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Digital Espionage

August 11, 2023


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All we already had will to know of something on somebody or some thing that does not fit in them to know. Ones of the methods to discover confidential information on people is the social engineering very used by criminals for attainment of data in intention to use privileged information for practises of extortion. Diverse methods of information attainment exist that can be used to advantage for diverse ends, depending on as these information are gotten, as they are used, we have the classification of the person who acquired such information as Hacker, Cracker or even though Spy. Nowadays the vision that the population has on what it is a Hacker is very including, therefore any thing that a person obtains to make that the majority is unaware of as was made already makes with that this person is considered a Hacker for the great mass. However the better accepted definition is that a Hacker is an individual with deep knowledge in determined subject that obtains to cure any problem that it comes to appear inside of its professional branch. But belief popular intitles Hacker as person that does not respect the laws, that everything that makes is for attainment of profit through easy ways to gain money. The great reality is that a Hacker, in the better accepted definition even though for them, that works contracted for people or for the government nothing more is of what a Detective or even though a Spy. A main difference between a Hacker and a Spy is that the Hacker adores that its recognized work either already the Spy fears that is recognized, therefore its work depends that it is not noticed to get great results. Already the Cracker, is the Hacker that commits crimes for profit gauging and makes of everything so that it is not identified. Independently of being Hacker, Cracker, Spy, Detective, always it has something in common between them both are motivated by a reason or another one the attainment of information that are considered restricted where the directly involved person must only have knowledge and this the most proportionate knowledge is that it so becomes this classroom mystified by the great mass. Bibliography Secrets of the Digital Espionage? Unmasking the Submundo Hacker? Tadeu Carmona?


May 31, 2020


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To accept does not mean that we must like what happened in the past or that we are in agreement with it. To accept means for us, to take responsibility from which already happened and was of that way. Instead of we focused in fighting against those moments that already happened, which we needed to do is to accept it and to put that energy at the disposal of our dreams and objectives. We maintain that the acceptance comes from the hand of the respect. If we accepted different glances, different people a we, are respecting to the other like legitimate other.

From coaching ontological we learn to observe and to respect that different points of view exist each human being and tried to construct effective agreements from these differences to obtain a transformation in the coexistence with the other. We learn to give to our pairs the possibility that they are as they want to be in spite of not being in agreement with that. This does not mean that we are justifying his to drive, simply we give the permission him to express itself with freedom and its special form to be. This is translated in most wonderful and challenging than the human being it faces nowadays, nothing else and nothing less than with his own existence, that acquires sense through the relations that forges with those who it coexists. Ten in account following check-list TO ACCEPT means: To make important how you feel instead of which is happening. To make important your balance instead of dejarte to take by the situation.

To make the relation important instead of to look for to be right and answers for everything. To make your important objectives and dreams instead of enfocarte in the circumstances that are not as you would like that they were. I give some questions to you so that you are observed in your capacity of acceptance.

New Demand

February 18, 2020


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Information science, materials science, life science, nano science, management science and manufacturing science are changing in the 21st century; mainstream science, the resulting high tech and the industry will change the world. The intersection between the integration of different scientific will generate new scientific focus, economic development and social progress of the mining machinery to generate new demands and expectations. Mechanical Engineering, the general trend of scientific development will be digital, intelligent, precision, miniaturization, life oriented, and ecological. impact crusher, as a branch of mechanical engineering disciplines, but also follows this general trend. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted as being for or against this. At the same time, combining the characteristics of mining industry and its development trend is the digital, intelligent, and ecological and amenity oriented. Mining Machinery is a high technological content and integration of equipment, development of new equipment constantly results in all areas of human integration in, along with materials science, manufacturing technology, information technology, computer technology, each product has a into new technologies, parts and components updates become shorter and shorter, faster and faster replacement of new equipment. Therefore, the in-depth study of international and domestic mining machinery industry, the development status of the industry trend and technology development Trend, in particular, broken equipment, advanced technology, further development of our country and improve the level of mining machinery, coal, metal and nonmetal mines develop more advanced level of international quality, efficient equipment to meet the energy and economic development The need for raw materials is of great significance.

