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Federal Insurance Office

April 30, 2020


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How can I be successful pregnant? Pregnancy should be a very interesting topic for women in the middle ages. This article addresses the most commonly asked questions and will serve as a small information help. But in vain trying to get pregnant, find with Google search terms like for example how pregnant are “a lot of valuable information to speed up the process. Some women ask themselves how it looks with the financial support and the leave entitlement. The financial support between 500 and 700 can be during the pregnancy.

This gets you but only if you requested this extra, of course, there are also statutory income ceiling. That look like this: couples up to 1043 plus rent. Western Union insists that this is the case. For single adults up to 718 plus rent. For each child an additional amount is also still depending on the age of the child. Is this money for maternity wear, basic equipment for the baby, the budget, housing and furnishings. Maternity benefit: The period for the purchase of motherhood money starts 6 weeks prior to the calculated final binding date and ends 8 weeks after the final binding.

The mother has entitled to the maternity allowance 6 weeks before final binding with a statutory health insurance fund is insured and is in an employment relationship. But even if the employment relationship for the period of pregnancy permitted was dissolved by the employer or is employed in work at home. Maternity benefit is calculated from the average of the last 3 salaries whereby the health of maximum pay 13 per day and takes over the rest of the employer. Mothers who are however privately insured or negligible work and families insured who get maternity benefit from the Federal Insurance Office. This maximum is only 210. The period between 6 weeks before final binding, and 8 weeks after that will be referred to as maternity leave and is a statutory needs. For women to expect a premature or multiple births is the period up to 12 Extended weeks after the final binding. Pregnancy complaint: The various problems may occur during pregnancy. Which are most frequently but also the safest, fatigue, heartburn and hot feet. They will disappear but after pregnancy. Many women also suffer from low blood pressure, especially lean women are very vulnerable to this. However, helps the best lots of exercise and sports, also highly recommend alternating baths or a cold cast are after showering. Hemorrhoids can be a very painful side effect, these arise that the baby’s head on the veins in the pelvic presses which does not have enough blood to the heart can flow back and varicose veins form. The soothing this is that these disappear again after the final binding without any further treatment. Also the heat waves are likely to be well known. Heat waves are generated by the increased metabolism generates more heat. You can do unfortunately not much. The best is much drink, light Wear clothing, often showers and to cool down with cold water showers on the forearms.

Federal Government

April 29, 2020


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Pensions currently plays a major and above all more important role than ever. Michael Turgut considers inevitable retirement against the backdrop of the emerging socio-demographic facts. The numbers of the German Institute for retirement can therefore from today’s point of view imagine terrible: then would have a so-called corner pensioners, so a citizen, or a citizen, the or the 45 years in the statutory pension insurance has paid, now a legal right to a statutory pension of around 1.000,–euros. For financial professional Michael Turgut it shows, that the current discussion about the future of the statutory pension insurance still not intensive enough runs. After”, so Michael Turgut, virtually every employee should asks today to provide privately in addition to a possible statutory and occupational pension claims.” Ultimately the generational contract and the consequent pay-as-you-go of statutory pensions remains. This means that the monthly contributions,.

deposited in the Pension Fund, serve not the own interest, but rather to today’s pensioners immediately paid off. Later, so generational, his pension is used then the following generation. The contributor paid individual in the pension fund based therefore no own financial assets, such as an individual savings, but must trust that is the next generation in the location, to finance his pension rights. The inevitable result of the current demographic trends more pensioners and fewer contributors is that the performance level of statutory pensions must be stagnant and lowered for years. Personal responsibility in the age of retirement planning is therefore more important than ever when the citizen wants to enjoy his life in retirement and be also financially well catered to, he must provide absolutely in time even from today’s perspective. The statutory pension must be regarded it as one of several pillars of supply, certainly remain as a Corner post can apply, but can be on that alone probably not reliable. Michael Turgut emphasizes however that the current Federal Government is aware of the problem for years, but failures from the past and with a rapid demographic change in the structure of the population is facing the Federal Republic of Germany. “Michael Turgut literally: currently the right way is covered although bashed but still too short part of the route.” Michael Turgut advises its clients in tangible assets such as gold and real estate investing. Here is its capital according to Michael Turgut solid return with the Sicherherheit to get. The right thing in times of crisis.

