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Chinese Doors

July 4, 2022


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Chinese metal doors appeared in Russia about 7 years ago (roughly 2003-2004). The Chinese test the market in our country, we saw a growing demand for entrance metal doors. It was necessary to enter this market, quickly hit the jackpot – the door because you are traveling from far away and isolated sales are uninteresting and unprofitable. But for the mass, it is necessary to give such goods and such conditions that people pounced on it like hot cakes on a frosty day at the station.

The main emphasis in the manufacture of steel doors for our market, both then and now, the Chinese are doing two things: – attractive appearance – low, you can say, ridiculous price. Chinese doors successfully cope with the task! Though the Chinese doors are equipped with the low-quality characteristics (like many of their products), many consider them to be Good door. Why? Yes because it is a perfect example of marketing: to give people just what he wants at a very attractive price. And as for you when buying a front door that are interested in? Steel doors, two locks and simpatishny appearance. So? Why in this case our man thinks that the steel door – it is necessarily protective, guarding possessing properties? No, this is not true. Steel – the one that has parts made of steel. That’s it – no more no less. Even if this were there 3 kg of weight, she did not ceased to be a steel! But our sellers have had to lie in order to overcome the consciousness of the Russian people, and that these doors are made of foil still sell.

You also have no one said the inside of the door – paper, and the weight of the weight with wood doors. That locks these doors are attached, sorry, snot, and the quality of their production is low. That handles break off and come off for any failure hook a pocket or sleeve? About the same security properties (or rather lack thereof) The Internet is just overwhelmed with information. We are here once again is not going to spend too much time … At this moment the country is replete with Chinese doors, the demand for have diminished. Therefore, the wholesalers, the Chinese are trying to find new and new markets. Search for companies who can offer their products for future distribution. Including the post office the company was no late come commercial proposals for these doors. And here we would like to tell you about the material side of the issue. In his last letter, a man of Asian appearance, under the name “Sasha”, invites us to buy at very small party Chinese doors for $ 35 apiece. Think about this figure – one thousand rubles for the door! And it provided that Sasha bought it at home, brought in from China and sold for profit. Can you imagine the cost of the product? A Now try to imagine what characteristics may have a steel entrance door, whose cost is equivalent to a single license disc with the movie ..

Customer Profile

November 9, 2017


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Profile – cross-sectional shape of the product. Rod – a metal prefabricated lengthy round or profiled cross-section, obtained by rolling or pressing and used as blanks for the manufacture of parts by plastic deformation or machining. Box – a metal prefabricated square. The band – a simple profile rectangular cross-section width of 200 mm and a thickness of 60 mm. Andrew Cuomo is full of insight into the issues. Steel – an alloy of iron and carbon, containing from 0,025 to 2.14% carbon and other elements.

Reinforcing steel – hot rolled round bars of a smooth or ribbed for reinforcement of conventional or prestressed concrete structures. Welding – obtaining permanent joints by the formation of atomic bonds between connected surfaces with their heating and / or plastic deformation. Forging – metal forming method in which a specified shape and size of product is prepared by stick of impact of technological tools the workpiece. Ductility – the ability of metals and alloys subjected to forging. Casting – obtaining goods by pouring molten material into the mold. Rods, square and other profiles now need to decide, from a profile you will be ordered lattice: from bars, squares, stripes or a combined profile? What determines the choice? If you want a nice grill, it is better to give preference to the lattices of the so-called square or bar. But from bands are less instances of art (though here much depends on the master and imagination of the customer).

PVC Quot

December 31, 2011


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Most importantly – correctly select glazing. A survey among experts in the window market, showed that the most popular and reliable is the construction of the glazing profiles Sib Design and Brillan Design German company REHAU with glass, and so-called "Cold glazed" Spanish brand Provedal. "The demand on these types of glazing is not accidental. System Brillan Design and Sib Design German company REHAU good that provide excellent heat and noise and soundproofing, providing a favorable microclimate – says the poll results Sales Manager "Build Master", Yuri Leonov. Provedal – a sliding aluminum system, the dignity which is lightweight, which is important for panel homes. Due to the minimum width and maximum size of the valves, balcony glazing system Provedal retain natural light flowing flood of daylight into the apartment without a loss. " Installation of PVC windows, glazing balconies and loggias in Moscow and Moscow region produce professional team.

The client receives a number of additional services: delivery of the order at a convenient time, mounting, glazing constructions subsequent servicing, guarantee and even design of glazing in a loan or credit. In planning the creation of their tales, do not forget that the balcony glazing requires 1 to 2 weeks. Check-out specialist should be ordered when the responsibilities of the future has already thought through the balcony. Then it will be easier to choose finishes and window system. Exploit the mind to create comfort on the balcony or loggia is impossible if walls, ceiling and floor is poor. Think of the "plot" and try to understand what you want to do the ceiling, how to decorate the walls and floor, where will accommodate light fixtures, flowers, decor items, furniture, and whether you have curtains or blinds on the windows? The more details will be worked out, the easier things will go. Wall design, the choice of floor tiles – a pleasant hassle of turning into a cozy corner of the balcony! Complete the basic work you feel like a real designer! A brand new balcony to delight you with its magnificence for years, do not forget to care for him and the new plastic windows, follow the simple rules for the care and maintenance.

Daily short-term ventilation to protect the windows from fogging. Perform this procedure 2-3 times a day for 15-30 minutes. All moving parts of fittings, lubricate twice a year, the usual engine oil or a special grease. Window seals are clean from dust and dirt with a special compound belonging to the set of care for plastic windows, at least twice a year, as advised by the Director of Sales for "Build Master", Yuri Leonov. Dishwashing REHAU plastic profile, use only cleaners that do not have in their composition of gasoline, solvents and acids. Also, do not use powdered cleansers or granular formulations, which may scratch profile. Common household and external contamination of well washed with liquid ammonia, soapy water, a solution of soda and detergents for PVC windows. Glass cleaner, use a solution of water with shampoo or special carcare glasses. Wash with a sponge or soft cloth. As a result, you can not only enjoy the comfort and warmth-to-date balcony, but also proud of him, demonstrating at every opportunity its small neighbors fairy tale!