According to statistics, every year after breaking ground materials reached more than 10 billion tons.ball mill production in China has reached more than 1.5 billion, of which about 240 million tons of iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore over 100 million tons, more than 260 million tons of non-metallic minerals, chemicals more than 030 million tons of minerals, some more than 400 million tons of cement, building materials with more than 470 million tons of rock. The above data, we have broken the project can be found in the national economy plays a huge role. The concept of advanced manufacturing technology for the machinery manufacturing industry made lear direction. Although there is no established definition of the term, but the currently accepted understanding is: advanced manufacturing technology is the traditional manufacturing technology continues to absorb the mechanical, electronic, information, materials, energy and modern management, results, and integration for product design, manufacture, testing, management, sales, use, services, manufacturing the entire process in order to achieve high-quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean, flexible production, and achieve the desired technical and economic effect of the manufacturing technology in general.


February 6, 2020


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In 2001, Garg it emphasized that most important it is that the capacity to reconstruct the images three-dimensional it allows the interactive rank of simulated forms of roots through the implantations in the reformatted images. With this capacity, it is possible to know accurately, in the three dimensions, simultaneously, which will be the impact of each implantation on the buccal anatomy of the patient. The physician is capable to prepare and to evaluate some plans of treatment before the surgery and selecting what he is better for the patient. Thus, in the surgery and the prosthetic restoration, surprises will not occur undesirable. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. For Langland & Langlais (2002), the Computerized Cat scan is, probably, the image modality, that if has in hands, of bigger value in what it says respect to the daily pay-surgical evaluation for implantations, when the procedure will be multiple and in some arches. Moreover, the stations of work and softwares more used contemporaries to process the data of the tomographic image are fast, detailed and allow to the visualization of the areas proposals in the reason of 1:1, that is, in real size.

According to Scribano et al. (2003) the Cat scan Computerized specific for verbal Implantologia must be used associated with softwares that they present trustworthiness and minor after discrepancy in the attainment and interpretation of results being suggested the use of the DentScan program evaluation of the authors. Casap et al. (2004) they had analyzed the acurcia of the system Den X Advanced (Dental Systems, Moshav However, Israel) of image guided in Implantodontia and had concluded that this protocol reduces the potential risk of damages in the maxilo-mandibular complex when of the orientation of surgical maneuvers. CHAPTER II CONSIDERAES ON the COMPUTERIZED CAT SCAN In accordance with Quirynen et al. (1990), the tax of failure of the intra-sseos dental implantations can be limited by the radiogrfico planning daily pay-operatrio that takes in consideration the sseo volume of the jaw and the jaw for rank of one determined type of implantation and to prevent the vital structures.

Education Technologies

February 6, 2020


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TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION Nor all the technologies invented for the man are excellent for the education, however, the technologies to be able amplify them sensorial of the man and extend its capacity of if communicating with other people. Exactly thus still it takes advantage a prejudiced concept on technology and education, therefore many relate technology and computer science (computer), not considering the fact of that: ' ' human being, the writing speaks to it, and, consequently, lessons, books and magazines, not to mention resumes and programs, are technology, and that, therefore, educators come using technology in the education it has much time. It is only its familiarity with these technologies that eles&#039 becomes them transparent (i.e., invisible); '. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Thredup. The use of didactic resources the most common in the day day of the professor including questionable methodologies, as expositivas lessons, have as objective common to reach the educational objectives considered by the resume planned for the school. The academic study it comes to offer the possibility to review concepts, in this in case that showing that the technology engloba all the set of concrete or abstract factors that they intend to brighten up any type of physical or mental human effort, becoming such more practical and realizable tasks in the lesser possible time. The use of any technology, instrument of education or methodology used with educational ends must allow that the person can become gradual subject ' ' autonomous worker in its learning, somebody capable thing to always learn to the measure that construct its projects of life in the personal plan and social' '. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Gennette). However, today he has a supervaluation of technologies which has renegado to the professor the honor place that has busy since the times where education was not systemize. The education today wastes ' ' the most precious of all resources the professor, making of it mere supplier of information, when it would have to be a organizador of situations of aprendizagem' '. .

