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Computer Files

March 7, 2020


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Someday each of us had to deal with the inability to remove the hdd has become unnecessary file or folder. That will take away is now a collection of boring music, and delivered as much as 10.5 gigabytes of space. Continue to learn more with: Kohl’s. ‘No Way’, objected to the system and displays the window: ‘Can not delete file’. Of course, mistakes are easily solved and you can fix it by regular means the os, but you can do – Unlocker – a program to remove files. And while the windows errors can say different things, most likely it happened due to lack of performance rights necessary action failure file system. In the first case it may be erroneous sectors on the hdd and the file path is too long, and so on. In this case the urge to resort to utility. In the second version of the operating system does not give the user the necessary access rights to the object.

Most often this happens on your pc, whose logical partition is marked under ntfs, which is involved in a local network or multiple account users. Here we are faced with the division of access levels and user groups – the mechanism on the one hand a reliable, on the other – not easy. Do not dwell on technical issues, and explain better with an example. Loath to delete the file can be used by another participant in the network, another user, another application or process – that is, it has any open descriptor. Whatever it was, again, we definitely decided to get rid of this file, we first need to close all active handles. Here and come to the aid of Unlocker, which will show all open file descriptors and complete them. Program free, compact, multilingual, simple to use and functional. It is conveniently integrated into Windows Explorer and requires no special knowledge to operate. In addition to deleting files and folders are also available, and other actions – moving or renaming, which too often need in their daily work.