The Sensation

July 1, 2021


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We can be a great or small, strong or weak vase. Logically we want to be always a strong vase great e, but we do not understand that to be thus, God needs kneading in them, molding and to temper to the fire more time. ' ' To your they had formed me hands and they shaped my entire being you made me to you of barro' ' (J 10, 8-9). To the times we have the sensation that already we were molded, however the Potter, can remaking in them as it desires, this therefore, is walking for a form that is not the one that the Potter waited. ' ' I went down until the house of the potter and it he was making an object in the lathe, Object that it was making if he deformed, but it used to advantage the adobe and made another object, as it he seemed melhor' ' (Jr 18, 3-4).

Ours we discontent stops with what we live, that is, with our losses and our pains, for times take in them to question the designs of God for our life, such which eat the prophet Isaiah disclosed in them: ' ' the pot, will be that it can say the potter: You do not understand nothing? ' ' (Is 29,16). The adobe alone it does not have force to give the form of a vase. Alone, we fall in the decoy to try to be a vase, what we will never obtain. But if the adobe spoke? You say it you, which adobe you you desire if to transform. it thus will make. If the adobe spoke, it would cry out, esperneava and cried as well as you, but it would say the Potter: He molds me, Gentleman!