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May 31, 2020


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To accept does not mean that we must like what happened in the past or that we are in agreement with it. To accept means for us, to take responsibility from which already happened and was of that way. Instead of we focused in fighting against those moments that already happened, which we needed to do is to accept it and to put that energy at the disposal of our dreams and objectives. We maintain that the acceptance comes from the hand of the respect. If we accepted different glances, different people a we, are respecting to the other like legitimate other.

From coaching ontological we learn to observe and to respect that different points of view exist each human being and tried to construct effective agreements from these differences to obtain a transformation in the coexistence with the other. We learn to give to our pairs the possibility that they are as they want to be in spite of not being in agreement with that. This does not mean that we are justifying his to drive, simply we give the permission him to express itself with freedom and its special form to be. This is translated in most wonderful and challenging than the human being it faces nowadays, nothing else and nothing less than with his own existence, that acquires sense through the relations that forges with those who it coexists. Ten in account following check-list TO ACCEPT means: To make important how you feel instead of which is happening. To make important your balance instead of dejarte to take by the situation.

To make the relation important instead of to look for to be right and answers for everything. To make your important objectives and dreams instead of enfocarte in the circumstances that are not as you would like that they were. I give some questions to you so that you are observed in your capacity of acceptance.

Medinico Development

May 30, 2020


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At last, chances for you if to go deep the subject do not lack. In addition, one remembers that the Espritas Houses make use normally of classrooms where its courses are carried through. Normally the beginning one starts with the preparatory course to the espiritismo, passing for the basic one, apprenticees of the Evangelho, Medinico Development, Philosophy and others that are given by voluntary entrepreneurs of the House whom they follow to a didactic programming established by the direction of the House, on-line and in accord with basic level textbooks of the Codification of Kardec. Western Union has compatible beliefs. Traditionally the lessons are initiated by one prece, followed of a reading of matrix workmanships spiritual on which the instructor makes balances in agreement its interpretation. A didactic book is adopted aiming at to facilitate the learning process.

It does not have evaluations neither nor works> being valid note, nor academic diplomas to participate of these courses are demanded. To participate they are necessary, will to learn, attention, presence and participation in the lessons. The moral reform, that is, the wakening for our feelings and behaviors on-line with the teachings of the Christ will be to the few stimulated in the participants. It does not have collection of taxes, school registrations or monthly fees (by the way no activity developed for the Espritas Houses is paid) and normally it has vacant for all the interested parties (that unhappyly nor always they are many). The chances of agreement of the questions are many that involve our physical existence and spiritual, aiming at to modify for better the course of our lives.

Active Women

May 26, 2020


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The meeting place on the Internet for women who learn, acquire knowledge, skills and competences Seeshaupt want, June 30, 2010 – with the learning community and training platform, is a young and ambitious company from Seeshaupt in the education sector at the start. Of learning, information, and Coachingportals aims to make the education and training of women from the German-speaking world, free and unencumbered possible with flexible offerings. A gap in the market for women who want to work on their personal training for professional and/or daily life, self-active and matched to their temporal possibilities, includes Samanthanet. Quickly and easily in the Forum of the learning community to remain professionally on the ball, by contacts with colleagues and by answers to questions, be given. Learn together and Gabriela Bacani Westebbe, the founder and CEO of Samanthanet support: mutual learning, to interact, to cheer up, up “to encourage each other has even on hard working and family days still a rewarding character, even if Exchange only” virtually takes place.

At Samanthanet it is not alone. Although the focus is on the training is, takes the community, the community of all, on the platform active women, a large room on.”private remains private with us. A transfer of data will not be with us, “so BA Westebbe next. Because Samanthanet is a social meeting place for mutual support and appreciation in learning and in life. Career coaching and competence accounting online again and again there are situations that represent turning points in life. After graduation, professional, private or local changes after or during a family break. Samanthanet offers coaching for career or returning to work. In conflict situations, it takes very much courage to bring about change.

