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May 31, 2020


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To accept does not mean that we must like what happened in the past or that we are in agreement with it. To accept means for us, to take responsibility from which already happened and was of that way. Instead of we focused in fighting against those moments that already happened, which we needed to do is to accept it and to put that energy at the disposal of our dreams and objectives. We maintain that the acceptance comes from the hand of the respect. If we accepted different glances, different people a we, are respecting to the other like legitimate other.

From coaching ontological we learn to observe and to respect that different points of view exist each human being and tried to construct effective agreements from these differences to obtain a transformation in the coexistence with the other. We learn to give to our pairs the possibility that they are as they want to be in spite of not being in agreement with that. This does not mean that we are justifying his to drive, simply we give the permission him to express itself with freedom and its special form to be. This is translated in most wonderful and challenging than the human being it faces nowadays, nothing else and nothing less than with his own existence, that acquires sense through the relations that forges with those who it coexists. Ten in account following check-list TO ACCEPT means: To make important how you feel instead of which is happening. To make important your balance instead of dejarte to take by the situation.

To make the relation important instead of to look for to be right and answers for everything. To make your important objectives and dreams instead of enfocarte in the circumstances that are not as you would like that they were. I give some questions to you so that you are observed in your capacity of acceptance.

Medinico Development

May 30, 2020


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At last, chances for you if to go deep the subject do not lack. In addition, one remembers that the Espritas Houses make use normally of classrooms where its courses are carried through. Normally the beginning one starts with the preparatory course to the espiritismo, passing for the basic one, apprenticees of the Evangelho, Medinico Development, Philosophy and others that are given by voluntary entrepreneurs of the House whom they follow to a didactic programming established by the direction of the House, on-line and in accord with basic level textbooks of the Codification of Kardec. Western Union has compatible beliefs. Traditionally the lessons are initiated by one prece, followed of a reading of matrix workmanships spiritual on which the instructor makes balances in agreement its interpretation. A didactic book is adopted aiming at to facilitate the learning process.

It does not have evaluations neither nor works> being valid note, nor academic diplomas to participate of these courses are demanded. To participate they are necessary, will to learn, attention, presence and participation in the lessons. The moral reform, that is, the wakening for our feelings and behaviors on-line with the teachings of the Christ will be to the few stimulated in the participants. It does not have collection of taxes, school registrations or monthly fees (by the way no activity developed for the Espritas Houses is paid) and normally it has vacant for all the interested parties (that unhappyly nor always they are many). The chances of agreement of the questions are many that involve our physical existence and spiritual, aiming at to modify for better the course of our lives.

Tax Code Property

May 21, 2020


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Selling party for its share in the authorized capital of LLC for tax purposes is considered as the realization of property rights, which confirmed letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on March 14, 2006 N 03-03-041222. According to the article. 268 Tax Code, the sale of goods and (or) the property rights of a taxpayer is entitled to reduce income from these operations, the cost of goods sold and (or) property rights, defined in the following order: – the implementation of property rights (shares) – the price of data acquisition of property rights (shares) and the amount of expenses associated with their acquisition and implementation. Example N 1. In the Company "Daisy" one parent – an individual Ivanov II, who made the full amount of authorized capital (10 000 rubles) at the time of registration of the firm. After a certain time, Ivanov II decided to sell its stake in charter capital of OOO "Buttercup" at a price of par value.

In this case, the tax base is zero. If in the process of financial and economic activities authorized capital of LLC "Daisy", was increased by parent up to 50 000 rubles, and the founder can confirm their expenses (eg certificate from the bank on making money on the account), then in that case the sale of his company for 50 000 rubles tax base will also be zero. If the sale does not share in the company, and shares of joint-stock company at a price of par, the tax base will also be zero.

