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When God

July 15, 2021


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They can be even though in an adobe house, does not matter. God will be present since that the congregated people are congregated there in the Name of it with the contrito heart and in Spirit and Truth. Beautiful Churches, ace times, only lull to sleep the vanity human being, beauties temples, ace times, they only massageiam the Ego of being able religious of its members and leaders. See hume-lee transplant for more details and insights. For God not none makes difference to operate in a rich temple or a poor temple, what necessary God to find in these places is people who are deliberately to its disposal. What necessary God to find in these places is adoradores prostrados before its Sanctity. Very believing if he is deceptive when thinking that God if worries about faades of Churches, God if worries is with the heart of the believer that are the true temple of it and from where the sources of the life proceed. Beth Israel Heart Transplant wanted to know more. The fact of the man to construct beautiful, huge and performed with care things, most of the time, is related with the necessity accomplishment human being, with the necessity of overcoming of itself exactly or other men.

When the man makes something beautiful this is related, in certain way, with its interior vanity. Now, when God makes something huge and beautiful he does not have nothing to see with vanity or necessity to prove superiority or capacity to others. When God makes huge beautiful things e, It differently of the man is demonstrating its perfection, because God is perfect. He thinks about this, and that God it It blesses richly, greatly and powerfully on behalf of ours Mr. and Salvador Jesus Christ. Amen. Geraldo Goulart

The Sensation

July 1, 2021


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We can be a great or small, strong or weak vase. Logically we want to be always a strong vase great e, but we do not understand that to be thus, God needs kneading in them, molding and to temper to the fire more time. ' ' To your they had formed me hands and they shaped my entire being you made me to you of barro' ' (J 10, 8-9). To the times we have the sensation that already we were molded, however the Potter, can remaking in them as it desires, this therefore, is walking for a form that is not the one that the Potter waited. ' ' I went down until the house of the potter and it he was making an object in the lathe, Object that it was making if he deformed, but it used to advantage the adobe and made another object, as it he seemed melhor' ' (Jr 18, 3-4).

Ours we discontent stops with what we live, that is, with our losses and our pains, for times take in them to question the designs of God for our life, such which eat the prophet Isaiah disclosed in them: ' ' the pot, will be that it can say the potter: You do not understand nothing? ' ' (Is 29,16). The adobe alone it does not have force to give the form of a vase. Alone, we fall in the decoy to try to be a vase, what we will never obtain. But if the adobe spoke? You say it you, which adobe you you desire if to transform. it thus will make. If the adobe spoke, it would cry out, esperneava and cried as well as you, but it would say the Potter: He molds me, Gentleman!

Queen Arcana

April 6, 2021


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In this paper is to review the significance of the four queens of the minor arcana in the tarot of love Chuck. Each has special features related to the club to which they belong, and an energy similar to that of the major arcana. This time we will deal with four queens of different suits of minor arcana, and its implication on the circulation of the tarot of love. The high figures are the minor arcana cards of great energy, and have a status similar to the major arcana. We'll see how the emergence of these four cards determines the different messages in the tarot of love. The Queen of Cups is almost equal in strength to the Priestess. Few people have such a level of intuition and sixth sense like her.

The force of water connects with the unconscious. Gain insight and clarity with PayPal. May be considered as a mirror of the inner world of people. She sees what others can not see. In the tarot of love, may mean that communication with your partner will be excellent, because you'll be able to see what the other person actually stored in your interior. You will become friend and adviser, the shoulder to mourn, the ideal complement to your beloved. The queen of diamonds is the version of the minor arcana of the Empress, a powerful figure, who cares and watches over those he loves. All their actions tend to ensure those she considers her children, not necessarily their blood children, but for all those whom she loves. In the tarot of love, indicates that it is time that you become the person attending to the other person, as this responsibility will fall on you.

If a weak point of the queen of diamonds is the obsession has to care for others. Be aware that this attitude does not take you to satiate the other. Take care if overprotective, no. The queen of clubs in the tarot of love tells of a woman very beautiful, powerful-perhaps not in the material, but in his personality-powerful, but extremely elusive. Do not let anyone near him but a superficial level, and is very difficult to give body and soul to be loved. Its ambiguity is that she looks sexy and sensual, yet distant men. When the queen comes, tells of a woman who can not be loved. It seems that the curse is that you can only love him who overcomes in battle. With such demands, it may eventually alone and resentful. It is a voice that warns us that sometimes it is better to "get caught" a foolish pride to keep us away from who we love.

Tarot Card Design

June 17, 2019


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In this piece was to investigate different designs of tarot cards. The earliest specimens date from the 15th century, and is what is called Tarot of Marseille. By the 20th century decks arise as we know them today, the Rider Tarot and the Book of Thoth tarot. The history of design as we know it is really fascinating. Christian age, tarot cards known oldest dating from 1418, and were painted by Michelino da Besozzo, for the first book from the one idea-Christian times, as we said "on this issue. The book was written by Marti da Tortona.

The first deck was only 16 figures, very different from what we are used today, and with great memories of Greek mythology. The tarot deck oldest is now available from the year 1440. Milan decks are called by collectors Brera-Brambrilla and Cary-Yale-Tarocchi. The author of such works remains anonymous. For a long time tarot cards were considered a privilege the upper classes, being only possible to find them in possession of Italian dukes and other members of the nobility. Do not forget that the movement of this material was quite limited, mainly because of the existence of the Inquisition, which condemned any card game, seeing it as linked to the Devil. The Marseilles Tarot cards appear only toward the end of the seventeenth century.

