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Backup Systems

July 29, 2023


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Most people do backups, just transferring important files to a folder on another hard drive, or writing them on DVD discs. The problem is that this approach does not allow you to perform backup system files, because the system is running, access to these files is to backup zablokirovan.Kak all the data at the same time? Backing up the system requires more advanced technologies that are not supported just copying to a disk or software to copy data. The only way to make a backup of the system – it's redundant to use the technology at the level of the carrier when the copying is not file system, and makes requests directly to the hard disk sector. This method allows you to backup the operating system, all applications and documents. On the one hand, copying is a more accurate and You can copy the hard drive completely, but this method is inflexible and is not suitable for copy-choice (for example, if you want to copy the same folder).

Different backup software to back up the system in different ways. The most effective are capable of producing "hot" up the system without imposing any restrictions on the active users and allowing them to do whatever they want. Although it sounds as being unusually strong, in practice, when you need to backup your entire PC, it is possible with the same result using a simpler (and less expensive) and run it, for example, at night, when the computer is not used. For backup it is important to choose the right store. The best solution to this problem is an external hard drive. They are reliable, transportable, and allow you to quickly jump to an external drive, if the main problems arise. You do not need much time for recovery. Alternative external HDD – it's up to a remote server or network drive. Finally, remember that your data is protected only when copying performed regularly. Therefore, choosing any software or device you trust a backup system, do not forget to make sure that all operations can be performed automatically, either on a schedule, or in accordance with certain system events.

Multi-Subdomains Installed in WordPress

December 12, 2019


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This post is dedicated to the subject multi-subdomains under WordPress. WordPress more such articles and topics, see on my side. On one side have found some time ago an article on the subject of multi-(sub) domain WordPress, which deals precisely with this issue. He described a very interesting method where multiple blogs on different subdomains or even different domains by means of a WordPress interface to manage. I have described there first Variant implemented right now for my current blog, and two internal test blogs and now briefly describe here my experiences on the topic of multi-sub-domains under WordPress. Challenge The challenge of change was to my existing blog to not “destroy”. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. So I’m just for test only once a parallel installation to complete my current blog done.

This is for a conversion of existing blogs, of course, not absolutely necessary. A test installation) First, I have to purchase another instance of WordPress 2.0.5 and downloaded them before upload to the server as a “multi-blog” configured (see below first customize the wp-config.php). Then copy the WP files on the server in a new directory. The configuration must then show the subdomain to that directory. Example: blogtest.brandt-net.de ==> blog test / Then go through by calling the subdomain the normal installation of WP! B) Secondly, I have a blog then a test for further configured subdomain. This sub-domain must point to the same directory of the WordPress installation! Example: wptest1.brandt-net.de ==> blog test / Then by calling the second Subdomain (wptest1.brandt-net.de) again go through the normal installation of WP! In the background are then created new tables for the blog (previously configured in the file wp-config.php).

Business Answering Machine

November 8, 2019


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Sooner or later, any company the question arises – what to do to improve performance? How to save time and financial resources, and possibly automate some internal processes? Below you will find little information shedding light on these questions. The term often causes the answering machine hears negative emotions – a soulless tool, answering machine, obsessive phone calls – in particular, is associated in most people with given word. Meanwhile, in essence it is a useful and necessary thing for the business. Especially if the business – in services or sales, where much depends on the flow of clients and interact with them. If turnovers are big, and customer base – the corresponding volume, the companies use the services of call-centers, offering service of outgoing calls and customer information. For all that, nobody wants to pass on their accumulated base into the wrong hands, let even if it is in the interests of the company. For security purposes, much better to install an enterprise system of outgoing calls. The program, answering machine Call Office, if I set it up, as it becomes, can deal with your clients, provide them with necessary information and to register their messages completely replacing the call-center employee.

The difference is only that you will be completely control the program, and it will alert your customers automatically, at least a whole day. In this notification can go through different channels (telephone calls and SMS). Avtoinformirovanie becoming more common and more service because it significant saving of labor, and the fact that buying software once, you save yourself from having to pay anything else, winningly warms the soul. Summarizing, we can say that companies are already using the program, such as those described, for communicating with customers – be satisfied.