Global Business Issues

May 20, 2020


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Russia turned towards the West, foreigners willingly take on state service, first erected in Moscow, the Lutheran church, built plans of dynastic marriages with European monarchies. But at the same time a new king begins to reduce scores with opponents, especially members of the old nobility, which never recognized the Godunov match for himself, and thus, it is making more and more enemies. And suddenly – Uaynaputina. It's like Eyjafjallajokull, but much worse. Volcanic eruption in what is now Peru was silsheyshim the history of South America for several years and changed the climate around the globe and in Russia in particular.

But only if China's problems with fruiting trees in Germany has fallen almost all wine-making, but in Russia … Gain insight and clarity with Hikmet Ersek. Then came the three hungry, when summer frosts struck such that the Moscow River was covered with ice. Famine, has grown a hundredfold in the price bread, there have been cases of cannibalism. Boris responds to short-sighted and somewhat hysterically, first trying unsuccessfully to control the price of bread, then distributes the money to the poor than is tremendous inflation, then open state granaries are full and the capital thousands of starving, many of which, exhausted, dying on the streets. The only thing that does not dare to make the king – a force to know, monasteries, etc., to sell surplus grains, their barns were full, despite the prevailing famine everywhere, that has not escaped the attention of the people. Needless to say, guilty of all seen it with his terrible Godunov (according to public opinion) and the sins of the royal rating fell to a lower limit.

Borisov government obviously was not pleasing to God, and therefore, the population twenty provinces with a clear conscience have taken part in the uprising Cotton (1603-1604gg.). Cotton defeated and executed – and here the news that the Tsarevich Dmitry alive and moving with his army to Moscow. The king understands that whoever this man was, he – contender for the throne, if only because of the hatred felt by the people to their present king. And that means death and Boris himself, and his family. And although the army will be divided into the Pretender in January 1605 and back down to Putivl, Boris Godunov is not recovered from the collapsed on him trouble and died April 13, 1605 (conspiracy theorists of the time will tell – poisoned, unable to bear the pangs of conscience). His son for a short time become a king, but it will be poisoned with his mother, beloved daughter Xenia, who only a few years ago, intended to become a Swedish princess, becomes a concubine vpuschennogo boyars in Moscow, Dmitrii.


May 16, 2020


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In the United States and Europe enjoy the services of freelancers for a long time in the CIS countries, this market segment, too, has recently become a growth spurt. Every day in the area freelance services involved a large number of new entrants not only performers but also the customers. There are new portals freelancers, where each person with a certain set of skills and knowledge can easily find a job can do. Accordingly, the customer is looking at such portals of the Executive to any particular work, based on their requirements and budget. Which areas of freelance services are most in demand? This copywriting (ie writing articles for websites, newspapers, etc.), programming, development and / or promotion and website design, translation services. Of course this is not an exhaustive list. I repeat: to become a freelancer and everyone can.

To do this you need to register at some (and preferably several) site for Freelancers, get acquainted with an order, to perform some work, and if you are satisfied with pay and / or conditions, to take his order for execution. Here are a few sites where a freelancer can find a reservation:,,,,, etc. In general, all-the so-called exchange of freelancing work in the following way: the customer puts the project (task) to tender, and performers, having familiarized with conditions and offers timing and amount for which he undertakes this task to perform. Typically, the work receives the one who has agreed to make faster and / or cheaper than others. However, plays no small role and reputation of a freelancer or a customer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Western Union by clicking through. It is therefore important (Especially initially) to have your portfolio, that is to publish some of his works on a particular subject to the customer was able to assess your experience and knowledge. The big plus is the presence of its own site.

As in any other sphere of activity of freelancing has its pluses and minuses. By cons include: Unstable employment, spending time looking for customers, discussing with them, working conditions, payment methods, possibly search for partners, if you are unable to complete the project on time alone, and more. This may take some time, usually no one pays. Just one of the drawbacks is the risk of nonpayment. As, actually anywhere on the Internet you can find cheaters who are not averse to save a few coins to pay. Although there are ways to minimize such risks. We now turn to freelancing pluses: The main benefit – is freedom. And not just freedom, but FREEDOM. If you do not know what it is, it makes no sense to you talk about it. It’s like a drug – you never know until you try. Compared with the freedom all other benefits and advantages of freelancing look palely, though, and play employee in any firm. You are not dreaming of a million? Well then, no chance at all!