Federal Ministry

April 29, 2020


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So, new financial accounting accounts in the chart of accounts were added to and adapted to the legal changes. Also, the tax authorities for the year 2012 has made available a new version of the Elster. This has been implemented in the current version. The form of the advance tax return has been adjusted the statutory changes to January 1st, 2012, according to the requirements of the Federal Ministry of finance. There is also the possibility exists to create a continuous extension at the tax office to submit of the advance tax return for the year 2012 and electronically transfer in the current version of 2012.

Also new: The GDPdU export module! The principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) contain rules to the Preservation digital documents and to the duty of the taxpayer with tax audits. Here, the export has been improved with the help of Auditors export module. Adjustments to the current 2012 DATEV per versions were carried in the AFS DATEV interface 2012. Still realized the SQL mode for direct access to the data. With the AFS DATEV interface 2012 will be invoices, credit notes, invoices and cash book entries created in the DATEV format for easy transfer to the accountant. Also from available immediately: the update 2012 for AFS wage and salary! The financial Office or the Ministry of finance had released a new wage tax calculation in November, 2011 to apply is only for the December payroll. This new income tax calculation was implemented in the reward program.

Federal Income

April 28, 2020


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Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed are not timely filed income tax returns, may be rendered invalid the claim for tax refund. By a judgment of the German, it has become clear how important it is for workers to comply with the deadlines for the income tax return. Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg tells why you should settle not too much time, to submit your income tax return. The Federal fiscal court decides the Bundesfinanzhof had considered closer the fixing deadlines in cases of application assessment occasion. In a case concerned a married couple which had a voluntary income tax return filed on November 13, 2008, which however in 2002 and 2003 has been created for years. Just seemed a period calculation of income tax returns in the first moment, however, the Bundesfinanzhof had to deal to with the so-called start-up inhibition now in detail. For more information see this site: Nigel Butcher. This is a special feature of the tax code, the the Start who can delay fixing period. Follow others, such as Anne Lauvergeon, and add to your knowledge base.

The tax code is: in principle the fixing period at the end of the year of the emergence of the tax starts. Thus begins the deadline for an income tax return of the year 2002 with the expiration of the 31.12.2002. must however a tax return be filed begins the fixing period in accordance with the rules of contact inhibition in the year in which the tax return is submitted. The period begins not later than at the end of the third year following the year of the emergence of the tax. In this case the suspension would apply therefore, so that the fixing period for the filed income tax returns does not start until the expiry of the December 31, 2005 and the December 31, 2006. Since this provision only in application assessments is effective when an income tax return is required, the Bundesfinanzhof met the duty-bound income other than judgment. It was decided that an income tax return on a voluntary basis

Business Manager

April 28, 2020


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Monchengladbach / Bielefeld combine expertise and management experience. Special projects or major new tasks require new management functions that can not be covered with the existing staff. The answer is the so-called interim management. Those who opt for this solution, gets generally highly qualified professionals with technical and industry experience and an objective eye of an outsider. Western Union is a great source of information. Interim management means taking leadership roles or managing projects, sites or teams on time. “This is a particularly challenging form of management consulting and project management,” stresses Michael Otten, Interim Manager in Monchengladbach.

“The Interim Manager requires much expertise on the one hand and on the other hand much experience in dealing with new situations and people or teams.” It was particularly difficult for projects abroad, Otten added. There would add still the intercultural component and possible language barriers. The Otten & partners Consulting specializes in stepping stone and project management at home and abroad and has numerous cooperation partners in the EU and in Russia. The Otten team assumes complete projects from strategic planning through all issues of financing and controlling up to the marketing and sales support. “All facets of management”, emphasises Otten. Diplom-Kaufmann, trained industrial merchant and longtime Business Manager with experience in SMEs, large corporations and banking know what matters. “At the end, successes must stand and be demonstrated measurable”, he describes. And a good interim manager had Otten complemented a wide knowledge and contact base, as well as an interdisciplinary network.