Be it a new job offer or an operational decision that you would like to support. Disputes in the company or bullying. In the conversation with other women or with a professional coach from Samanthanet succeed easier to find a good solution. Often, the actual strengths of a woman much better than the previous career path show private and voluntary commitment. Although almost every woman professionally is forced in any way to compromise, the recognition and the use of the own potential is much more satisfying. An analysis of activities and a skills inventory, individually or in groups, Samanthanet brings the strengths of women to the fore and might thus lead the way for the further careers. is still in a continuous optimisation phase and will quickly leave the Beta status with increasing use. Press contact and interview requests: Marita Wittner Tel: + 49 (0) 8151 368 984 fax: + 49 (0) 8151 368 985 Samanthanet GmbH & co. KG Gabriela Bacani Westebbe of Weilheimer road 7 82402 Seeshaupt, Germany Tel: + 49 (0) 8801 913 9151 fax: + 49 (0) 8801 91 17 47 over Samanthanet: Samanthanet is a learning community and an information and education portal for women. A meeting place on the Internet for women who find out, want to acquire knowledge, skills and competences. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. Samanthanet provides tutorials, lessons, seminars and webinars for modern didactics. Through the learning community, Samanthanet offers the possibility to participate actively in the shaping of the content and to learn from each other according to tradition and to support the women. Whether alone, in pairs or in groups. With Samanthanet, every woman will find their way to new (Professional) perspectives.

Autoresponder MLM

May 26, 2020


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Hello, yesterday I was talking with a member of my team, what happened is that we had arranged a meeting to see the marketing plan we will continue on the Internet. Source: Anne Lauvergeon. I asked about some people who had not attended the meeting were, and told me that they do not care about the Internet, it does not work for online business and what better to do it the traditional way to be wasting time looking contacts on the Internet. And I said: Queeee?, How can it be a waste of time? Well what would I told this member of my team is that many do their online MLM business, but few know how to do effectively. But how is it effectively? – I wonder I said, do so effectively is not first promote your MLM business from the start. Promoting an online MLM business is not like promoting an MLM business online. What you need to use is Attraction Marketing.

And how do attraction marketing? For it is providing valuable information that that person is looking at Internet. And what kind of valuable information? It can be a tool, a book, a testimony of someone successful in business, MLM, etc. That is valuable information What you have to do on the Internet is not fully present from the start your MLM business, you have to first build trust with your prospect and potential partner in your MLM business. How to build confidence? Well as I said, give valuable information to show as an expert, provide something that could help your prospect to that person who came to your website. Then to create that confidence you have to do a follow-up, there comes where you have configured the Autoresponder trace messages with valuable information. Then it’s good to have a newsletter that you can write one time a week or once a month, or every 15 days, which shall keep your prospect and a potential partner at the latest in the MLM industry.

That’s why many people do not want to hear from the Internet to do their business because they do nothing about it, they enter the chat rooms, waste time in talking with people and tell them about the wonderful business opportunity they have. People do not enter the chat room to hear proposals from business, but rather to talk and relax after a day of work, others come to spend time only. I say this because I once did when you first started in the multi-industry. But that’s what most MLM newbies, and that if it is a waste of time. We must do our MLM business wisely, and for that we must train, study everything about the network marketing industry, learn about online marketing, sales, etc … So many people fail in MLM want to develop their business in Internet, because they simply do not know how. The opposite is that there are people who are succeeding in your MLM business developed almost 100% from the Internet.

Successful Business Cards

May 22, 2020


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Business cards have appeared in ancient times and since then has won a lasting place in our everyday lives. Now work any more or less successful company is unthinkable without the use of blunt cards. However, that the card was really effective, we must define the functions it will perform. First and foremost, is the transmission of information about its owner. Secondly, this contact information, then have the opportunity to connect with you.

Finally, the use of business cards aimed at maintaining the good name of the company. Thus, when creating business cards need to focus some of the rules of registration cards. 1. Descriptiveness and conciseness. Business card should contain the necessary information about its owner and the organization he represents: The name of the organization. Name and surname of the employee. Position.

In some cases, the condition of successful business cards is the replacement of long titles for more creative and interesting options. Address. Indicates that if you intend to visit customers of your office. Contact info. At present, sufficient considered an indication of one or two phones on a business card. Do not forget your email address and website, now these ways of communication are very popular and convenient. 2. Quality paper. If you want that your card has attracted attention and highlighted the status of your business – Make business cards on high quality designer paper. It can be paper-metallic, pearl paper, or Touche Cover – it all depends on your taste. 3. Readability. The information contained on business cards, should be easily readable. No need to reload a calling card too much information, as well as the use of complex fonts, and an excess of images. Prepare quality business cards you own, using special software. For example, the editor of the Master Business Card from AMS Software – is a reliable program for creating professional quality business cards. The product is simple and easy to use and allows you to create business cards for professionals of all profiles. 4. Using a brand slogans. As a rule, they are used to emphasize the main benefits of the company. Having a short and concise sound, they attract attention, thereby increasing the efficiency of your business card. We have listed only some of the criteria for an effective business card. Business card – this is an important tool for business interaction, and from its appearance depends directly on the effectiveness of establishing contacts and expanding the base of potential customers. Therefore, in the manufacture of particular attention should design a business card, and focus on the basic rules registration cards.

