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Crowdinvesting Silent Participation

December 3, 2023


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Voice ads Ltd offers silent participation datingbyphone in Taunusstein for project 21.04.2012 – voice ads Ltd offers datingbyphone single-handedly silent partnerships from 500 euros for the project. Crowd investing corresponds to the modern zeitgeist and is an alternative to bank finance products. We focus on all those who want to know exactly where and how their money is used and want to identify with. And above all, it is our aim that generates a maximum return on investment for all involved. Basically, the solo voice ads Ltd does not exclude that we pull a corresponding external platform as a cooperation partner in consideration for a larger crowd investment round. In this regard, we are in negotiations. A leading source for info: Macy’s.

Our success suggests with the investors that we already have, however, also a solo effort in the area of crowd investing specifically being implemented in Germany. We can very specifically represent our datingbyphone concept, which means that a larger time factor for the crowd-investing estimated are must, to exactly the right cover”to find that fit on our pot. The magic words for the distance between investors and voice ads Ltd are undoubtedly trust in connection with mutual social”due diligence. Our decision against the popular German Crowdinvesting was platforms to the part with the very special orientation of the portfolios of these platforms so that. To know more about this subject visit Jeff Verschleiser. Although the Crowdinvesting approach per se satisfies a need for mass, it is again, for the Crowdinvesting (startups) to establish special drawers platforms and companies. There are tens of highly interesting start-ups this high motto beads represent”or elitist selection criteria have no chance on the popular Crowdinvesting investors to come platforms in contact with crowd, and if you do, then just single-handedly. The widely unknown concept of datingbyphone would like to establish a novelty in the big dating market, first in Germany and then in eleven other European Countries.

Voice ads Ltd. is a private company with operating headquarters in Germany and holding in Canada with strong leaders who know exactly what they want and what not. There is no doubt that the crowd as investors and users out of conviction out in the success and the benefits of datingbyphone will participate. Voice ads Ltd. team is a seasoned concentrated pool of long mature experience in the area of IT, advertising & PR, Comptrolling and ultimately in the human behaviour psychology the financing round was activated in March 2012 and runs about 60 days with an option to extend by 30 days. The silent participation is available on the website. The first investments are realized and we hope that it continues. Mutual Fairplay is our motto, accordingly we answer each inquiry discreet and personal.

BAC Berlin Atlantic

September 18, 2023


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Life Trust Fund of BAC – investor firm Nittel supervised clients close favorable comparisons with the BBBank from Heidelberg/Munich, In December 2011 the BBBank volunteered for March 8, 2012 – for all its customers, which it had recommended for life of the Berlin House of emission BAC Berlin Atlantic capital trust fund to the drawing of a participation in the. The funds are in extreme difficulties. Completely flat, the Bank offered the acquisition of shareholdings against payment a comparison by 75%. Previously had at Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law for life insurance fund responsible lawyer Michael Minderjahn for his clients some lawsuits filed to enforce damages for faulty investment advice. These could be completed now compare, which were consistently less than the original offer of the Bank.

Above the comparison rate left unspecified but, because some procedures still in limbo. Mahmud has those investors that the still not to the adoption of the Offer the Bank Act could, pointed out that the settlement offered by the Bank is not without problems. And later still for investors, some questions of detail could become a problem. Also investors from a specialized lawyer should check, whether they can take not even more responsible in the liability of the Bank. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala oftentimes addresses this issue. This is possible with some of the BAC Fund basically depending on including, but not only from the date of the drawing. These claims can claim even such investors, who have already completed the comparison with the BBBank.

Star Capital Partners Ltd

November 15, 2016


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Berenberg advised the Carlyle Group LP in the acquisition of the German nursing home operator all uncle as the lead M & A Advisor. Frankfurt. Berenberg has advised the Carlyle Group LP, with assets under management of 180 billion dollars of one of the world’s largest managers of alternative investments, M & A Advisor in the acquisition of the German nursing home operator all uncle as the lead. The uncle of all group is the eight largest private operator of nursing homes in Germany. These include 49 inpatient nursing residences with more than 6,000 inpatient beds, 18 houses for sheltered housing with about 1,000 apartments, as well as five outpatient services.

Currently 4,000 people are employed at all uncle. “The selling of all Uncle group at the Carlyle Group is one of the largest transactions in the German nursing home sector in recent years and underscores the outstanding expertise of Berenberg in this dynamic sector”, says Dirk-Oliver Loffler, head of M & A advisory at Berenberg. The purchase of the Carlyle Europe partners III, a 5.3-billion-euro Fund is financed. The nursing home operator was sold by Star Capital Partners Ltd. Berenberg was founded in 1590 and private banking, investment banking, asset management and corporate banking is today with the business areas of the leading European banks. The banking firm with headquarters in Hamburg is run by partners, has a strong presence in the financial centres of London, Zurich and Frankfurt, and has a total of over 17 locations in Europe, America and Asia. Fixed related to our tradition, more than 1,100 employees carry the success of our business in the future.

Grundercoaching Germany

March 12, 2014


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These funding institutions live the principle of Bank and so credit terminal can arise for the applicant in the case of negative quickly. The entrepreneur, has managed with its own resources in the preparation and start-up phase so quickly additional liquidity is required when a positive business development for investments and resources. The possibilities of micro-financing and how to leverage them in the company, stands in a cost suitors Guide. This can be requested through the Web site. The banks, block the collapse is usually no longer avert. Mostly, the business as a sole proprietorship is established, which has often capital grounds. The new legal form of entrepreneurial society (limited liability) UG has this development not permanently changed.

This means in the event of crisis but for the entrepreneur, a personal bankruptcy may threaten or be averted only with great difficulty. That also slows the founding motivation even though the bankruptcy for the founders to be relaxed. It is no longer sufficient to submit a business plan for the establishment. Essential content in the current form be queried for all banking and financial affairs. Here, many founders are overwhelmed.

Also the commercial opportunities and the marketing or sales experience not often sufficient for a successful start. Here supports the KfW Grundercoaching Germany, which currently only 7.2% of the Starter know and take advantage of. A business consultant in the start-up phase is like a pilot in difficult waters to see. Small course corrections can cause much here already, and the European Union takes up to 75% of the costs. This programme and supported by the consultancy are information about the Web page to read. Almost in every federal slang, there are individual eligibility criteria and ways to support investment, resources and business building from the first day.