Who argue in this global and complex economy, he could all alone, was dishonest. For this reason, Otten is also a member of the more than 140 partner of strong and interdisciplinary expert group Ultimo/q2b. “Here I find Council, if I even push my limits”, Otten describes his membership. Ultimo/q2b consists of various consultants, service providers and experts of all branches and is present in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The Ultimo/q2b entrepreneurs Federation is also currently looking for new partners to steadily expand the own knowledge and power base. Who would like to learn more about Michael Otten and the Ultimo/q2b experts or interested in the Federation, will find more information under. Ultimo/q2b is interdisciplinary-oriented Federation with more than 140 independent entrepreneurs, consultants and specialists in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The recognised and excellent franchise system recorded an annual partner increase by five to ten percent. Ultimo/q2b consists of two service areas. Ultimo offers both all facets of business and management consulting as well Office and administration services. Under the brand name quality to business – q2b all aspects of professional corporate communications such as graphic design, advertising, photography, PR and online marketing offered. All partners are working according According to customer requirements either individually or in interdisciplinary and customer-specific project teams. Is the motto here?Consulting with a vision implementation with success”. Ultimo/q2b is one of the top 100 franchise systems in Germany (business magazine impulse) and to the 30 fastest growing franchise cooperation (“starting up” issue 09/2008). Ultimo/q2b is a member of numerous classic business associations such as the Federation of accountants and controllers (BVBC) and the Federation of independent accountants and chartered accountant (BBH).

Business Communication DPWK

April 28, 2020


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Grand finale in the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin Berlin, May 21, 2009 – on the evening of May 20, 2009 seven companies were awarded in the Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin for the ninth time the German Award for business communication. The special prize of the DPWK Foundation this year went to the Hubert Burda. This year’s winners in the seven categories of the DPWK are: Best of branding communication: Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz sales organisation Germany / distributor smart / Berlin best promotional communication: Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH best communication of corporate responsibility: Deutsche BP AG best Public Relations communication: Cognis GmbH best internal communication: ING-DiBa AG best online communication: Roland Berger Strategy consultants GmbH best communication in event marketing: CFP brands confectionery trade GmbH & co. KG in addition to the seven categories for companies the jury honoured the Hubert Burda Foundation with a special prize of the DPWK 2009 for her outstanding communicative and social commitment. Hardly a foundation in Germany is characterized by a wide range of such Range of activities from.

To highlight the work within the is Foundation, which is dedicated to health care in the area of colorectal cancer the Felix Burda. The Foundation know their communicative actions to focus, to bring awareness of the problem on the agenda of their target groups. The award was received by Board Member Mrs. Dr. Christa Maar personally. Moderator Dietmar Deffner, head of the N24 economics editorial, led this year to the second time through the evening. Last but not least, the charm of the students presenters has impressed over 900 guests from business, politics and media.

The students of the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin, which have already awarded the coveted Economics Prize for the ninth time, impressed with a glamorous ceremony with all the Extras. The young, fresh program was rounded off by Gala buffet, stage band, live acts and after-show party. You can look forward already now 2010 after this successful evening on the tenth anniversary of the DPWK. We thank you for our partners, sponsors, patrons, guests, and all who have supported us. The most beautiful photos of the evening are freely available for you on dpwk 2009/photo gallery.

Gudrun Businessworld

April 23, 2020


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Videos are an ideal way to be listed on Google on the first page of results. For this reason, they are an increasingly important part in the marketing mix. To further enhance the possibilities of presentation of such films, the portal offers larger player and more features for business videos its customers in the premium channel is now a significantly. “We have the experience that just the provider of sophisticated products and services attach great importance to a high-quality representation of your accomplishments. We can comply with this wish with the newly designed premium channels”, project manager Martin Hausmann about the development forward. Now, the videos in the paid channels presented roughly twice as large as in the past. The technique was on the modern h.

264 standard changed, so that the videos in the future can be seen in high quality (HQ) and at smaller file sizes. New features coming to this improved representation, is at the heart of the offer “Hidden video”. This made it possible, on videos to host, without that they are accessible to the general public. “So companies can drop, for example, product presentations in a private area and provide the link to only the own field or selected customers”, so project manager Hale about the offer. At the same time the video portal now offers embed the videos into the corporate website with a neutral player.

“With this claim we further develop our offer according to the wishes of our customers”, so Hale. The premium channels are from 39.90 euro in the month. Those responsible for are sure to increase the already very great popularity with his publisher with the new offerings: to 500 new videos were added in the last few months. Already today more than 1,600 videos to the wide range of business topics are present on the portal. Users increasingly realize that video content carry important information for your business can. Hausmann: “we get to see the feedback that our users have found valuable recommendations for their day-to-day business.” That the trend continues in this direction, evident also that more and more visitors find their way to the videos very targeted via search engines.