Time Management

May 22, 2020


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People who truly understand the value of time, quite naturally interested in time management. Time for us is precious and, alas, irreplaceable resource. Time management – a skill that allows make my life if not longer, then certainly more fulfilling, creative and happy. Time management is used to streamline your work, make as much as possible of what I want to do, and find out more time to enjoy life. Time management is like driving a car. Connect with other leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon here. In the sense that you can master this skill gradually through the training, just as a driver's skill. If time management interested and you, encourage you to read a selection of books on the subject of an online store The book 'Time Drive.

How to have time to live and work '' Drive Time 'declared number 1 book in Russian on time management. Its author, Gleb Arkhangelsk, was at the forefront of national TM community, but now he manages projects for the implementation of time management in large corporations, is the chief consultant of the company 'organization of time. " He more than anyone else made to promote time management in our country. This happened thanks to his books as well as with public and corporate seminars that Hleb Archangel successfully running for many years. 'Drive Time' answers is important for the modern manager question: how to complete more? Methodology 'uspevaniya' out in the most simple step by step form, the real Russian examples. Provides advice on establishing a balance between work and leisure, self motivation, and employees, efficient reading, the short-and long-term planning, the grouping of tasks by priority, etc.

Tax Code Property

May 21, 2020


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Selling party for its share in the authorized capital of LLC for tax purposes is considered as the realization of property rights, which confirmed letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on March 14, 2006 N 03-03-041222. According to the article. 268 Tax Code, the sale of goods and (or) the property rights of a taxpayer is entitled to reduce income from these operations, the cost of goods sold and (or) property rights, defined in the following order: – the implementation of property rights (shares) – the price of data acquisition of property rights (shares) and the amount of expenses associated with their acquisition and implementation. Example N 1. In the Company "Daisy" one parent – an individual Ivanov II, who made the full amount of authorized capital (10 000 rubles) at the time of registration of the firm. After a certain time, Ivanov II decided to sell its stake in charter capital of OOO "Buttercup" at a price of par value.

In this case, the tax base is zero. If in the process of financial and economic activities authorized capital of LLC "Daisy", was increased by parent up to 50 000 rubles, and the founder can confirm their expenses (eg certificate from the bank on making money on the account), then in that case the sale of his company for 50 000 rubles tax base will also be zero. If the sale does not share in the company, and shares of joint-stock company at a price of par, the tax base will also be zero.

Global Business Issues

May 20, 2020


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Russia turned towards the West, foreigners willingly take on state service, first erected in Moscow, the Lutheran church, built plans of dynastic marriages with European monarchies. But at the same time a new king begins to reduce scores with opponents, especially members of the old nobility, which never recognized the Godunov match for himself, and thus, it is making more and more enemies. And suddenly – Uaynaputina. It's like Eyjafjallajokull, but much worse. Volcanic eruption in what is now Peru was silsheyshim the history of South America for several years and changed the climate around the globe and in Russia in particular.

But only if China's problems with fruiting trees in Germany has fallen almost all wine-making, but in Russia … Gain insight and clarity with Hikmet Ersek. Then came the three hungry, when summer frosts struck such that the Moscow River was covered with ice. Famine, has grown a hundredfold in the price bread, there have been cases of cannibalism. Boris responds to short-sighted and somewhat hysterically, first trying unsuccessfully to control the price of bread, then distributes the money to the poor than is tremendous inflation, then open state granaries are full and the capital thousands of starving, many of which, exhausted, dying on the streets. The only thing that does not dare to make the king – a force to know, monasteries, etc., to sell surplus grains, their barns were full, despite the prevailing famine everywhere, that has not escaped the attention of the people. Needless to say, guilty of all seen it with his terrible Godunov (according to public opinion) and the sins of the royal rating fell to a lower limit.

