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Cockchafer Regulation

August 29, 2020


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Regulations on the protection of the No.Natural resources formed a separate insect protection law against harmful insects in 1912, still in the old Austria below the Enns of the legal basis for combating the diverse common insect pests in the lower Austrian agriculture. This lower Austrian provincial law should form the basis for an efficient organisation of control measures within individual communities. An area was also the combat the Cockchafer as pests in agriculture. The Cockchafer regulation 1924 based on this law and executed this closer. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. Maikafersammel – and extermination duty by regulation the lower insect protection law from 1912 signed the landowner, i.e. To read more click here: Publishers Clearing House. both the owner, the tenant as the individual beneficiaries of the affected land for appropriate measures against the insect pest. This agricultural landowners were required, the Cockchafer during their flight time, everywhere, where they met them to collect and destroy.

The nearby forest owners had to allow collecting of may beetles at the forest edges of adjacent forestry land to a maximum depth of 20 meters or making it yourself. Moreover, the Municipal Council could establish a relevant further with forest owners. The individual municipalities could also praise bonuses for collecting the Maikafer and pay, which amount to set were to local conditions. Specific arrangement to the Cockchafer destruction order based on the lower insect protection Act included the following scheme: the Cockchafer was from the beginning to the end of the flight time to collect and destroy. Schoolchildren could be used to make this Cockchafer campaigns also successfully. With the approval of the lower Austrian country Council therefore decreed, that the respective managements threatened in the of the Cockchafer pitting communities against display of the respective local Council during may beetle flight time, with 8 to 14 days was adopted that age at nine o’clock were allowed to move the start times of the morning lessons for all students from the 8th to the 14th.

The schoolchildren were to assemble in the early hours of the morning to hunt groups, that to go out were under the guidance of an adult of the trust. This regulation of the Cockchafer was twice a year, to be published in March and September by the Mayor within individual communities. Administrative authorities and administrative penalties the mayor were, each in a timely manner, i.e. in the months of April and may to give the orders to collect and destroy the Maikafer and get everything else. Failure to observe of this country laws and regulations were to waive the penalties stated in the insect protection Act 1912 and repudiation.

The Personalized Gift

October 29, 2018


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