UTM Appliances Test: Clavister SG3210 Convinced

December 31, 2020


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Fastest UTM firewall solution in the test: 89.749 transactions and antivirus throughput of 115 MB / s Hamburg, January 23, 2009 modern companies today rely on optimal protection against all possible threats from the Internet and internal networks: unified threat management appliances are considered digital gatekeeper and provide universal protection in this area. In a comparison test in the magazine Network Computing’s real-world Labs * UTM appliances have been tested for their suitability for the security of enterprise networks and its individual segments. In the field of TCP throughput with URL filters and antivirus convinced the SG3210 of the Swedish manufacturer of network security solutions Clavister AB and started to pull away from the rest of the field. The comparison test, carried out by the real-world labs of network computing, six providers with their security appliances took part. TCP throughput with URL filters and antivirus network computing or their real-world Labs tested among other things which capacities allow the appliances, if the HTTP traffic with the URL and anti-virus filter is parsed. 100 users were simulated, which start every ten requests per 10,000 bytes per TCP connection.

Clavisters SG3210 was here when compared to the top: the appliance in the test 89.749 transactions carried out and reached an antivirus throughput of 115 MB/s SG3210 extensive protection for networks in the tested SG3210 from Clavister, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, is the smallest system the Clavister security-gateway-3200-Series. The systems are based on a hardware platform with six Gigabit Ethernet ports. The individual models differ from each other according to performance and capacity. All gateways the same security and connectivity features but provide, including a firewall, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, high-availability clustering and traffic management. The SG3210 offers also a high level of investment protection. Both performance and functionality can be spread with the help of digital licenses.