Borisov government obviously was not pleasing to God, and therefore, the population twenty provinces with a clear conscience have taken part in the uprising Cotton (1603-1604gg.). Cotton defeated and executed – and here the news that the Tsarevich Dmitry alive and moving with his army to Moscow. The king understands that whoever this man was, he – contender for the throne, if only because of the hatred felt by the people to their present king. And that means death and Boris himself, and his family. And although the army will be divided into the Pretender in January 1605 and back down to Putivl, Boris Godunov is not recovered from the collapsed on him trouble and died April 13, 1605 (conspiracy theorists of the time will tell – poisoned, unable to bear the pangs of conscience). His son for a short time become a king, but it will be poisoned with his mother, beloved daughter Xenia, who only a few years ago, intended to become a Swedish princess, becomes a concubine vpuschennogo boyars in Moscow, Dmitrii.

Bergner Robust Dishes

May 20, 2020


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Any clear that anyone – this is what he eats. In reality, the health of all of us fully reflects its diet. And yet, today revealed that every person – it is also, in what way he eats. Our predecessors, who often ate on the subjects of the dishes from almost toxic metals in vain puzzled as to why they have so much in the limited duration of life. At the moment the question tableware appears pretty much as everyone wants to existing plates and spoons were not only harmless to health, but also cute.

Of course, today we do not eat out ploshek tin, as in the USSR, and yet the way brightly painted cups that are made in China, can be toxic. There is also a question of product selection. In the past, to find the original kitchen set, it is necessary be viewed without exception, point of sale of domestic products. And always maintained a chance to buy something pleasant to the eye can not. Today, the Internet shop cookware eliminates all the problems – and the selection, and purchase. You are in a state that came out of the house, take away the most enjoyable version of a set of bowls or plates and buy a single mouse click.

It has long been eliminated and the problem of environmental cleanliness of dishes. In a situation, if no time produced pots, in which heated water is dangerous toxic substances, then at the moment there are dishes Bergner. This cookware in demand all over the world. Top chefs cook only in the kitchen Ware Bergner. Made it out of alloy steel, which is at least a level required to pass strict quality control. Accordingly, your food will stay safe and healthy body. Furthermore, you get a visual pleasure of dishes Bergner, because alloy surface so qualitatively vypolirovana that there is an opportunity to consider his own reflection. The most positive things that Bergner – it's not just bowl or pan. You are able to supply fully the whole process of food instruments from Bergner, as well as to and from the dining table cover products of the organization. Clearly, the current mentality of the lady in the power save outdated prejudices. For example, many today believe that quality should be costly dishes. In the version with Bergner, you will be pleasantly impressed. This high-quality cookware actually purchased by fairly moderate cost. In addition, the online store has the opportunity to purchase kitchen utensils and also in bulk, and hence provide kitchen utensils of all friends and acquaintances. Take care of your health condition – Choose high-quality dishes.

Construction Crash Course

May 20, 2020


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Who does not know the Scooby-Doo and its group? Created in 1969, the Scoody-Doo drawing is one of the most famous of all times. Scooby, one dog Danish falante and, its friends Sausage, Fred, Velma and Daphne had always used the coloring furgo Machine of Mysteries to investigate curious and haunted cases. Now, beyond the adventures in the livened up drawings, them they are also in the Internet playing with you in the amused games online more of the last times. Everybody knows that the Scooby dies of fear of monsters and ghosts. In the ScoobyStall game, you it must make of everything so that it if does not scare atoa. They had appeared in barraquinhas of snacks some strange beings and some you buzz that snacks are with hunger asking for. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. If you not to take care of them quickly, they had been nervous and will scare the Scooby.

In the game ' ' Construction Crash Course' ' Scooby Doo is again needing its aid. It is in a stand of hand that is uncontrolled and falling slope below in a construction. So that the dog most fearful of all the times survives, you will need to deviate from dangerous objects and apanhas item that help to fulfill the stages you of this phase. If you to want a game a little more head, you try ' ' SortMy Tiles Scooby Doo' '. Salsicha and Scooby are running away from a monster and for you if to distract sobrou this modernoso puzzle. Areva Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. He has patience, therefore you have the time that to want to find the parts correct.

But if you, beyond breaking the head, desire to develop its creativity better also you exist an option. ' ' Wood CarvingScooby Doo' ' it is the game is perfect for small artists! In optimum marceneiro style craftsman you will be able to carve the face of Scooby developing its proper style. Scoody Doo and its group adore an adventure! If you also adore, you use to advantage to know these games online of the Scooby Doo. Gratuitous and amused, them they are available in the Internet, without necessity of download. It does not lose this possibility, it has tested a thousand games and it decides which is its preferred one!