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Central Europe

September 27, 2020


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The two cities were united for the first time in 1873 by means of the robust elegance of the bridge of the Chains. The churches, the bastions, the places and the fortifications of Buddha they seem old, but, in fact, they were reconstructed after the devastating Nazi siege of 1944. Areva is likely to agree. This it was the beginning of the darkest years of Budapest, when the city was under the ass of a frog in a coalmine, as the Hungarians would say. The communist party I install in the power to Matyas Rakosi, and the country became small Stalin while they continued the Nazi persecutions. In 1956, the Soviet tanks went out to choke the revolution untied by the liberal policies of the successor of Rakosi, Imre Nagy. Budapest always conserved a socialism form goulash more abierto than it made him gain the affections of the West. It was the animated and scandalous city more of the block of the East (the involution of prostitution gave a squalid fame him, as well as the name of the Bangkok of Europe ). With this colorful exuberance, great musicians and the imperial inheritance of its architecture and its famous riders hsares, Budapest comes off an air sophistication aim of siecle.

Unlike the delicate Prague or of the pressed Bratislava, Budapest is the enthusiastic capital of Central Europe. And so enthusiastic it is that it enters his native most famous ones emphasizes Zsa Zsa Gabor (enthusiastic by the cinema), George Soros (enthusiastic by the money) and Ilona Staller, Cicciolina alias (Enthusiastic by by ). Budapest is the most charming city of the Danube. It has a very astute way of being its own scene, like Vienna, but also it owns a robust substance and a vitality that his Austrian rival does not know .

Adaptive Organization

May 23, 2014


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The characteristics of the scenes enterprise in countries that are preparation for it, as well as the companies which they participate in those scenes, invite to that the schools of industrial Engineering review their programs, eliminate those subjects that are not right to be in the present time and him of passage new knowledge which they contribute results, benefits, in a time shorter than what it is had planned to form them, to enable them. It is required to diagnose through a DOFA where they are the weaknesses, strengths, threats, opportunities of the present industrial engineer and to take step to the new engineer. The responsibility in the profile of the new Engineer cannot be eluded providing tools, knowledge that allow him to handle their human interrelations suitably, factor that very has been neglected by many schools of industrial Engineering of the country, to provide more knowledge to him on modern managemental topics, a new vision on control of inventories, logistic of distribution, engineering of methods that knows to interpret the new requirements that the control of the quality has developed; as well as, the necessity to extend the statistical methods that allow to define control of production adapted before the indices that define, that is to say, everything what production process favors handling suitably them, securing of the quality. The industrial engineer must sustain his actions, exercise with a good formation, qualification and development in the leadership to follow, to guarantee integration of equipment, suitable handling of the human and technical resource based on the productivity, strategic planning of operations, administration of the production, administration of operative costs and everything what he favors the profit of results concerning a production that is able to satisfy the demand and requirements that the consumers solicit. Definitively it is valid what indicates Domingo Gonzlez, that a good industrial engineer must have good knowledge of finidos of: Strategic Planning Adaptive Organization; participating Direction; Prospective Control; Strategic Information systems; All this is basic in their exercise and that is based in addition on: Approaches of system. .

Ontological Coaching

November 7, 2012


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Who are not connected: Those that by the form of " Observar" , and that like culture also inherited of its predecessors (parents, professors, country etc) they were educated from children in the shortage, with beliefs obstacles, or also because of some experience breaks or (death of a loved being, separation of parents etc.), which interrupted natural flowing of its emotions and thoughts in the direction of the confidence, its own satisfaction and benefit that is the direction of its dreams. What paper plays the Ontological Coaching: The Ontologa is science (and philosophy) that becomes position of the Human being, its Being in the Actions and their language. It deepens on the Phenomenon of the Observer. And the Coaching is the discipline and practical dynamics (between Coach and Coachee) that helps to develop other forms possible To observe and To do. That the Coach does: It collaborates with the consulting person (coachee) to see and to reflect his limits, on the type of observer who is and like he is that he observes and he interprets the world of that form, the causes caused that it and that continue sustaining those forms to make, to review their emotional world and to find the forms to restore and to expand that flow natural of connection with itself that is with its BEING, who develops his Self-confidence and therefore he finds HIS VOCATION, that is to say ITS FORM TO MAKE to fulfill HIS DREAMS and to cause that ITS LIFE has an IMPORTANT SENSE. Lic. Daniel Elfenbaum Director of the Consultant Wings. Original author and source of the article.