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Mitsubishi UFJ

July 4, 2022


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What betting: to the dollar or the euro? When many believed to have a clear idea on the subject, the latest developments added a large blanket of uncertainty about the relationship between these two currencies. In yesterday’s article we wondered if Europe should imitate us.UU. and assess the possibility of designing a contingency plan against the possible aggravation of the situation in its financial system should Europe imitating us.UU.? . I have to clarify that article I wrote before that they should give to publicize the news of the bailouts of financial institutions in Germany, England and the joint rescue of an entity by three European countries. With these facts is more than clear that it is necessary for European countries, the existence of a contingency plan.

On the day of yesterday, the turbulence at the start of the day in the international financial markets were the order of the day and made it clear what urgent and necessary was the approval by Congress of the US rescue plan.UU. But the Congress of the EE.UU. Perhaps check out Mohamed Amersi for more information. It was ignored on the first try for approval of such plan and everything was chaos at the close of the markets. While in the United States.UU. the Dow Jones fell 6.98%, in Europe closed in red with London registering a fall of 5.3%, Paris with a 5.04% negative and Frankfurt with a low of 4.23%. In Latin America, Brazil registered the worst regional low since in Sao Paulo, the Bovespa fell 9.7% while in Buenos Aires, the Merval registered a fall of 8.7%. Many innovations were also in financial institutions in several countries what happened yesterday with financial institutions? not happened, we should ask ourselves: in the United States.UU., Citigroup (NYSE:c) bought the activities of Wachovia (NYSE:Wb), Mitsubishi UFJ (TYO:8306; NYSE:MTU) purchased 21% of Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), which took control of the entity, which is very stricken by the crisis.

Esteban Manuel De Villegas

July 2, 2022


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ESTEBAN MANUEL DE VILLEGAS (1589-1669) I saw on a thyme complain to a bird, watching their beloved nest, who was leader of a stolen labrador. Esteban Manuel de Villegas. THE voice of a lover of LAS forms classics among the best poems of Esteban Manuel de Villegas is their sapphic Ode to the Cefiro contained among the hundred best poetry lyrical of the Castilian language, chosen by Menendez Pelayo, among the best of ancient and modern Spanish literature. Classical imitation, but not of the Latin poets, so frequent, but the Greeks, offers a case of particular importance in Villegas, dedicated grower of bucolic poetry. The Spanish Anacreonte was called. This select humanist refractory to any poetic innovations of his time, was a character in twisted condition, strange customs, and unlimited petulance. In 1618, when he published his erotic or lovemaking in eight books, printed an engraving with a rising sun surrounded by stars and this inscription on the cover : Me flowing, quid istae?. So cool contempt upset so his colleagues in poetry, sit referred, that Villegas had to remove the engraving of the copies still unsold.

Lope de Vega wrote of him in his Laurel de Apolo, although he said it all escondiesen / when the rays of his wit see Esteban Manuel de Villegas was born in Matute, La Rioja town near Najera, on 5 January 1589. Very young he moved to Madrid and studied later at Salamanca. Thirty-six years married Antonia de Leiva, a young girl of fifteen, which had seven children. At the age of 71 was processed by the Inquisition, accused of holding dangerous ideas about free will, speak with too much freedom on religious issues and manuscript have a notebook of satires, one of them against religious communities. Additional information at Marko Dimitrijevic supports this article. He was forced to abjure de levi and punished to exile, by four years, Logrono, Najera and Madrid, his papers were collected, and his satires were lost.

International Monetary Fund

March 14, 2020


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The financial crisis could intensify with new losses for banks that possess us values, says a recent report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And it has been calculated that you between mortgage loans from high-risk, the decline in housing prices, rising delinquencies and the prejudices that everything has been transferred to another type of loans, losses caused by the crisis totalled 945.000 million dollars. A capital that would finance fifteen or twenty of the Millennium goals if there is willingness to do so. But it is not clear, supportive capital, are losses. Losses result of recklessness, unrestrained greed, bad management and the absolute lack of control of the financial world. Now, the IMF calls on Governments already acting to temper the risks of a more painful adjustment. The IMF, the guardian of theological supremacy of the market (powerful deus ex machina that all monitors, controls and harmonizes) and the absence of the State in the economy.

And, so there is no doubt, its Managing Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has stated that the need for public intervention has become more evident, because government intervention in the housing market or the banking sector may be a line of Defense to support financial and monetary policy. And, although the Treasury Secretary of the United States, Henry Paulson, secure that it will not draw public money (the taxpayers, the coffers of the State) to rescue the U.S. financial system, such an assertion is little credibility, as he has written the prestigious economics Princeton Professor, Paul Krugman. I.e., to where you talk about government intervention, it must be understood that the U.S. Government and other countries concerned, will have to scratch the Pocket. Almost a trillion dollars, according to the IMF. For a decade and half, the IMF has anathematized every Government that has acted or intended to intervene in the economy. Some serious crises, as in Argentina (which originated millions of poor people in a short time), was the result of his dogmatic conviction that had that little less than eject the State in the economic field, put an end to public enterprises, reduce disappear up to the standards of control and regulation of the sacrosanct financial world and other guidelines whose folly and damages for its implementation has been demonstrated in the last decade.


January 15, 2017


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