The Leader

December 20, 2012


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The leader uses its capacity to inhale. The admiration to the leader comes of its capacity to love, of its ability, its knowledge of the work, of its charisma one, of its vision, its example. SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF THE LEADERS: To be capable to help the team to grow: To lead is to help the group to become free themselves of the past and to believe its capacity to create tomorrow. To be capable to glimpse the future: It is basic always to have a way, a purpose. A leader always goes to inspire the team to take the direction correct.

To be capable to inhale: Its vibration infects and makes the group to believe its capacity. Inside of each one a certainty is born: of that she happens what to happen, they will be together and giving the maximum to conquer that objective. To be capable to influence the team: The leader always is looked because the people want to know its opinions. Perhaps this is one in the best ways to recognize a leader: it is because they perceive that they had grown after the colloquy, that more is enabled to fight for its dreams. To be capable to awake confidence: To have an ethical behavior and strong personality. To be capable to recognize its weaknesses: Perfect only God. The leader has capacity to assume its errors before the group.

Its auto-they esteem is so good that it also knows that erra. It is that its rightnesss are as much that the errors matter little. To be capable to conciliate interest: To divide is easy. To separate is more easy still. To integrate well more is complicated, but the humanity does not need people who choose the way most easy, needs people that have courage to carry through the impossible one. The leader has the capacity to perceive the other, to make people if to seat in a table to speak and to listen to e, meetings, if to communicate. This quality of communication makes the parts to open the game of its necessities, to define its priorities. It makes also them to analyze the commitments of a common project and to feel that they are earning in that negotiation.