in old Mojang style but it is a big step in the direction of the great”Minecrafts.

Star Capital Partners Ltd

November 15, 2016


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Berenberg advised the Carlyle Group LP in the acquisition of the German nursing home operator all uncle as the lead M & A Advisor. Frankfurt. Berenberg has advised the Carlyle Group LP, with assets under management of 180 billion dollars of one of the world’s largest managers of alternative investments, M & A Advisor in the acquisition of the German nursing home operator all uncle as the lead. The uncle of all group is the eight largest private operator of nursing homes in Germany. These include 49 inpatient nursing residences with more than 6,000 inpatient beds, 18 houses for sheltered housing with about 1,000 apartments, as well as five outpatient services.

Currently 4,000 people are employed at all uncle. “The selling of all Uncle group at the Carlyle Group is one of the largest transactions in the German nursing home sector in recent years and underscores the outstanding expertise of Berenberg in this dynamic sector”, says Dirk-Oliver Loffler, head of M & A advisory at Berenberg. The purchase of the Carlyle Europe partners III, a 5.3-billion-euro Fund is financed. The nursing home operator was sold by Star Capital Partners Ltd. Berenberg was founded in 1590 and private banking, investment banking, asset management and corporate banking is today with the business areas of the leading European banks. The banking firm with headquarters in Hamburg is run by partners, has a strong presence in the financial centres of London, Zurich and Frankfurt, and has a total of over 17 locations in Europe, America and Asia. Fixed related to our tradition, more than 1,100 employees carry the success of our business in the future.

Tips For Safe Handling With The Competition Law

November 10, 2016


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A kit beer for the environment protecting them 1 m rainforest. The Krombacher rainforest promotion runs from May 1 until 31.07.2002. During this period in Dzanga Sangha rain forest is protected with each purchased Kasten Krombacher 1 m sustainably. This ensures the WWF Germany.\” This slogan originates from a Krombacher advertising campaign, you know. This campaign is supported by numerous promotional activities. If you would like to know more then you should visit 4Moms.

\”So you can, for example, a T-Shirt reading for the rain forest\” order. For more information, see… . Competitively, this campaign is very critical to look at. Competition law is not only for large corporations, but especially for young entrepreneurs in many very confusing. It is often dependent on each case, also lacks often the time and legal expertise, understanding of competition law in its depth and to combine the paragraphs. Gunther Jauch promises us in prominent example advertising, that we with a crate of Krombacher environmental able to protect. Consumers imagine a hassle-free transaction including the Krombacher in cooperation with the WWF pro of sold box Krombacher buys beer, one square meter of rainforest and protects from deforestation and other threats.

And that for 100 years. Overall, Krombacher so appeals to the good conscience towards the environment. However the real process is not this average consumer idea and that’s why Krombacher received an indictment for breach of competition rules. In fact a general donation per sold Kasten Krombacher to the WWF held namely, who then uses them to protect already protected rain forests continue to. This is done by supporting the resident Ranger\”, explains Theresa Schade, Marketing Assistant in marketing consulting team Vinco, that is to say, not directly increases the amount of protected rain forest. Furthermore are donated by the 11.50 euros per Kasten Krombacher beer only 6.7 cents to the WWF. So not enough money to actually 1 m to protect Rainforest for centenary sq.\”a clear deception of consumers and thus a breach of competition law.

Continuity Of Lease Contracts Also In Targeted Country Waiver

November 9, 2016


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BTR obtains judgment from the District Court of Frankfurt (Oder) on the important issue of land lease inventory security lawyers. BTR obtains judgment from the District Court of Frankfurt (Oder) on the important issue of land lease inventory security lawyers. Even if land owners in a floor planning procedures instead of the country settlement select a compensation in money, an land lease existing for the affected surface can continue to apply. This was the District Court of Frankfurt (Oder) in a judgment of the 17.07.2012 (AZ.: 12 LW 25/11) firmly. The problem: An agricultural company has leased agricultural land until the year 2021. During the existing relationship of lease, the leased land as deposit plots were extensive soil order proceedings.

The leased land were renamed and new cut. The owner and landlord of the leased land were assigned in the floor planning procedures instead of the leased land settlement areas. For these settlement areas, the owners explained the targeted country waiver for money payment in favor of a third party. In his statement to the targeted country waiver, the owner pointed out the existing for his deposit land lease with the agricultural company and had the entrance of third parties in the lease agreement. The third took the deliberate abandonment of land.

After the third as owner of settlement land in the land was registered, he told the agricultural companies, that he entered the targeted elimination of country in the lease and the rent in the future to pay him. At the same time, the third announced the lease to the end in 2021. The agricultural company disagreed with the resignation and paid the lease to third parties as the current owner. In proceedings before the District Court of Frankfurt (Oder), the third party as the owner of the agricultural company now demanded the surrender of leased land. The legal situation: The District Court of Frankfurt (Oder) has in his judgment of the 17.07.2012 (AZ.: 12 LW 25/11) decided that the leased land do not give out the agricultural company must. According to the District Court of Frankfurt (Oder), a lease over the settlement areas has come about between the third party and the agribusiness. Because the third party has prompted the agricultural company for the lease payment and terminated the lease at the same time, he has submitted an offer to the continuation of the lease relationship after the opinion of the Court until the termination date. This took the agribusiness through the contradiction of the termination and payment of the lease. Is the existing minor variation in the size of the leased land according to the District Court of Frankfurt (Oder) through a contract adjustment to take into account. The judgment is not final. Consequences for the tenants: a property owner and landlord in the floor planning procedures can be with money and not land resign (targeted country waiver), ends the land lease contract existing in these areas ( 73 FlurbG), unless the tenant can prevent this legally. The District Court of Frankfurt (Oder) has with the present judgment makes it clear that the tenants not in any case is losing his leased land. A tenant facing a ground order procedure an acquirer, demanded the release of land from him, the circumstances of the individual case should be examined closely.