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Great Gabriel Abbadon

January 10, 2019


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But thanks for wishing me the best existence. Not far from there where are the doorways Eterias the divine world is a being disseminated to their new fans so busy about their business. – True Dark Oh Great Ones have no choice but to lean on destroying the divine, is no longer around to me because created in the image and likeness of those who are inferior to us, you dark hordes Angeles with us my followers, give a new divine order, began the new era of the Great Lucifer, that was started now. Before walking the halls divine a being Angelical his name is Gabriel, who observes the newcomer Abbadon friend. – I see you just come from another encomienda ….. can do such things as old friend. Staring calmly but to demand of Abbadon – Gabriele, as I told you we are warriors and our duty is to protect the creator.

There are those who are there to worship him, there are those who love us are only the divine justice. A related site: Western Union mentions similar findings. Abbadon answers from one side of Gabriele. – I do not like your methods, but I know that if sometime it will be my ally against whoever and whatever. – I do not doubt never old friend. Abaddon slowly retreating away from the Great Gabriel who reassured to learn that his comrade is with his side in favor of the creator.

– And finished with these two spiritual garbage ….. Abbadon – Yes, sir, if there is more to be undertaken will ask to let me retire. These are the words of Lucifer who appears as Abbadon content across the bows and pays respect. – No my dear Abbadon is something that you should do for the sake of all divine. – A yes sir and that is what I do. Comment Abbdona with great doubt. – In a few moments to start a war between heaven and darkness, between light and shadow where will the new divine order, my divine order and I want you by my side to enjoy the victory – God must be a lie; seeks to rise up against the creative but if you are the dearest angel of the Lord. – Soon will be the only one among the divine, you have no choice you will join my side or else Abaddon will be exterminated, I'll banish you from the sky and a dark being. If you obey me will be the leader of my troops and you're by my side won. – You just may not, all the Angels army are loyal to the creator. – then look for yourself. With great rage the angel Abbadon seen from the place as dark beings come, great hordes of darkness, and the worst that people should stop it let them pass freely through the skies those same friends Angeles he now reveals no remorse, it makes a decision – well, I will join you to destroy the divine …. start this war. Lucifer does not hide his face from happiness, to the ideas of Abbadon mind constantly passing in his mind, without words to explain what is happening. Just betraying what he loves best, but stop this love with his own hands who dared to rise up against the creator.