Anthony Images

February 2, 2020


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For Amet & Ganz (1998), the Computerized Cat scans generate images with volume of digitalizada information giving the option to observe, in three dimensions, the ssea anatomy (axial, panoramic and oblique cuts). If they will be necessary necessary measures, these can directly be taken by the images of the Computerized Cat scan, had its ratio to be of 1:1. Each image allows to visualize sections of 1mm of thickness, resulting in a necessary anatomical configuration. The three-dimensional images show the ssea height, the thickness and the length of the place for the rank of the implantation. For Anthony (1999), the general principles of Computerized Cat scan are similar to the ones of the Linear Cat scan, in which the pipe of rays X and the receivers of image are moved around of a focal point during the exposition. The primary difference becomes related it the use of computers to reconstruct the focused image or ' ' corte' ' tomographic received for the image receivers.

Freitas et al. (2000) they had affirmed that the job of softwares in association with Workstation, independent with a connection with the computerized tomgrafo has made possible bigger rapidity and versatility in the attainment of images of better quality, having allowed a reprocessamento of these images for a diagnosis clearly and adjusted in the planning of treatment. According to Spiekermann (2000), since the advent of the Computerized Cat scan, one was overcome possible to create three-dimensional representations of segments of arches edntulas destined to receive implantations. Similar to the cat scans, the expositions are made in an only plan (it requires of 20 the 30 layers of 1,5 mm of thickness). However, with the aid of a special computer and softwares that they allow reformatao to multiglide of the image, the three dimensions of the space are produced plain of sections in all. Of this form the Implantodontista has to its disposal panoramic transversal cuts and oclusais images of the existing ssea topography.


February 1, 2020


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Almda question of the mapping of costs, exists a difficulty technique nacomparao between the costs and a proposal of a supplier. Distinct methodologies decusteio, such as cost standard, cost for absorption, or costing, geramresultados ABC different. If the expenditure method to move during the project, acomparao hardly will be possible. Seuma company clearly has a process of expenditure of YOU to the level of services, osgestores has a bigger chance to reduce costs throughout the time. With umcusto operational reduced, the return of the terceirizao project will be bemmenor or inexistent. Therefore, if the cost will be the factor of bigger weight in decisode to terceirizar, the company would not have Terceirizar. That is, afirmarque is reasonable the companies who terceirizam to reduce costs are those that we are unaware of costs of YOU to the level of services.

This does not imply that the companies quecontrolam the costs of YOU in the tip of the pencil do not terceirizam or not to deveriamterceirizar. But business will be more difficult to construct one marries of terceirizao that is viable without profits of scale, flexibility or without strategical projects with the supplier. Apso terceirizao project, the company needs a new structure to paragerir the relationship with the supplier and to disassemble the previous one. Without a new organization, the contract of Terceirizao passes to be managed by noespecializados professionals. The quality of the ficarcomprometida management and the costs highest. Very frequent, the premises dereestruturao after the terceirizao also do not happen. The company mantmparte of the original structure, keeping the fixed costs.

The elimination of the custosvariveis does not make possible the project. Therefore, definition problems organizacional daestrutura increase the operational costs. Participeide a project of terceirizao of YOU that it increased clearly costs.

Tut System Telephonic

January 31, 2020


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The net that it uses as environment the telephonic cabeamento must be capable to coexist with the telephonic service, the data-communication functions and resources of net simultaneously. The telephonic nets work with low indices of energy, what it complicates the task to establish one adequate relation between signal and noise. To follow some characteristics of the available versions for n will be displayed HomePNA technology. 2 Versions of the HomePNA standard In August of 2009 the market offered four versions of implementation for the HomePNA standard: HomePNA 1.0: Tut Systems; (1.1) (commercial version): Speed of 1 Mbps; with abrangncia of up to 150 meters. HomePNA 2.0: Speed of up to 10 Mbps; with abrangncia 300 meters.

