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December 26, 2013


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It is no secret that the rate of build mlm business depends on how fast your beginners’ streach their feathers and learn to fly on their own. And in general, that every leader has gained experience in how to grow of the newbies full-fledged business, or a lady. Usually it happens the most simple and commonplace way. Just as parents teach their children! Namely – the precepts and instructions. Moreover, like any loving parent, mentor says complete their law chide a child or even scold him for his failure to these same instructions. In general, the model of parent-child relationship in action! Only here everyone is a parent knows that their child becomes an adult only when detaches from parental custody and he will fill his bumps and feel your experience? I think everyone knows and understands rather take, not all. You may ask: what do novice to quit and he does not help? This would be the most disastrous mistake that you could do for your business! I think that the way out, as always in the middle. Your task is to give the beginner a complete package of information about the system on which you act, check out how a novice it has learned, and necessary to help correct the mistakes and then it’s time to go to the mode of coaching.

Well. Again netsenzurschina! The fact that the Russian analogue of the term “Coaching” not at all. Even the translators and professionals in one word is not can explain what it is in Russian.