The most common of these tarot cards, artistically speaking, is the Rider-Waite-Smith. This design was composed in 1910 by Arthur Edward Waite, and carried out by his disciple, Pamela Colman Smith. Waite was an occultist American, born in 1857 and died in 1942. This deck of tarot cards was printed by the Rider company, so it is also known as Rider tarot. In 1938 the magician Aleister Crowley, English as Waite, devised another deck, his disciple Frieda Harris conducted. First impressions of these tarot cards were in black and white, until finally in 1977 was published with color original. This Tarot is called the Book of Thoth. The order of the arcana of the tarot cards is not set, but it usually takes this order: 1. Le Bateleur or The Wizard 2. The Papesse o o Popess Priestess 3. L'Imperatrice or The Empress 4. L'Empereur and The Emperor 5. Le Pape or The Pope or The High Priest 6. L'Amoureux or The Lovers 7. Le Chariot or The Chariot 8. The Justice or Justice in September. L'Hermite or The Hermit 10. La Roue Fortune or The Wheel of Fortune 11. The Force or the Force 12. Le Pendu or The Hanged Man 13. L'Arcane sans nom o Arcane no name: La Mort, or Death 14. Temperance and Temperance 15. Le Diable, or The Devil 16. La Maison Dieu and La Torre or the House of God 17. L'Etoile and La Estrella 18. La Lune and La Luna 19. Le Soleil or The Sun 20. Le Jugement or The Judgement 21. Le Monde, El Mundo The secret of Le Mat The Fool has no number assigned.


August 6, 2018


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Does God Exist? By Alejandro Rutto The question is outdated, outmoded, unnecessary, useless, annoying, and controversy. Anyway, continue doing these days is a waste of time for those who believe and not believe in the existence of the Supreme Being. It is anachronistic because it was done in other times and its analysis does not correspond to our times. It is unnecessary because they fail to convince those at the extreme positions of men of faith or unbelievers declared. It is controversial because it polarizes the positions of those still involved in discussions about the action of a supernatural and almighty power that governs the destiny of the universe. But there is something more to wonder about the existence of God is a proud and extremely proud position, because Who are we to certify or deny the existence of the Supreme Being? Who has the credentials of a notary of the cosmos for daring to testify about a power greater than all known powers or imagined by humans? Say what you say, answer as respond, the number of believers is growing. Jeff Gennette can provide more clarity in the matter. The temples are getting with the doors open to those who had absented themselves influenced by the pandemic of disbelief and skepticism of the previous years. Fortunately there is a renewed message and messengers scholars.

The idea of God round again at home and respect for the Creator is felt in school, business and hearts. God never left but was absent in the lives of those who preferred other options for spiritual development. But today the believer is not ashamed to declare himself the son of God, devoted believer or follower of Jesus Christ. God was always with us but some were reluctant to see it. But today, when they decided to remove the veil from their eyes, they have found again where he was always on his throne for love and glory, but also in the life of each unot their children. God is good and gives us the grace of His mercy every day of our lives.

The generous gesture, and indescribably meaningful kind of giving life to her son on behalf of us, makes us believe in a God well, ready to do everything in our favor. Emil michael brings even more insight to the discussion. It’s really wonderful to know that we have such a backup every time one of our feet take the lead on the other to move forward forward. Every time our lungs fill with oxygen and can experience the pleasant feeling of renewed life, every time our eyes look to the horizon and was faced with the dividing line between the blue sky and the land border or sea, every time our ears are open are caressed by the young, innocent laughter of a child, every moment that we feel and act … we know the closeness of the Creator. God is love and eternity. It is immense and mercy. God is so powerful that it can not be imprisoned behind bars of religion weak. God is here among us. Which has always been and where it will remain for ever and ever.

The Rind

March 11, 2014


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In the truth, generally they do not pass of superficial, false expressions Without we had perceived, the wounds they had not sarado, they were only soterradas inside of each one of us, therefore same I thought that already he had pardoned to it, but also evidenced that unhappyly he had not forgotten me you are welcome. Then I understood that to pardon it is not if to start to dissimulate and to try to believe that nothing happened and that it is enough not to feel hatred, not to reply, not to look revenge, not to leave to make a good to the person who wounded in them and to continue well wanting to it or loving it as before. It is much more that this, because the marks do not leave so easily. does not have esquecimento. The pardon order will be a huge gesture will have Real recognition of the error and a true repentance for practised it you. Sublime it will be the pardon if to obtain to not only surpass the dimensions of the evil that reached in them, but also pains of the wounds, without no hurt or rancor exists plus.

Of the opposite such attitudes are only palliative that serve to create a rind on an opened wound, who has covered the wound but not cure nor sara, because below of the rind it will continue to exist. It is enough to pressure the surface and pain if it presents with all the intensity of before, and to any pressure the blood will start to gush out again. If never more to move in this rind and with the time the wound to sarar, even though if the rind to disappear, what it is not impossible, hardly will not be a ugly scar, that are souvenirs, that the death will only make to disappear.