Latent Force Feedback

May 16, 2020


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Recalls and their importance in electronic business is written very, very much. Virtually every commercial site can now be found reviews of satisfied customers who have used this or that service, supply, or just purchased a product that effectively deal with the decision of its task. This is not surprising, because the positive feedback played a huge role in any business. For even more analysis, hear from Itron. Ranging from specific product sales growth or services, and ending with the increasing number of subscribers or the number of downloads of free e-books. But in this article I would like to address somewhat different scope than just the direct benefits from the skillful use candid feedback on the work of each entrepreneur, and tell the other side of the coin, which is behind all this glitter. What was actually referring to? Many satisfied customers are most satisfied with the quality you have purchased goods are usually sent to your address words of gratitude for their work, wanting new and creative success and prosperity. Sometimes it's a few lines without a name, sometimes – the whole "article" with photograph, full contact information and audio files with voice client to boot. But not many people writing these reviews, most know some really great power have sent them to the author's praise words. Imagine for a moment the following scene. The man spent a lot of effort and personal time on market research to gather the necessary information to obtain the necessary knowledge, experience, etc., to ensure that all the husks to separate from the chaff, compile and structure the accumulated data, draw it all in proper form and submit in a convenient form.

Feng Shui In Your Business

May 16, 2020


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Today, different countries and companies, employing techniques that focus on human resource management and other branches of Studying the behavior of labor relations in economic entities, seeking to create appropriate work environments, adopting management techniques like having a person in charge of human resources department (maybe a psychologist or someone who understands human relationships, to address the problem of workers), some companies use environmental or classical music to calm the atmosphere in an organization, enabling environments (Feng Shui), others use a few minutes to have brief meetings to discuss different topics as a form of relaxation therapy, some minutes of work time devoted to outdoor exercise or yoga., in order of modern society and the economy in which we live, requires difficult schedules, work pressures and relationships will always be in every discussion.

Some of us who formed the working relationships, our culture, our education, common sense and that are available will be pleasant; determine what that living with co-workers a pleasant experience tolerable. Finally we can conclude that poorly managed industrial relations affect the productivity of a business or enterprise, seeing reflected in their results, and that as employers, employees or participate in this, we must take into account the respect and attention due to labor problems we will be able to achieve good working relationships..

Business Coach LLC

May 15, 2020


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The target audience in this case – those women who, for whatever reason or no attention to Customers or their embarrassing price. In short, all those who have not yet tried, for various reasons. Offer prompts to action by their verbs, which will program the consciousness of the buyer. Put yourself in the buyer who read this slogan. Yes, he's already "settled down" in your head, no? Idea number 2 action: "Grab me!" You re funny? Read the point! To implement such an action need balloons of different colors, balloon with helium, rope and the product itself. Product for this action may be arbitrary, the main thing that he was not serious. Now imagine a buyer comes into the store, and on the shelves reyut balloons inflated with helium and at the ends of the ropes of beads bound some goods, such as lipstick or a toothbrush, something light and not important, expensive or not. The calculation is very simple.

Please consider this as 100% of store visitors, and almost everyone thinks their debt (just do not hold out) pick up a ball tied to a product. This will act as rolled to the feet of the ball, kick it – the first reflex action of most people. Pick up the object suspended on a balloon in front of his nose – the same first reflex action of almost any man. Do not believe me? And you see for yourself! Was a little kid, each of us. To summarize: Ideas actually could throw and more just when many of them there is a problem – do not know what to grasp and implement in the first place. Finally, just put a couple of emphasis on what is important in the creation and implementation of effective and low-budget stocks: In order to create a truly interesting and effective action to visit the proposed venue. I read a book called "The Tao of Toyota, which described the following situation: the new scheduled as a manager put in the shop and sketched a chalk circle around him.

