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Alpha Brain

January 17, 2020


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But then the computer must shut down periodically to cool down and restarted it. There are various methods of self-regulation, known to mankind since ancient times and in different cultures who have their own characteristics. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. The twentieth century which was the turning point in human history and laid the foundation for technological revolution has created in accordance with requirements of the time the new interpretation of the energy practice. They were the foundation for the research of scientists from different countries, conducted mainly in the 1930s. Thus arose the modern methods self-regulation, giving the opportunity to replenish energy luggage, allowing both to relieve stress and increase resistance to stress, giving a positive life attitude, positively affecting the health and well-being. To understand how they work, you should know how the mechanism is constructed of thinking. Our brain uses for its work, the two hemispheres that perform different functions.

The left is responsible for conscious activity – Boolean thinking. Right – for the intuitive, creative part. That it contains all the unconscious memory of everything that ever happened to the man. In a calm, unstressed state brain uses to solve problems both Hemisphere quickly switch from one to another. In stress mode right brain is blocked, and blocked some features of the left hemisphere. It hangs the computer. To exit this mode man needs to calm down – though, would go for a short time in "standby mode", to use computer terminology or "state of emptiness," "neutral state" or "0-state." This is the state we are day before deep sleep and get out of sleep. The brain is clocked at Alpha – 8-13 cycles per second.

In the waking state (Beta), the frequency of the brain is 14-28, in a sleep state (Tetta) – 4-7, but in a state of deep sleep (Delta) – 0.5 – 3 cycles per second. In the alpha state the person has the opportunity to actively connect the right hemisphere, and thus provide additional resources, previously hidden and inaccessible. It is through this state there is a restoration of peace of mind, emaciated and deformed stress functions. Exercises and self-regulation techniques, adapted for modern humans, are fairly simple to learn and do not require large time-consuming. The urgency of their routine use is no doubt for many people around the world. Skills enable a person to self-regulation, first, to stop the emerging growth of mental stress, secondly to remove stress and finally, call "0-state" for the "discharge" and "reset" the brain. You may be familiar, at least by hearsay, certain techniques – meditation, auditory training, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga or creative thinking? But what would suit you? It operates a simple and very important rule. For you, the most appropriate and effective to precisely the approach that you like best. It is also possible that you will make yourself a "menu" of different techniques that are useful in different circumstances – it all depends on your preference. To get acquainted with various techniques and exercises to master the primary enough to pass a basic anti-stress course. This can be done independently by means of audio or video courses (as an option – a free course on) or at the training under the guidance of an experienced mentor.