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Cruz Coaching Autor

April 20, 2013


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To be of such a union between two people wishing to create harmony with her dance has to pass each one of them is kept stable, without forcing the position on its axis, it is not advisable to eat space to partner or be left to eat ground in that imaginary axis that all teachers Tango dicen exists. They usually say is how you were a puppet that joins the floor sientiendolo and is held in place by an imaginary thread allowing you to float and draw with your legs as if it were a brush outline broad strokes of color and while one draws the other waiting with patience that comes your time to continue creating at the same time that Nice spectacle for the senses. In the process of coaching, both persons must know staying on its axis and knowing clearly outline the roles beforehand, when and how are marked the tempos that both require. While one of them accompanies and gives support to the other, the other is allowed to stop flowing and floating and is when it starts to create all those ornaments and expressions that are born from that feeling music, listen and watch the environment to be in connection from Earth toward the spiritual, being mere tounged instrument of energy that passes through your body that flows to the beat of rhythm and tempo that van carrying both parts of the binomial. That energy that comes from the connection that have feet stepping on the ground passing through the body that makes her earthly into imagined projects that are drawn in the spiritual part that connects with that imaginary axis, allowing that the dance may seem Ethereal. Sorry, I wanted to say that it is when the coachee ceases flowing fruit of the conversation to begin to connect with its past, assume it without raising beyond, learn to enjoy the present with music that interprets the band or better said the music that both have background; It is able to follow the compass and tempo for projected to turn in an almost spiritual flow to create new steps that are not premeditated but emerging of that connection that exists between them and achieve ultimately enjoy the essence of what has been lived so far from the essence of coaching; what the coachee can visualize a future as he wants draw in the tango it would draw with legs in harmony with the body. Certainly not comparable to live it in first person as having words, only recommend that if you have the chance you will feel one of the experiences or if you dare you both will feel the essence of which we speak, and this article will lack sense Fortunately for you.