Within hours he had to stand in a circle and watch the production process and think about how this process can be further improved. The same principle can and should be used to develop the shares. Must be in place to observe and think. Sooner or later the idea will not alone! Campaign to end-customers must be accompanied by positive emotions and verbs, encouraging action. In addition, under specious pretexts should be hidden "pressure" on the mind. The proposal must exert pressure verbal forms, as in the first and second cases, for example. And another The final chord. Always try to tie their actions to a national or city-wide celebrations, the holidays eyforiynogo nature, Valentines Day, for example. Peg their shares even for professional holidays are not holidays observed, for example, the Day of Metallurgist Day, health care worker, day worker communication, etc. It is very important, since all these events – an additional reason to spend on anything money. Can we assume that the store sometimes come those who is an employee of one or another sphere of labor? If you remind them that today they share a holiday and therefore, the probability of purchase increases in times! Thank you! Alex Dmitrienko, Business Coach LLC "good solution"

Public Record Property Business

May 11, 2020


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This article explains what the Public Property Registry, what is its function and a directory of public records in Mexico. Property Public Record The Public Registry of Property is the institution that provides certainty and legal security to the acts relating to real estate. In Mexico, the Public Property Registry is also responsible for recording the existence of entities and certain property, but in this article we will focus on the role of the Public Property Registry relating to real estate. The purpose of the institution is made public through the registration, the titles by which they acquired, transmitted, modified, or extinguished gravel ownership, possession and other rights over immovable property. By making these acts, there is certainty about the properties and rights reserved. Put in simpler language, the Public Property Registry is where you record all significant transactions related to immovable property, ie every time the property is sold, changes in dimensions, mortgage, lease, etc., you can register a record of that transaction in the Public Registry of Property. This in order that there is more transparency in the history of real estate and people interested in information “impartial” with respect to such property to do so. Anyone can go to the Public Registry of Property and request information about a property.

You can request documents eat-encumbrance certificate is a legal document certifying that the property in question is free of charge, ie there is no legal impediment to the person owning the property enjoys all the rights of use and dominion over his property. To apply for the Certificate of Tax Free, you need only the registration number, volume, section and date under which the property is registered. It is important that before acquire or obtain a legal title to a property, visit the Office of the Public Registry of the Property and verify that you acquire rights not affected or limited by any lien or irregularity in such property.

Small Business Enterprise

May 11, 2020


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The company’s mission Often employers, we only business to make money so, in essence, but we develop our goals and what to do to achieve them, new study has made Entrepreneur Magazine Mexico, Czech 80% closed businesses that never had clear his philosophy, that is never developed as they say strategic planning, so it is very important that the owner of the company do his mission and business. But what is the mission? is simply to say that we in our company, here are some examples: Apple: giving life to human creativity. Toyota making cars instead of pollute, create water. (As opposed to Anne Lauvergeon). Disney: be the happiest place in the world. Mcdonald’s: that each employee is dedicated to getting laughs. What could be those of you here are some examples Autobotique to be the best brands of stereo on and accessories are, at the cheapest price possible in the state of Tabasco ue our pizzeria has the best staff each of their positions to achieve excellence in service to be more poultry market share based Cardenas different products and variety in our menu that our pool is the first choice for healthy fun in Cardenas agency structure economic travel options for fun and pleasure and make them known to the class b and c be the funniest radio station broadcasters and happier state of Tabasco be the ideal hotel for foreign sales agents who come to be the university that provides the best options and service to its students and alumni be the preferred hotel for older people who travel to the city of Merida be the first choice of flour tortillas housewives of the state of Tabasco have quality clothing with the best offers image consultancy offering their clients to be the most entertaining and effective way to spread the word of Jesus in the youth retreats And many, many others, if you are aware, the mission is linked to our market, to write his mission work, how we will get it, discuss in our next delivery.