HomePNA 3.0: Speed of up to 240 Mbps; with abrangncia 300 meters. HomePNA 3.1: Speed of up to 320 Mbps; with abrangncia 300 meters. The four versions are compatible between itself (auto-sensing) 3 and is based on Teams Modulation Line Coding Method, that is, Method of codification of time based on line modulation, this codification incorporates adaptativo circuit in the treatment of the noise variations, moreover, to vary controls them of levels of the exit of the signal transmitted and received, monitoring continuously the conditions of the net and adjusted its parameters automatically. The first version for computer network through the existing infrastructure of lines telephonic already was proposal for the company Tut System. (HOMEPNA, 2005) 2,1 Version HomePNA 1,1 the first specification commercial technique proposal for the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance for the market, HomePNA 1,1, was published in June of 1999 and assures the compatibility among others services of communication, such as voice, ISDN and xDSL. 4, and occupies the band of frequency of the band between 5.5 MHz and 9,5 MHz, where the attenuation filters work very well, eliminating generated interferences for the services xDSL or traditional telephones, among others. One is about a net of 1 Mbps Ethernet on telephonic lines, an important criterion in the definition in the transmission way, that allowed that the HomePNA could use a great number of softwares, applicatory and hardwares compatible with the Ethernet standard, that already was a well appraised steady technology and technologically.

Critical Factors

January 26, 2020


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Critical factors for the success of the terceirizao For Philip Botto, director of Atos Origin The practical one of terceirizao (outsourcing) comes if intensifying between companies of all the sectors, segments and structures, contemplating the most diverse areas. The reasons for the choice of the terceirizao are innumerable: increase of quality, innovation, growth and/or focus in the business, reduction of costs, increase of knowledge, update, agility, transparency, changes, mitigao of risks, security, among others. However, valley to stand out that some properties, activities and precautions are primordial to maximize the success in the terceirizao process: To have full domain of the activities and responsibilities to be terceirizadas; To be prepared to absorb a new form of management and relationship; To know the total cost with area to be terceirizada (baseline), to know to compare in the same way with the considered one. One baseline complete must contain: people, the hardware, software, structure, facilities, contracts, taxes, indirect. The next step would be to classify the costs for activity; To have a previous study of the model of terceirizao (this can be questioned, be validated and brought up to date during all the RFP phase) with mapping of the quantitative and qualitative benefits next to the criticidade of the business; The election of the partner must in accordance with be directed the complexity and strategy of the company. Educate yourself with thoughts from Thredup. In accordance with a matrix: strategy of operation, activity or application x risks, can exist supplying specific for each quadrant, exactly if option of the model will be of Premium supplier for the centered management; It arrives in port it of knowledge of the supplier finishes guaranteeing bigger allegiance in the relationship. It searchs to visit and to interview customers of supplier with similar operations; The RFP must be detailed to facilitate to the analysis of information and the strategy of negotiation. It must contemplate the responsibilities of the contracted contractor and, the model of management, pointers, goals, transistion, modes of payment, productivity, documentation and spread sheet of capture of prices opened by activity.

Also it must have space so that the supplier can describe innovations, improvements and plans of continuity. When we deal with a market very sprayed, the RFI process becomes obligator, in case that contrary, the information of the RFI will have to be requested in the RFP; The dynamic system of necessary remuneration to be based on the continuous search of the perfectioning (costs and productivity) To adopt model of risk x rewards, beyond including escalabilidade clauses, foreseeing the reduction or addition of contracted services. For projects, to insert clauses of sucess-fee in the implantation of great projects, in agreement the described benefits in business you marry – presented for the rendering. and to conclude, before thinking about the experience of a supplier offshore, it has a previous experience in nearshore (they are well divergent operations in management and complexity).