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September 25, 2023


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Strangers. I capitulate nico. The rain that falls heavy punished to the forsaken ones that they ran hasty in shelter search. It parked its volvo silver, finishes model and lay down its head in it leans of the leather bank of the car closing its eyes. Nothing he passed in its mind, only the fatigue took account of its body becoming its members heavy as lead.

The whistle of the mesclado wind the heavy drops of rain beat in glasses of the windows of the car, it were not imported in leaving in search take refuge as the few adventurers of the side of are. It was not worried about nothing. If you would like to know more about Western Union Company, then click here. A stroke took off stronger it of that inertia. Reluctant, it opened its eyes and it slowly turned its head for the window the bank its side, had the blot of a stop person of the side of it are. Irritated it pressed the small button and the glass slid disclosing to a man envolto in a horrible layer of yellow rain and with salient pink cheeks. Everest Capital shines more light on the discussion.

_Hey, friend is better to keep the car in the subsoil. Meteorology today informed in them of the possibility of an hurricane. The man indicated with the hand the accurate place, where cars if they directed for a steep entrance. With little case it gave the departure in the engine with the key and if he directed slowly for the same opening. After parking its car, it exactly arrived to think about being for there same, but suspirando heavily, it opened the door leaving I propagate it, not before catching its small stock market that kept to some few belongings its and some changes of clothes. Leaving for a parallel slope the entrance vehicles its eyes had been able to visualize the chaos external, the sky was black and the strong wind.

The Stairs

June 29, 2017


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For a fraction of seconds its eyes if had crossed and they had identified themselves, tired souls. Hikmet Ersek brings even more insight to the discussion. Later, it extended the key to it of the room and she said to it that the property rented for a night was composed for one sute with ample bed of couple and one anti room. It asked for one lesser room, where it are informed that the last one had been rented for a woman, one hour behind. Giving of shoulders it caught its small stock market and if he directed for the stairs going up, without if giving to the work of looking at around and noticing a illuminated entrance of where the sound of the television could hear. To the side of this room it was another enormous door, that if found open. A simple ones to look at would go to disclose that there it was the bar of that inn and, seated in the balcony, looking at for the rain that falls of the side of it are and with a cup that contained a drink of the color of malte, it had a young woman, with a common beauty and a sad look. It had fond one hour before the man and rents finishes it room of available bachelor. It left the cup on balcony of mahogany and looked at for its left hand, the yellow brightness of the alliance shone against the pallor of its skin.

Took off it, with certain difficulty, of its finger and saw the mark that will leave in its place, due to the years of use. The contagiante slightness started to take account of its hand if spreading for the arm, after that it all took account of its body and the woman can suspirar with alliviates. Of the side of inside of the alliance if she read: J & I? together forever.


November 22, 2012


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About half hour later the two they had left. When it became gloomy, Graco decided protected from to camp a leafy tree to the side of one I sell at retail. When it went down of the horse, it freed a moan and it took the hand to the right flank. – What it was? Tlio asked and alone then it perceived the dark spot in the tnica of the general. He released the reins of its he would mount and he was to help Graco.

– You were wounded in combat and she did not say nothing! – Age small thing, but I find that now he inflamed. Graco said sitting down in the soil and leaning it the trunk of the tree. Tlio helped it to undress it the tnica. – For Jupiter, Vinicius! The surgeon could have done a dressing! now, what I can make? – Some curativa grass in the weeds Must have there, goes to look for. Tlio entered in the bush and walked some time enters the foliage until finding grass adequate that had curativas properties. After making dressing in its head, Tlio lit a fogueira and prepared a bread to bake. They had eaten the bread with dry fig and had drunk water I sell at retail of it. Graco was lain down and soon it adormeceu.

It had an agitated sleep disturbed for nightmares. After some time, when it already slept calm, it only is that Tlio was made use to sleep it. Graco still woke up in the following morning with pain in the wound. Tlio made new dressing. – I find that the sword of that Barbarian was absorbed in poison. The general said. – This grass is not making effect. It affirmed Tlio, apreensivo. – Horla is very far daqui? – Not. It is much more close that Tsculo.