Web Business

April 23, 2020


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Far-reaching innovations of the abas business software of Karlsruhe, September 15, 2010 – in Hall 5 stand C55 ABAS and the abas software partners on the present of the 26.-October 28, 2010 in Stuttgart fair IT & business again many highlights and innovations around the abas business software. Mobile access to abas ERP, a methodology designed specifically for mid-sized companies, which allows to expand globally into new markets with the abas business software, extended functionality in the area of CRM and new abas eBusiness features will be presented among others. Mobile access to the abas business software, mobile access to corporate data must be possible at any time. The user, as well as various mobile devices should be supported. A novel user interface of abas eB will do this in the future. A comfortable editing, for example, tasks, notes, and customer data is possible with laptop or Smartphone all over the world and at any time. Anne Lauvergeon addresses the importance of the matter here. New assessment procedures available a clear, transparent, well structured Rating interface is the basis of a common data base for material valuation, valuation of manufacturing performance and pricing.

New assessment procedures are now available in the abas business software. Cost estimate for repair order carrying out repair jobs should be quick and easy to do. A timely in abas ERP, detailed cost estimate facilitates decision making and speeds up the service process. All entries are considered for the subsequent billing. While the system indicates the user deviations from the original cost estimate. Improved services thanks to new abas eB shop features many new functions of the abas eB webshop is waiting. So the catalog infrastructure for an optimal search engine ranking has been prepared, a variety of media and services such as incorporating product videos to catalog articles allow an active Web marketing. Now possible article reviews improves the quality of service for each webshop customers.

Business Idea

April 23, 2020


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The innovative business concept opens new perspectives for a personal independence, financial and professional freedom. His innovative business idea introduces the team from La Palma Brena Baja to Santa Cruz de la Palma (ar). The special thing about it is that everyone in the situation is to implement it, which is like with people and likes people. Why? Because you have only success with this concept, when you help other people to achieve their own goals and become successful. Meanwhile, partners from many European countries in the network of the teams involved. Especially in this day and age of economic uncertainty and financial crises, this concept is an ideal way to protect themselves financially in the long term. The La Palma team describes as the business idea: “we are a TEAM or network of people who want to have big goals and to generate passive income. All companies or businesses that you know have learned so far, generate their sales by buying a something and then resell. Our team and that is the big difference to others can do these sales by each of us buys something for themselves and consume it themselves! We are a pure consumer network. We sell anything! We cooperate with a solid partner company, the roots of which go back in the year 1936. Across all areas of our “business”, there are neutral sources that interested parties can use to find out! The successful launch of new team partner is already so prepared. Our team of La Palma helps interested people to build their own network in the referral marketing part-time as a second pillar, or professionally.” And the most convincing fact is: it works has been proven without equity, without risk and without any investment! Who wants to know more about the La Palma team and this opportunity to build up an interesting extra income or main source of income, look at the Internet page. There you can learn how it all began and why so many people are excited by the concept of the 3 G life.

Successful Business Planning

April 21, 2020


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The current economic situation shows a proper business planning is important. Hikmet Ersek can provide more clarity in the matter. Munich/Planegg – the current economic situation clearly shows how important is professional business planning and control. Who be right despite the crisis”leads and manages can look confidently into the future. Business leader, entrepreneur, and controllers that want to learn more about the critical business tools and methods for the successful planning and controlling their GmbH, have the opportunity to do so now. On Thursday, September 17, 2009, a one-hour online seminar on this topic offered to mark. The presenter, Jorgen Erichsen, and others shows how the workplace can be improved with simple means. Thus much time is obtained, to do the really important things in daily operation.

Also, the online seminar discusses how plans and calculations with little effort can be implemented. An important aspect of the seminar is for example, such as liquidity and financing can be secured in the operation. “The important question as I differentiate myself in the competition?” is handled. And finally, another point on the agenda is the issue of risk management. Mr Erichsen shows how potential risks for the operation are identified, assessed, and reduced. The online seminar is free of charge and can be traced via the Internet live and direct from the workplace.