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Sabine Ludwig

December 29, 2020


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Hypnosis and anesthesia are useless if fear patients do not go to the dentist. This changes new stone, if the causes of dental fear are eliminated, 11 – in terms of dental health, Germany is a leader in a worldwide comparison. Hard to believe that, despite modern medical procedures, 5 million German citizens have still an excessive fear of the dentist. Although there is the dental hypnosis or the treatment by means of a general anesthesia, many people still fear the dentist not in the consultation will go. The consequences of the refusal of the dental treatment are immense. In addition to the deformed vision and these people exclude in particular socially is the pain associated with the diseased teeth, over the years. It is not the treatments accordingly, that the fear of the dentist or the dentist phobia is still common.

The challenge is to free people in advance so that they can go to the dentist at all of their fears. When a dentist phobia is a Treatment refusal is even greater because of a serious mental disorder. The persons concerned are simply not capable of independently to make a dentist appointment and maintain. You can also certainly can’t hypnotize, because your condition at all does not allow Phobics. This means that the patient in many cases initially required a psychological measure before it can come to an appointment at the dentist at all. The accompaniment of a fear patient by therapists using a remedy. Though not as a single measure regardless of a dentist, but in the form of a cooperation.

In plain language: the therapist treats the patients and cooperates in the meantime with a dentist. This assumes the patients after successful therapy and begins following the dental restoration. This concept developed Sabine Ludwig and Karen Gerlach of the challenges, both coaches and practitioners of psychotherapy from the East-Hessian Neuenstein.